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The Heiress Strikes Back Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Seeking Cooperation

Wallaces father nodded approvingly and said, “Thats right. Marrying Crystal will be beneficial to our family. Your grandmother also likes that girl very much, and Crystal has a rich family background. She can be considered a strong ally of our Harris family.”

“This is my own business. I already said that I wont divorce Sharon.”

“Are you crazy Why wont you listen to me”

The two of them were still persuading their son when Sharon pushed the door open and entered.

Upon seeing her return, his parents were completely displeased.

Wallaces mother, June, had an expression that was especially bad. Her face was full of disdain and coldness as she said, “Tsk tsk, why didnt the garbage stay in the garbage dump Why did she come back to embarrass herself”

Sharon bit her lower lip lightly. She knew that June had always looked down on her and felt that she didnt have a strong background or marry in with a rich dowry.

What would June think if she were to find out that her daughter-in-law had become the Sullivan Groups CEO and had ten billion dollars

However, Sharon didnt say anything. She didnt intend on letting anyone know her identity for the time being. After all, she had never returned to the Xavier family and didnt know what the family was like.

If her identity was exposed, it would inevitably cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, she had to keep a low profile!

Furthermore, although June had a strange temper and didnt like her, she was still her mother-in-law for the sake of her reputation.

Sharon lowered her head and said apologetically, “Im sorry, Dad, Mom. Ive caused you trouble today.”

“You think its just trouble You just want our family to be embarrassed in front of the other members of the Harris family. Sharon, its not that I want to criticize you, but how can a girl be so shameless I hope you realize the gap between us soon and quickly get lost from the Harris family to make space for Crystal.”

When Wallace heard her mothers words, he frowned and said in a sad tone, “Mom, Sharon is your daughter-in-law.”

“You mustve been under her spell!” Junes tone was filled with disappointment. “I dont have such a poor daughter-in-law. Get out! Get as far away as possible!”

Wallace looked at Sharon and urged, “Why are you still standing there Hurry up and go back to your room.”

Sharon glanced at the man beside her. For the first time, she felt that he was actually a little warm.

But the next second, June glared at her and shouted, “Hurry up and go up! Otherwise, Ill get someone to break your legs immediately!”

After returning to her room, Sharon heaved a sigh of relief.

She had been married to Wallace for five years, but they never had a married life. Wallace slept in the master bedroom while she slept on the small bed in the study room.

That night, Sharon found it hard to sleep. This isnt a movie, so how could something like this happen

She was so shocked that she still didnt know what to do.

She had just covered herself with the blanket when there was a knock on the door.

Without waiting for her reply, Wallace walked in. “Hows Uncle Smiths condition Theres a million dollars on this card; take it to the hospital tomorrow.”

Wallace stared at Sharon, who was wrapped up tightly, and actually found her cute.

Sharon shook her head. “No need. Someone has already paid Uncle Smiths bill for him to continue his special care treatment.”

“Really” Wallace frowned slightly. Sharon doesnt have a job and usually stays at home to take care of the family. Her friends dont have that much money either. Who helped her

Only then did Wallace realize that he knew too little about his wife.

“Yeah.” Sharon gripped the corner of the blanket tightly with one hand. “Uncle Smith is a good person; he took care of others his whole life and even helped many people. Good things come to good people. Now, he can undergo his liver operation and can even participate in the experimental treatments for leukemia.”

Wallace nodded. “Thats good. Rest early.”

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Sharons long eyelashes fluttered slightly, and her clear eyes were searching. “You havent been resting well recently Did something happen in the company”

Wallace didnt expect his wife, whom he had neglected for a long time, to see something that his parents did not.

“If the company wants to expand their business, we will need to collaborate with the Sullivan Group. However, the Harris Group has just entered the construction period and isnt powerful enough. Itll take some time before the other party will get back to us.” For some reason, Wallace felt like something was stuck in his throat while discussing this matter with his wife.

“The Harris Group and Sullivan Group arent in a collaboration” Sharon found it a little strange. Every time Madam Harris talked about the Harris Groups collaboration partners, she was like a proud peacock. She didnt expect that the latter couldnt even control a New York company.

“The Harris Group is just starting out, so the Sullivan Group wouldnt be interested.”



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