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“Go back…” Lilibet reached out her hand and gave Yun Xi a gentle push.

The next second, Yun Xi began to fall down to the earth from the battlefield of gods.

The battlefield of gods finally fulfilled its mission.

It splintered like a mirror.

Instead, an ice-blue portal stood over above the sky of the White Lotus Sword Domain.

It was the “door” of the Sky Tower, the door connected all sword domains in the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

In the next thousands of years, she would still stand on that beautiful and silent beach as ever, guarding the order of the Sky Tower and the Sky Sword Gods Domain.

Compared with Golden Crow Princess flying speed, the speed of Yun Xi falling from the sky was much slower, but it was more realistic.

Boundless land, mountains, and oceans appeared in Yun Xis vision and became clearer and clearer in his eyes.

His body fell at a high-speed, which even caused sparks in the atmosphere.

It was impossible for his hero ranked body to withstand the impact of falling directly from the sky to the ground, however, Yun Xi was not afraid of it at all, because his body was being surrounded by silver-blue particles.

Being protected by Lilibets power was the best, he only felt the joy of going back home.

The wet sea breeze and the familiar, beautiful scenery all seem to say “Welcome back” to Yun Xi.

Oh, he knew where the sense of familiarity came from now, because it was indeed the scenery he knew.

Some hidden power in his body stretched out comfortably, releasing a happy atmosphere.

The maids dress automatically disappeared in the air and naturally became another set of clothes.

On his face, a silver mask appeared, and above his head, a crown also naturally condensed.

It was the mask belonging to the White Emperor, it was the crown belonging to the Water Gods bride.

The magnificent ruby.

The clear sapphire.

The profound black obsidian.

The sacred moonstone.

The colorful diamond.

The golden crystal.

The silver ice crystal.

And a pair of ambers, which looked like a living sailing jellyfish and the butterfly of death.

All the gemstones were shining, reflecting each others color.

The White Emperor was back!

One sailing jellyfish after another flew in from all directions, and fell happily from the sky to the sea together with Yun Xi.

They were singing softly, praising the only emperor in this world.

“Even the infinite love from millions of people, it wouldnt be more than the love you have granted to him.”

“You have the whole world, but you only love this boy.”

“Even though the world would end in misfortune, you would only offer this boy honour and hope.”

“Welcome back, bride of the great Water God.”

“Boom!” With a loud sound, Yun Xi dropped on the surface of the sea like a meteorite falling from the sky.

One sailing jellyfish after another happily chased after Yun Xi falling into the sea, the pressure of the sea water was nothing for these fantastic creatures.

More than that, after Yun Xi fell into the sea, the butterflies of death also came and followed behind Yun Xi together with sailing jellyfishes.

Oh, its so deep, its so deep! Is this the deep sea Yun Xi watched his body falling uncontrollably in a straight line, and within a few breaths, he had fallen into the deepest and darkest side of the sea where he couldnt even see his fingers.

After a while, the sailing jellyfishes also arrived near him.

Fortunately, these jellyfishes were self-luminescent so he could barely see the environment around him through the cold lights from the bodies of the sailing jellyfishes.

It was probably already several kilometers deep under the surface of the sea, but there were a variety of unusual species living here.

Two kinds of marine life inhabited this sea area.

They were either very flat, adjusting the internal and external pressure with a soft body, or developed towards another direction, having a huge body in size.

Among them, there were very few creatures that were also self-luminescent, for example, a numbfish whose body was wrapped in azure lightning not far away from Yun Xi.

Why did Yun Xi know the name of this creature Because one of his a million brides was the princesses of the Numbfish Race.

Diving to the deeper sea area, Yun Xi saw more rare races that hardly appeared in front of human beings.

If it wasnt because he had married the princesses of all these races, he would never know that there were so many strange creatures inhabiting such a deep sea area.

Lilibets power was still protecting him and it didnt seem like it would disappear anytime soon.

Ten thousand meters, twenty thousand meters, Yun Xi had never entered such a deep sea area.

Was the sea so deep in the past Yun Xi remembered that when he erected the four towers in the four corners of the Water Gods world, the sea wasnt so deep at that time and the number of the species that habitated here were far fewer than the number they were now.

He had a feeling that this was “growing”, not only the scale of the world, but also the strength of the creatures in this world.

Along the way, Yun Xi has seen dozens of powerful hero ranked deep-sea monsters.

In the battle with Shaya Longnis, he didnt see any of them at that time.

They seem to have appeared overnight in this deep-sea area.

Looking at the sailing jellyfishes and butterflies of death around him, Yun Xi could be sure that this wasnt just his imagination.

The number of the two unique fantastic creatures around him had become two times more than what he knew when he just left the Water Gods World.

Moreover, there were still more sailing jellyfishes flying to this place from all directions, while more and more butterflies of death emerged from the deepest darkness.


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