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Chapter 271: Her Name

“Nice to meet you.

I’m the Water God’s Apostle, Yun Hai.” Yun Xi reorganized his mood and looked at Yun Que with expectations in his eyes.

After all, Yun Que was the one who understood dragon language.

He had to rely on her.

“Hello, his name is Yun Hai…” Yun Que looked at the silver dragon and translated for Yun Xi with sweat all over her forehead.

Undoubtedly, if she graded her translation, it was below grade.

To her who always strived for perfection, this fact was totally insufferable.

If she knew that dragon language would suddenly become so important at this moment, she would have tried harder to learn it in the past.

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret, besides, as a language, dragon language was just too difficult.

Even though her dragon language wasn’t any better than a baby dragon’s, but in the Ten Leaves Alliance, her level of dragon language was within the top ten.

“How do you do” The White Holy Dragon froze for a while, then greeted Yun Xi and Yun Que.

As a lady dragon, she was courteous.

But… why does this person’s dragon language sound so strange The silver dragon wondered in her heart.

Did he not study hard, just like I myself

In fact, it was shameful that the silver dragon wasn’t good at dragon language.

Amongst all dragons of her age, her dragon language was probably the worst.

Not all dragons are good at dragon language and dragon magics.

For example, she was a dragon who was not familiar with dragon language and dragon magics and was only good at close combat that she inherited from her bloodline.

“Nice to meet you too…” More perspiration poured down from Yun Que’s forehead.

Oh damn it! Yun Hai, what trouble have you brought to me! My dragon language must be flawed in the eyes of a real dragon.

To Yun Que, she liked to have everything under her control.

Now she had to speak to a real dragon using her flawed dragon language… what a shameful punishment!

She didn’t want to do it, but had to continue.

Normally, she wouldn’t put herself in such a dilemma… everything is Yun Hai’s fault!

Yes, I’m not wrong.

It’s all due to that bastard who even dared to touch the dragon’s head!

“Nice… to meet… hello.” The White Holy Dragon answered lacking in self-confidence.

Most dragons could speak dragon language naturally, but not her.

She was a dragon who didn’t even have a bit of language aptitude.

Although she had also tried to learn dragon language, but when she looked at the complicated phonetic notations and the required unpronounceable pronunciations, she always felt a pain in her head.

Yun Que wasn’t good at dragon language because human vocal cords were inherently unsuited for dragon language.

However, the White Holy Dragon was only slightly better than Yun Que, because she could say simple sentences such as “I’m fine today”, “I will be fine tomorrow” and “My uncle’s name is Wang”.

Their understanding about dragon language was really “half to half”.

“Sorry for waking you up…” Looking at Yun Que and the White Holy Dragon, Yun Xi felt that something was wrong.

Regardless of Yun Que, why does the dragon also look so nervous Isn’t it a real holy dragon

At any rate, the White Holy Dragon looked very nervous, as if it was a poor student who had to take a test, it looked so embarrassed making Yun Xi want to stroke its head.

“Sorry… urusaii! Urusaii! Urusaii!” Yun Que was so embarrassed that she wanted to die.

Unfamiliar syllables, complicated word construction, unintelligible syntaxes… dragon language was such a damned language to speak.

Anyway, dragon language was too difficult! She was an assassin, not a scholar, how could she learn it well! Her dragon language was already better than 99% of the dragon language translators, what else could she do!

“Luo luo, dragon, luo luo…” The White Holy Dragon also wanted to cry.

Her dragon language was bad, and due to this, she didn’t realize that Yun Que’s dragon language was bad too.

Her eyes swum in tears because she couldn’t keep pretending.

This human’s dragon language is very good! Anyway, as a real dragon, her pronunciation is more standard than mine!

“Oh… cough…” Yun Xi looked at them and understood the reason.

They… aren’t their facial expressions too obvious Even I have realized it.

Are they not good at dragon language

Although Yun Xi didn’t know dragon language at all, but he knew it shouldn’t sound tongue-tied and desultory.

It sounded as if they were holding sugar in their mouths while talking.

“Is it ok to stop using dragon language” Yun Xi thought that he should help them get out of the dilemma since he had seen through to the truth.

“Ok!” The White Holy Dragon let out a sigh of relief.

Finally I don’t have to pretend that I understand dragon language.

It was really too hard!

“Hum Err… oh! Good, very good…” Yun Que first looked at the dragon stunned, then realized something and stared at Yun Xi fiercely.

Since the dragon can speak the standard common language of all god’s domains, don’t let me be the dragon language translator! Did you do it on purpose, Yun Hai!

“I’m the Water God’s Apostle, Yun Hai.”

“I’m the Water God’s Apostle, Yun Que.”

After they finally stopped speaking dragon language, they quickly identified their positions.

“I’m the White Holy Dragon, Mumu Salabert ##$%%& Asha.” The White Holy Dragon told them her true name, which was so complicated that no human could repeat it.

Incidentally, her name was the only complicated dragon language she could speak.

Mumu is her nickname, “##$%%&” which can’t be pronounced in human language is her Real Name Imprinting, and Asha was given by the Dragon God, which means that she is blessed by the supreme Dragon God.

“Mumu Salabert…” Yun Xi only remembered the first part of her name.

No wonder it’s a dragon’s name!

“Is it alright to tell us your real name” As an elite of the Ten Leaves Alliance, Yun Que knew the special usage of a dragon’s real name.

If she could remember this name, it would be equal to obtaining a key of opening the door of dragon magic.

The mages in Western God’s Domain are always willing to pay anything for obtaining a real dragon’s name!

“It doesn’t matter.

I allow you to use my name.”


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