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In the Mercedes-Benz, the driver was driving while the white-bearded old man and Jace were sitting in the backseat.

But for some reason, the white-bearded old man kept feeling uneasy and would look out the window from time to time.

However, Jace didnt feel anything at all.

After getting in the car, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Haha, Lucas actually said he wouldnt let me off, but what happened in the end He didnt dare to appear in front of me.”

The white-bearded old man frowned when he saw Jaces maniacal and ignorant expression.

Jaces disposition was truly inferior to Lucass.

If he didnt quickly correct it, he probably wouldnt be able to achieve success.

Not only would he not be able to defeat Lucas, but it would be impossible for him to obtain the position of the Whitleys successor.

But he didnt have a better choice now.

Although it was already past ten at night, because Club Illuma was in a luxurious area of DC, even at this moment, there was still a lot of traffic on the road, and it was extremely lively.

Thus, Lucas and Jordan were driving in their black Land Rover a long distance behind the Mercedes-Benz without attracting the attention of the white-bearded old man.

But when the Mercedes-Benz drove off the main roads twenty minutes later and turned into an area with less traffic, the black Land Rover following more than 100 meters behind became conspicuous.

“Oh no, were being followed!” the white-bearded old man said with a solemn expression.

“What! Followed Who Lucas Gray” Jace, resting in the backseat, immediately panicked and almost sprung up from his seat anxiously.

The white-bearded old man rebuked, “Why are you panicking Dont forget that youre the future successor of the Whitleys.

How can you panic as soon as you hear Lucas Grays name”

Jace quickly sat down and kept his mouth shut.

But a few simple remarks from the white-bearded old man said wouldnt eliminate the panic and worry within his heart.

He turned around to look out the window again and again.

The white-bearded old man said indifferently, “Dont worry.

He wont be able to do anything to us.

Ive already prepared for this.

If he continues following us, he might have to pay for it with his life!”

Then the white-bearded old man took out his phone and called someone.

“Stop the black Land Rover behind us in the middle of Ninth Boulevard!”

After he hung up, Jace hurriedly asked, “Mr.

White, have you arranged for help Who is it Is it someone reliable”

The white-bearded old man said in a deep voice, “The people I invited are the top assassins from the second top assassin organization in the world, Flame Dragon.

With them here, well definitely be safe!”

“Flame Dragon!”

As soon as he heard the name, Jace had shock written all over his face.

“I heard that Flame Dragon rarely takes up missions in the United States, but its very famous in Europe and Asia.

How did you manage to hire Flame Dragons top assassins

“But since Flame Dragon ranks second in the world, its strength is naturally unquestionable.

No matter how strong Lucas Gray is, he wont be able to defeat Flame Dragon!

“Haha, Mr.

White, if I had known you had invited Flame Dragons top experts, we would have just stopped Lucas Gray outside Clum Illuma and killed him.

It would have saved me from feeling so worried.”

Jace heaved a sigh of relief.

But there was some dissatisfaction within him, as he felt that the white-bearded old man should have gotten rid of Lucas earlier.

The white-bearded old man glanced at Jace coldly without saying a word, making him shut up awkwardly.

The white-bearded old man had a solemn look in his eyes. If it were that easy to deal with Lucas Gray, why would I have to wait until now

Jordan, who was driving in the Land Rover, obviously noticed that the black Mercedes-Benz in front was driving in a strange route, “Lucas, they seem to have discovered us.”

“Speed up and crash into them!” Lucas ordered.


Jordan floored the accelerator.

The Land Rover, whose engine had been modified for much greater performance, instantly sped up, zooming toward the black Mercedes-Benz with a loud roar.

But when the distance between the two cars was only about 50 meters, Lucas suddenly felt danger.

His expression changed as he shouted at Jordan, “Brake!”

Jordan had followed Luca for a long time, so he instantly obeyed his every command without hesitation and slammed on the brakes.



But almost as soon as he slammed on the brakes, the explosive sound of a sniper bullet hitting the front hood of the car came, and a small hole formed in the metal.

Jordans face immediately darkened.

If Lucas hadnt just shouted for him to brake in time, the sniper bullet might have shot him in the head.

“They actually sent snipers!” Jordan glanced in the direction where the bullet came from while exuding a murderous aura.

But since the effective range of a sniper rifle was generally 1,500 meters, which is way too far, it was difficult to distinguish quickly where the sniper was hiding.

Moreover, if there was any further delay, they would lose track of Jaces car.

“Ill drive!” Lucas said decisively.

Jordan immediately got up and sat in the passenger seat while Lucas got up from the backseat to move to the drivers seat.

The two were long-time comrades who had tacit cooperation, so they switched seats almost instantly.

Lucas continued driving toward the Mercedes-Benz in front, but soon, several sniper gunshots resounded.

Relying on his strong perception, Lucas controlled the speeding Land Rover and would dodge perfectly by turning, braking, drifting, and so on before the bullets struck.

The Land Rover, which was a metal structure, seemed to come to life like a tiger under Lucass hands as he narrowly evaded all the sniper bullets.

At this moment, the Mercedes-Benz seized this opportunity to speed up to the maximum and raced through the streets of DC with no regard for the traffic lights.

Both vehicles were moving extremely fast, but Lucas had to cope with dodging sniper bullets at the same time, so the distance between the cars inevitably widened.

Any ordinary person who was continuously bombarded by sniper bullets would have lost the target even if they were lucky enough not to get shot by the bullets.

But Lucas followed closely behind the Mercedes-Benz and remained in pursuit of his target despite the constant interference affecting his speed.

Seeing the bullet holes and sparks constantly appearing on the car, Jordan flew into a rage.

“Those bastards! How dare they use snipers in DC!”

Based on the frequency and angles of the shots, there was definitely more than one sniper rifle in use.

The other party had clearly come prepared!

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