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Chapter 87: Obtaining The Twin Swords


We meet again, Crane Wings Twin Swords.

For an instant, the twin swords had drained nearly one tenth of Yun Xi’s blood.

However, he showed no signs of being in pain but looked at the Crane Wings Twin Swords with a smile – although his heart had almost been cut through by them.


“… Who are you” Two indistinct voices came from the twin swords.

They were the sword spirits of the twin swords.

One of the twin swords was male and the other female.

After thousands of years, two incomplete souls had been born within the twin swords.

This meant that the twin swords were only one step away from becoming a pair of artifacts.


It was said that the twin swords were forged by the legendary craftsman, Ou Zhi Zi’s successor.

After they had appeared in the world, they were doomed to be embryonic forms of a pair of artifacts.

Unfortunately, no one from the Yun He family were as talented in sword skills like Yun Xi.

They weren’t even able to contact the sword spirits of the twin swords.


Up to that moment, Yun X touched the twin souls in the twin swords by performing the forbidden skill.


“We once fought side by side.

Maybe you have forgotten it, but it was a really pleasant memory,” Yun Xi said with a yearning tone.

He reached out both his hands, grabbing the sword handles in his two hands he drew the twin swords out of his body bit by bit.


“Impossible! That’s impossible! What is happening Kill her, kill her! Crane Wings Twin Swords! Crane Wings!” Childe Yun He was really flabbergasted as he saw Yun Xi drawing the twin swords out of his body.


They were his family’s spirit swords! They were the family’s most valuable treasures! Suddenly, Childe Yun He remembered an old tale told in his family.

Long, long ago, when the successor of Ou Ye Zi presented the Crane Wings Twin Swords to his family, he had also left a message.

At that time, Ou Ye Zi’s successor and the Yun He family master were very good friends.

Crane Wings Twin Swords were made from the materials they collected together and were the tokens of their friendship.


“The twin swords are my most satisfying work, but my friend, remember, powerful weapons always choose their own masters.

When the twin swords become a pair of artifacts, they will have their own souls.

If your descendants can’t master them at that time, I’m afraid that they will leave your family.”


“It doesn’t matter.

If Crane Wings Twin Swords think that my descendants are unworthy of using them, they can just leave and choose their new master by themselves!”


“Could it be that… Would it be that…” Childe Yun He shivered as he thought of that possibility.

“No, no, it won’t happen! She is just an unknown maid! Crane Wings Twin Swords will never accept her!”


Crane Wings Twin Swords were very proud.

No one – even if they were hero rank swordsmen – could control them in the past hundreds of years! After all, they were doomed to be a pair of artifacts!


“Start verifying…” Crane Wings Twin Swords didn’t immediately accept Yun Xi like what they did in the trial, but began a series of complicated verifications.


“Gender verifying… Pass through…


Bloodline talent verifying… Pass through…


Adaptability with the twin swords… Pass through…



All the verifications have passed through…






Yun Xi heard two similar voices coming from the twin swords.

After that, he saw the two sword spirits.

The male sword spirit was a boy wearing a taoist priest’s robe.

His hair had almost grown to his feet.

The female sword spirit was a cute girl with two hair buns.

She was also wearing a taoist priest’s robe.

They were twins just like the twin witches.

However, they had just been born into the world and hadn’t built their gender conception.


This was the first time Yun Xi had seen the twin sword spirits, but he vaguely felt that something was wrong.


“Completed verification.

We have waited for you for a long time.

We’re the Crane Wings Twin Swords.

We share the same destiny and will never be parted.

Transmit the data: Yun Hai’s Memory!”


The twin swords resonated.

One old rune word after another flowed into Yun Xi’s mind.

Time seemed to turn back at that moment.

Yun Xi saw the distant past.

He saw the birth of the twin swords.

A tall man carrying a big package on his back was hammering the unfinished twin swords.


“Ding! Ding!” A heavy hammer carried sparks and electric lights, knocking on the twin swords.


The place was at the top of the mountains.


“What now Are you satisfied with the materials I collected” A man stepped on the clouds, leisurely walking to the tall man.

The tall man was several times larger than the man who just came from the clouds.

Obviously, the tall man wasn’t a human.


“Very good.

I think I can make the embryonic forms of a pair of artifacts.

Perhaps they will be the most satisfying works of my life.

However, I have to tell you that they need time to gestate their souls.

I’m afraid that they currently will be of no use to you, Yun Hai.”


“I don’t mind.

In that case, I will leave them to my descendants.

Just in time, I was planning to leave my family a heirloom.” The man named Yun Hai looked at the unfinished twin swords with a satisfied smile.


“I’m afraid that your descendants will be unable to control the twin swords after the twin swords have souls,” The giant man said and shrugged his shoulders.


“Ha ha.

If my descendants are so useless at that time, then the twin swords deserve to be free.

Very few families can survive in the world for over thousands of years.

I will let the twin swords protect them for one thousand years.

After that, their fate will depend on themselves.

Oh right, we haven’t given the twin swords a name.

Any idea” Yun Hai asked his friend, the giant man, who had come from Western God’s Domain in order to collect materials.


“Tulane Twin Swords.

How about that”


“The twin swords will become my family’s heirloom! How can they have a western-style name!”


“Well, then… Yin Yang Twin Swords”


“Your taste is really bad.

Sigh, leave it to me… I will name my family ‘Yun He’.

It means ‘leisurely like clouds and elegant like cranes’.

In that case, I will name the twin swords ‘Crane Wings Twin Swords’!”


“I will seal all my experience and sword skills into the twin swords.

After the twin swords have souls and find their new master, I will let the new owner inherit my legacy.

I don’t know when and where you will see this information.

I don’t know if you are my descendant, but that doesn’t matter.

I will show you my strongest sword skill: Yun Hai’s Quadrant Sword!”


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