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In order to find out Lucass true identity, Alexander had sent someone to investigate his basic information last night.

So he easily found out his marital status and family situation.

Alexander was especially shocked to learn that Lucas had been a live-in husband.

But regardless of when he was still a penniless young man who had yet to make a name for himself or when he returned to Orange County a powerful man after six years, he had always been good to his wife.

This was extremely rare.

Thus, Alexander thought that he should make Ashley know she had no chance and to forget those feelings early, lest she gets hurt further.

After hearing what Alexander said, Ashley trembled, and her face turned sullen.

She lowered her head and bit her lip.

After a while, she said, “Got it.

Dont worry, Alex.

I wont have any other thoughts about him.

How can a girl like me be worthy of such an outstanding man”

As she spoke, two bright and clear teardrops streamed down her eyes.

She hurriedly turned her head.

Seeing how sad his sister was, Alexander was at a loss for how to comfort her.

Love had always been the most mysterious thing in the world.

Perhaps, it was why people tended to fall in love with others at inadvertent moments.

… Just like his sister.

But no matter what, since Lucas already had a loving relationship with his wife and even shared a daughter with her, there was no way things would work out between Ashley and him.

In that case, it would be better to sever things right from the start.

After sighing again, Alexander started the car and left with Ashley.

Although Alexander had become the winner of the annual tournament thanks to Lucass help, Godfrey had died, and Trevor had left in humiliation.

Alexander had no idea what was waiting for him when he returned to the family.

He hoped he wouldnt face the wrath of his family…

Meanwhile, after Alexander and Ashley left, Lucas immediately called Jordan.

“Quickly come to Club Illuma.

Theres something urgent here!”

“Got it!” Jordan immediately agreed.

Lucas did have something important to do now.

He had finally managed to find Jace, so how could he possibly let him off

There had been many experts in Club Illuma just now, so Lucas couldnt force Jace to tell him about his mother in public.

So he had waited until now to capture Jace once he left.

He had called Jordan over just in case.

Since Club Illuma was the home base of the Hills, he couldnt guarantee that there wouldnt be more experts sent to follow Jace.

Jordan would help Lucas prevent Jace from escaping.

Jordan sped through the streets and arrived at the entrance of Club Illuma in less than 20 minutes.

Fortunately, it was late at night, and there was barely any traffic on the road, so he managed to arrive quickly.

“Lucas, whats the urgent matter” Jordan immediately asked with a look of caution as soon as he saw Lucas.

“I found Jace.

Hes in Club Illuma,” Lucas said.

“Hah, that punk is hiding here No wonder I couldnt find him after searching for so long!” Jordan said in annoyance.

Previously, Lucas had asked Jordan to help him find Jaces whereabouts in DC.

Jordan had ordered his subordinates to keep an eye on the people coming in and out of the Hutton residence in DC, but even after searching for three days, he still couldnt find Jace.

He was surprised to discover that Jace had been hiding in Club Illuma and had never returned to the Hutton residence.

Lucas briefly told him about what had just happened in Club Illuma.

Hearing this, Jordan had a murderous look on his face.

“Lucas, why dont we rush into this club right now and drag that punk Jace out! Even if Club Illuma belongs to the Hills, we dont have to be afraid of them!”

Jordan knew that Lucas wanted to find out more about his mother from Jace.

Lucas shook his head.

“Its actually not that difficult to capture Jace, but there wont be any benefits to fighting with the experts of the Hills.

There will even be endless trouble.

“The Hills are one of the royal family branches after all.

If we shame them too much, they wont take it lying down.

Im not scared, and I know youre not either, but what about our loved ones What about my family, Maddy, and the others”

Hearing this, Jordan was instantly speechless.

Indeed, although they were very skilled in martial arts and didnt fear the Hills, they had to be scared for the people around them.

The more relationships they had, the more concerns they had.

They truly couldnt behave the same way as when they were in Calico.

“In that case, are we just going to wait here for that coward Jace to come out” Jordan asked.

Lucas nodded.


Since Ive already found him, I bet he wont continue staying in Club Illuma.

He must be thinking about going somewhere I cant find, so lets just wait here for him to come out.”

“Alright!” Jordan agreed.

Time passed minute by minute, second by second.

Jordan kept staring at the entrance of the club without daring to relax at all.

When they were in the Falcon Regiment, they had carried out countless similar missions, so keeping an eye on the target was a run-of-the-mill task for Lucas and Jordan.

“Hes here!”

About half an hour later, Lucas opened his eyes to look at the entrance of Club Illuma.

A few seconds later, Jace and the white-bearded old man appeared at the door.

Jordan and Lucas remained still in the car.

When discovering the target, the most important thing was to stay calm in order not to startle them and scare them away.

The white-bearded old man was very alert.

After walking out of the club, he scanned the surroundings for any unusual movement.

For some reason, he clearly didnt notice anything unusual, but he had an ominous premonition, as if something was watching him.

But he thought that it might just be paranoia.

Jace looked around nervously and asked, “Mr.

White, that bastard should have left, right”

The white-bearded old man scanned the surroundings and answered, “Probably.”

Then the two of them got into a relatively low-key black Mercedes-Benz car.

The car quickly started and soon drove off.

“Dont lose him, and dont let him find out,” Lucas instructed.

Jordan immediately started the car and kept close behind the Mercedes-Benz.

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