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17 Who Is CEO Charlotte

After a while, the offices notification bell rang.

Tommy pressed the notification button, and Secretary Lydias voice could be heard. “Mr. Tommy, he has arrived.”

Hearing Lydia reporting to the president, Wallace was a little nervous. He really wasnt sure if the Sullivan Groups president, Tommy, would give him the chance to meet him.

As soon as the conversation ended, Tommy walked out of his office. “Mr. Wallace Ive heard a lot about you. I heard that youre quite capable among the younger generation. Come on in.”

Wallace didnt expect Tommy to be so young. The latter looked almost the same age as him.

Also, he had previously heard that if he wanted to meet Tommy, he had to queue up. The people outside also confirmed the rumors, so Wallace didnt expect the latter to ask his secretary to invite him in directly.

Tommy sat on the chair and sized up the man in front of him, his gaze carrying a strong sense of scrutiny.

Wallaces originally gentle face was stared at until he was at a loss.

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Surprisingly, Tommys gaze became bolder. He sized up Wallace from head to toe before gesturing for the latter to sit down.

According to my investigation, Wallace has a close relationship with the CEO. Therefore, its no wonder that the CEO went through so much trouble to pave the way for him... At this thought, Tommy narrowed his eyes dangerously and smirked.

Wallace was confused.

Tommy is handsome, and there have been no scandals or news of his marriage for many years. Wallace frowned awkwardly at this thought. Does he like men

Wallace clenched his fists and looked back.

Tommy then said, “Hello, Mr. Wallace. Im Tommy, president of the Sullivan Group.”

“Hello, Mr. Tommy. Im here to talk to you about the bidding of Sullivans new project. Although the Harris Group has just entered the construction industry, Im in charge of all the projects. The few companies weve worked with have good reputations and results.” Wallace handed the documents over and continued, “These are some documents related to our organization that Ive compiled...”

Tommy yawned. He didnt even pick them up; instead, he said, “Ive already found out about the Harris Group Construction Company. If its possible, just sign the contract.”

“Are you serious” Wallace was shocked. He couldnt believe that such a good thing would happen to him. The other party didnt even look at the information before agreeing. Is it so easy to negotiate business now

Tommy nodded. “Of course. Although your construction company is very small and wasnt within my considerations at first, our CEO trusts Mr. Wallace very much, and she really wants to collaborate with you.”

“Your new CEO” Wallace was in disbelief. “I wonder who your CEO is”

“Our CEO is Miss Charlotte from New York.”

“Charlotte” Wallace touched his chin and frowned. “Other than my wifes mother, I dont know anyone with the last nameCharlotte. But she passed away many years ago, and there doesnt seem to be any other family with the last name Charlotte in New York.”

Tommy didnt reply. According to Sharon, that was all he could say.

Other than his mother-in-law, Lynn, Wallace didnt know anyone else with the last name Charlotte. Little did he know that his wife, whose two parents had passed away and had a poor family background, was the Miss Charlotte that they were referring to.

At this moment, Tommy picked up the proposal. “Mr. Wallace, I saw from your proposal that your bid is one billion dollars, which is half of what we proposed”

Wallace nodded. “Yes, I think this price is reasonable. Do you think its too much”

“No, but Mr. Wallace, havent you thought of bidding for the entire project” Tommy gazed at the other party, not expecting him to be so cautious.

Wallace was even more shocked. “Mr. Tommy, you mean that you wont consider other partners for this bidding”

Tommy smiled and replied, “This was also instructed by our CEO. If you think its possible, you can take over the entire project at two billion dollars. We also believe in Mr. Wallaces standards.”

Looking at the other man, Tommy took out the contract and handed it over. “If you dont have any other problems, we can sign the contract.”

Did good luck suddenly come for me Wallace was a little dumbfounded. He wouldve never thought that the Sullivan Group-which his company has been seeking collaboration with-had already prepared a contract for him and would be entrusting him with the entire project!

“Our CEO also said that this money is for you to test your mistakes. Whether it works or not will determine our future collaboration.”



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