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The Heiress Strikes Back Chapter 7

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7 End of Cooperation

“Arrange for them to wait for a while. I need to take care of some matters first. Esteemed guests are here; I need to receive them.”

Sharon looked up at Tommy and asked curiously, “Do you know Miss Cynthia”

Tommy sighed. “In the past, the directors loved racing, so they kept in touch with the Carter Group. Theyve always wanted to collaborate with the Sullivan Group to build a new racing arena, but there are already so many big shots in the racing industry. I havent found any areas that are worth cooperating with them, but their family keeps sending people over, and theyve already been here many times.”

“Since we havent started collaborating yet, we should start by rejecting the Carter Groups offer. There wont be any opportunities for us to collaborate in the future. If you want to enter the racing industry, you can consider the Larson Group. As an established family, although Mr. Larson is still in a coma, his son has also performed very well in the racing arena. He has a bright future ahead of him.”

Hearing Sharons logical analysis, Tommy was a little shocked. He didnt expect the new CEO to have such foresight.

He had thought of working with the Larson Group before, but in order to let Mr. Larson regain consciousness, the Larson Group had spent too much manpower and financial resources over the years.

“Besides, other than benefits, we also need to look at the other partys character when choosing a partner. Do you understand” Sharon looked at Tommy in earnest. There was a look in her eyes that said she would never let the Carter Group benefit from their help.

Tommy nodded. He knew without asking that the Carter Group mustve done something that upset Sharon. “Dont worry. Ill reject them now.”

“Tell them that the Sullivan Group refuses to work with people who have no manners. Then, tell the cleaning lady toinvite them out.”

In the presidents reception room, Cynthia was waiting for Tommy excitedly. She had heard from her father that the latter was an accomplished man. He was even more good-looking than women, and his net worth wasnt low either.

Although I had missed out on Wallace, if Tommy could fall in love with me... As Cynthia thought of this, she despised Louis even more. In addition, her family had always hoped to become a strategic partner of the Sullivan Group, so they especially hoped to get closer to Tommy.

However, she didnt expect the person who came to be the secretary she had seen before.

Cynthia couldnt help but ask, “Hello, is Mr. Tommy busy”

“Im sorry. Mr. Tommy asked me to pass on a message: Our Sullivan Group will not collaborate with people of low quality like you. From now on, we will officially announce that we will cease all collaborations with the Carter Group.” The secretarys voice was cold and emotionless.

“What did you say! Who do you think you are I want to talk to Mr. Tommy!” Cynthia didnt expect Tommy not to give her any face at all; she was very surprised. Why do this secretarys words sound so familiar

Wait a minute! Cynthia was suddenly very surprised. Didnt I say that to Sharon just now

“Mr. Tommy, what do you mean by this Are you not going to give the Carter Group a chance at all Help me tell Mr. Tommy that the Carter Group has the most valuable racer. My father and CEO Lucas are still good friends.” Her face turned red as she tried to explain herself. Our family has already spread the news that we would definitely be able to collaborate with the Sullivan Group. Why did things turn out like this!

Many companies only continued to do business with them on account of their connection with the Sullivan Group, so her life was still comfortable. She didnt expect something like this to happen now.

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If outsiders find out that the Sullivan Group has rejected our offer to work together, the Harris Groups power will definitely decline. By then, wont I be looked down upon if I marry into the Harris family Cynthia was too proud to accept such a thing. “I want to see Mr. Tommy. I want to talk to him face-to-face!”

The secretary made a dismissive gesture. “Im sorry, but your identity is not suitable for you to stay in the Sullivan Group building. If you dont leave now, I will take appropriate measures.”



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