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25 He Will Have Allergies

Seeing that Sharon didnt move, June picked up a cold water bottle and splashed it on her.

Sharon looked at her mother-in-law in disbelief. Her wet clothes stuck to her body, but the coldness it brought on wasnt comparable to the coldness in the latters eyes.

“Mom, whats wrong” Wallace couldnt help but ask. He stood at the kitchen door with Crystal, both of them looking very compatible with each other.

“Hurry up and get out of here. Dont make a fool of yourself here; our family cares about our reputation.” June looked down at her daughter-in-law and smirked mockingly. She then turned around and smiled at Crystal. “Crystal, I personally cooked today. I even cooked your favorite stewed tomato seafood with cream pancakes.”

Sharon quickly left under her husbands strange gaze. When she went upstairs, she heard the undisguised mocking from the Harris family and Crystal, and Crystal almost fainted from laughter while in Wallaces arms.

When their eyes met just now, they seemed to have seen the most pitiful woman in the world.

“Young Madam, why are you covered in water Go wash up!” When Sharon went up the stairs, she met the homes housekeeper. It seemed like the housekeeper was giving her a kind reminder, but the wordsYoung Madam were extremely jarring to her ears.

Even if Wallace ignored her presence, he wouldnt humiliate her in front of other women. However, June wasnt like that; she had never treated Sharon as her daughter-in-law.

Seeing Sharon standing there, the housekeeper threw a rag at her. “Someone like you is only worthy of using this to wipe your face.”

Sharon couldnt be bothered with the other party and walked straight to her room.

The housekeeper didnt expect Sharon to dare disregard her, so she threw a basin of water in the direction of Crystal and June. Right after, she shouted, “Young Madam! What are you doing-”

Crystal-who was originally smiling coquettishly-couldnt help but shout when she was suddenly drenched by the cold water. June was also drenched.

Wallace-who was standing at the side-also looked up in disbelief, just in time to see the water flowing down from where Sharon was standing.

“Look at your wife! What is she doing If you dont discipline her properly, she might really take Crystals life next time!”

Wallace walked up the stairs in disbelief.

Sharon watched as he walked over in big steps, her palms sweaty from nervousness. Seeing that he was about to raise his hand to hit her, Sharon extended her face out without fear. “Its not me. If you want to hit me, hurry up and do it!”

At this moment, Wallace was stunned.

Sharons face was full of stubbornness and unwillingness, like a little beast that had just weaned and met its enemy. Although her hands were trembling, she didnt flinch.

Wallaces slap didnt land. “Why are you still standing here Go back!”

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At this moment, June and Crystal walked up. “Okay, Wallace! Take Crystal to change into a clean set of clothes first. Also, what are you standing here for Get lost now.”

June then left with Wallace and Crystal without looking back.

Back in the small study, Sharons eyes were filled with tears. Although Mom and I were exiled, I never suffered such grievances. If my parents were still alive, the Harris family wouldnt have bullied me like this!

Nobody came to call her during dinner time. To the Harris family, her presence was unnecessary; it would be better if she was gone.

Laughter came from the living room.

Sharon pretended not to hear it and just concentrated on cooking her dinner. If she didnt eat, she would be the one who would starve in the end.

“Wallace, eat this first.” Crystal picked up a piece of mango and fresh shrimp and put them on Wallaces plate.

“I am allergic to mangoes.” Wallace coughed lightly and avoided Crystals hand.

Crystal felt embarrassed and didnt know what to say.

It was June who helped her out and patted Wallaces hand. “Look at you. This is Crystals first time eating with us at home, so how can you talk like that Besides, you ate too much that time; thats why you were allergic. Look, when you were young, you wouldnt even have a problem taking a small bite. The older you get, the more problems you have.”

Wallace didnt say anything, but he thought to himself, Sharon would know this. When she usually cooks, she tries her best to avoid some ingredients Im allergic to.

But when he thought of that woman, Wallace couldnt help but frown.

“Come, Crystal! Eat this beef tongue.” June was busy putting food into Crystals bowl, brimming with enthusiasm.

“Auntie, youre really getting younger. How exactly did you take care of yourself Dont hide anything from me!”

Crystals praise made June smile from ear to ear. “Youre such a sweet child. Ill ask your mother out for a beauty treatment someday; you should come too.”



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