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Lucas didnt really want to strangle Ashton now.

He loosened his grip a little, allowing him to catch his breath, and then ordered the two old men in front of him, “Now, let my friends leave safely.

Dont stop them!”

The old man next to Ashton immediately agreed, “Alright, no problem.

Well let them go immediately!”

He waved his hand, and the few people from Club Illuma surrounding in front immediately backed away to make space for them.

Alexander and Ashley were both stunned.

Although they were overjoyed, they still asked worriedly, “What about you”

“You guys go ahead,” Lucas said calmly.

Alexander and Ashley looked at each other.

They knew that they couldnt be of any help here and would only be a burden to Lucas.

So they quickly left without saying any nonsense.

Actually, the reason Lucas thought of threatening the two old men with Ashtons life was that Ashton had threatened him with the lives of Alexander and Ashley.

He was just paying him back in his own coin.

Besides, as long as Alexander and Ashley left, it was absolutely impossible for Ashton to make him stay.

After the two siblings left, one of the old men said, “We have already released them as you requested.

Isnt it time you let Mr.

Ashton go”

Lucas raised his brows.


If you want revenge, feel free to come at me.

But if you dare to threaten me with the people I care about, you wont be able to bear the consequences of doing so!”

With that, Lucas casually threw Ashtons body to the floor.

Ashton had been choked by Lucas to the point where his eyes had rolled backward and he had almost died of suffocation.

Now that Lucas tossed him to the floor, he passed out completely.

Two people wearing the uniform of Club Illuma immediately dashed toward Ashton to check his condition, but the two old men remained put.

They still stood in front of Lucas with no intention of letting him leave.

“What Do you still want to continue fighting with me” Lucas asked with raised brows.

One of the old men said with a gloomy expression, “Since youve knocked Mr.

Ashton unconscious, you shouldnt think about leaving so easily! Lets exchange some blows so that I can see how capable you are!”

Lucas remained fearless and sneered.

“Come on then.

You two can fight me together.

Ive never been afraid of anyone!”

Hearing this, the two old men felt that Lucas was just blowing his trumpet.

Of course, they had to fight him together to teach him a lesson.

But after thinking about it for a while, the two decided that one of them would go up first to test the waters and see how skilled Lucas was while the other walked toward Ashton to protect him.

Although Lucas had just let go of Ashton, they couldnt be certain that he wouldnt repeat the same method and capture Ashton again.

If it happened again, they would both be in trouble!

“Boy, lets see what youre capable of!”

After that old man finished speaking, he stomped his foot on the floor and charged toward Lucas.


“Theyre really fighting!”

Seeing the old man acting against Lucas, the crowd in the hall became excited and watched the fight between Lucas and the old man with great interest and enthusiasm.

At this moment, the fight in the ring was overshadowed, and the audience lost interest in it.

These two old men were both quite skilled, and they were the strongest opponents Lucas had encountered since he left the southern border.

He didnt dare to be careless but put himself in his best state possible and charged forward violently to collide with the old man!


With an explosive sound, their bodies separated almost as soon as they came into contact.

The audience didnt have time to see how the two were fighting.

All they could see was the old mans body being thrown backward by several steps before standing firm, while Lucas remained standing in place without taking a single step back!

“Wow! Amazing! That young man didnt even take a step back.

Hes obviously stronger than that old man!”

“Truly impressive! Where is that young man from Hes like a god of martial arts, and most importantly, hes still so calm after the clash, just like a true expert!”

“Awesome! Hes definitely going to be the champion tonight!”

The audience shouted loudly, their excited voices filling the air.

After witnessing Lucass spectacular performance tonight, many people thought that he would be the undisputed champion of tonights annual tournament!

Even the champions of previous years could barely match up to him!

Seeing how boisterous the audience was because of Lucas, the two experts found it meaningless to continue fighting in the ring.

They also felt strongly that they would never be able to defeat Lucas for the championship, so they left the ring after a perfunctory fight.

The spectators didnt see clearly how the two clashed, but the old man was well aware.

At this moment, his fist and abdomen were aching dully, his fingers were trembling slightly, and his heart was full of horror.

Within the brief moment before they were about to collide, Lucas threw an unbelievably fast punch at the old mans fist, easily stopping his attack.

Immediately afterward, he threw another punch with his other hand at lightning speed, striking him hard in his abdomen.

The massive impact immediately made the old man take several steps backward before he could stand firm.

So after the clash, Lucas knocked the old man backward, but the old man suffered a loss without even touching the corner of Lucass clothes.

The even more frightening thing was that based on the force of Lucass fist, his strength was clearly far above his own, especially since Lucas still seemed to be at ease.

It looked like he had yet to exert his full strength!

What a terrifying young man!

At this moment, the old man even felt ashamed.

He had practiced martial arts all his life, yet he was still no match for a young man in his twenties.

It wasnt because he wasnt skilled enough but because Lucas was too monstrous!

How did he become such a monster

Lucas looked at the old man and asked, “Do we continue”

He didnt have the intention of going further now that he had the upper hand, nor did he want to kill these people here.

After all, these two old men were both from the Hills.

Although Lucas wasnt afraid of them, he knew that it would definitely bring him lots of trouble.

Lucass words could be considered an out for the old man.

It was up to him to decide whether to take it or not.

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