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The old mans face was extremely gloomy.

A moment later, he gritted his teeth and said, “Punk, youre really something, but we wont forget what happened today!”

He was stepping back but still issued a threat.

Lucas laughed nonchalantly and left the fighting hall calmly.

Seeing Lucas leaving just like that, the spectators in the hall were all full of regret.

They had planned to watch Lucas continue competing until the end of the tournament, yet he left just like that!

In particular, the guests who had bet on Lucas winning broke into commotion.

But they only complained to the staff in Club Illuma.

None of them dared to go up to stop Lucas from leaving.

“What do you think” After seeing Lucas leave, the other old man, who had been guarding Ashton, came over and asked with a grim look.

The old man who had fought with Lucas frowned deeply.

“Hes indeed very strong.

Im afraid Im no match for him.

Anyway, wed better report todays matter to the Hills and see what the higher-ups decide.”

“Yes, thats all we can do!”

After coming to a consensus, the two old men brought the unconscious Ashton back to the Hills residence.

Meanwhile, Jace and the white-bearded old men, who had witnessed everything, looked rather sullen.

They didnt expect that things would turn out like this.

Ashton was unconscious, and the two old men were too afraid to fight against Lucas, allowing him to leave unscathed.

This was completely different from the scene they had expected!


White, can… can we really defeat Lucas Gray” Jaces heart was suddenly full of doubts, and he no longer looked as confident as before.

Whenever he saw Lucas, Lucas seemed to be even more powerful than before, making Jace feel extremely uneasy.


The white-bearded old man pondered for a while before saying, “We cant go on like this.

Tonight, I will take you somewhere.

You have to improve your strength as soon as possible!”

After Jace heard this, his eyes immediately lit up.

Somewhere… I can quickly improve my skills

If I can be as powerful as Lucas or even surpass him, I wont have to be afraid of anything anymore!

But despite rejoicing, the thought of Lucass terrifying skills made Jace worried again.

“Lucas said he wont let me off tonight.

Can we… really succeed in leaving”

“…” The white-bearded old man was silent for a while before finally saying, “He must have left instead of coming to you just now because he knows that Club Illuma belongs to the Hills and that its unlikely hell be able to take you away here.

“Moreover, since he already knows that youre in Club Illuma, he might think youll keep hiding here and not dare to leave.

In that case, well do the opposite and immediately leave DC tonight.

Afterward, itll be difficult for him to find us again!”

The old man revealed his plan.

After hearing this, Jace finally felt relieved and agreed.

Although Jace was a little reluctant to leave DC, thinking of the place the white-bearded old man was about to take him to and the possibility of becoming a peerless expert even more skilled than Lucas, he became enthusiastic again.


At the entrance of Club Illuma…

Just as Lucas stepped out of the entrance, two surprising cries came from a short distance away.




Then two figures hurried over.

They were Alexander and Ashley, who had left Club Illuma earlier.

“Lucas, are you alright” Ashley asked, sizing Lucas up worriedly.

Lucas was honestly heartened to see that the two of them didnt leave on their own but instead risked their lives to wait for him here to confirm his safety.

If something had really happened to Lucas here, the Hills probably wouldnt have let them off.

At the very least, they were righteous and not ingrates.

Lucas shook his head and smiled.

“Im fine.

Its getting late.

Lets go home.”

Despite saying this, he remained still.

Alexander immediately knew that Lucas probably had something else to do, so he said, “Alright, since youre fine, we can finally be at ease, Mr.


Thank you for helping us out big time today.

Well treat you to drinks another day for sure!”

Then Alexander patted Lucas on his back and left with Ashley.

“Alex, are we leaving just like that What if the people in Club Illuma chase after Lucas to harm him” Ashley asked worriedly after being dragged to the car while constantly turning around to look at Lucas.

Alexander sighed with a solemn expression.

“Even if the people of Club Illuma really want to harm Mr.

Gray, what can we do to help him Well only be adding to his burden if we stay by his side!”

Ashleys face immediately turned downcast, and she lowered her head without saying anything.

Alexander had a nagging feeling from Ashleys abnormal behavior tonight, especially when the two of them were waiting for Lucas outside.

She was on tenterhooks the whole time and kept staring intently at the entrance of Club Illuma.

And when Lucas appeared, her eyes even lit up with excitement.

It was a look he rarely saw in his sisters eyes.

Thinking of something, Alexander suddenly asked, “Ashley, tell me honestly.

Have you fallen in love with Mr.


“You… Alex… what are you saying” Ashleys face instantly turned red, and she stammered while avoiding eye contact with Alexander diffidently.

Seeing his sisters behavior, he immediately let out a long sigh.

He knew that she must have a crush on Lucas.

He knew how charming a handsome and powerful man like Lucas could be to women.

Alexander was speechless at the thought of how much Ashley had disliked Lucas at first and how they had almost gotten into a conflict, but she actually fell in love with him in less than two hours.

But there were still some things that he had to say.

Otherwise, it would cause greater harm to his sister.

Alexander took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Ashley, I have to let you know that Mr.

Gray is already married.

He loves his wife very much, and they have a five-year-old daughter.

Theyre a very loving family.

“No other woman stands a chance.”

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