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"I didn miss a single fragrance!" Song Yings guilty eyes flickered. After forcing herself to calm down, she looked straight at He Miao and said coldly, "In our line of work, we need to have a conscience and be honest. Now you

e talking nonsense in order to win. I think you don even know how to make a single fragrance."

The audiences emotions were stirred by her, and they pointed at He Miao in dissatisfaction. "Yeah! I don think a goddess would miss something like that. This woman is too vicious. Does she want to pick a random guess to win?"

"Emcee! Quickly say something! How could the goddess miss out on a fragrance?" Someone in the audience shouted loudly, and the atmosphere was completely ignited by this person.

"Big Brother, aren you going to help Big Sister?" Tian Tian was in Jing Yans arms, frowning and angrily looking at the people who were criticizing He Miao.

"She doesn need me." Jing Yan chuckled in a low voice. He could tell how confident she was just by looking at how calm she was on the stage.

Tian Tian angrily shouted, "Big Sister, you can do it!" My sister is the best! Big Brother said you

e the best!"

Jing Yans face instantly turned red. He almost threw the naughty Tian Tian down. When did he say that?

Although he was thinking this way, when he secretly looked up at the shining girl on the stage and saw the girls focused expression on him, his heart inevitably skipped a beat.

The emcee was caught in the middle and could only say, "Indeed, Im still lacking one more ingredient."

"How could it be like this!" The audience looked at Song Ying with suspicion.

Song Yings face turned green. She glared at He Miao and said angrily, "Then tell me, what did I miss?"

He Miao did not seem to pay much attention to her, but he had been observing her expression the whole time. When he saw her hesitating for a moment when she smelled the fragrance, he guessed that there was one smell she did not catch.

She picked up Song Yings fragrance testing paper, closed her eyes, and sniffed it gently. The corners of her mouth curled up into a faint smile. "Its oak moss mint oil."

"Its actually this!" The audiences eyes were wide open, and many of them even took out their phones to take pictures of He Miao. Such a rare and exciting scene, they had to tell their friends about it when they got out!

The emcee nodded. He did not even dare to look at Song Ying. "Congratulations to Miss He Miao for winning the Audience Incentive Award."

He quickly took out the crystal trophy and put it in He Miaos hand. He had wanted to interview He Miao, but she refused him.

He Miao just wanted to enjoy the competition and did notwant to be too ostentatious. After accepting the trophy, he politely bowed to the audience and walked down the stage.

Jing Yan and the others turned around and left the exhibition hall. If they did not leave now, they would be in big trouble if curious people surrounded them later.

"Im so sorry." He Miao looked at Li Ming apologetically. "I wanted to watch the professional competition, but now we can only slip away."

"Whats the big deal?" Li Ming smiled nonchalantly and looked at her with bright eyes. "I didn expect you to be so good that you could really beat Song Ying."

"My sister is the best! My brother said so!" Tian Tian excitedly pulled on He Miaos hand, declaring his ownership.

Li Luo gritted her teeth in hatred. She wanted to hold He Miaos hand, but the little fatty cleverly blocked her.

Tian Tian tugged on He Miaos sleeve and said pitifully, "Big Sister, do you still remember the present for Tian Tian?"

"I remember. What does Tian Tian want?" He Miao felt a little heavy as she held the trophy.

Jing Yan took it naturally. When he saw He Miao looking at him in surprise, he explained, "Ill carry it for you. You can take Tiantian."

Jing Yan smiled as he watched her hold Tiantians hand. They looked like a family of three.

Jing Yans heart warmed up, but when he saw Li Ming, his face darkened again.

He was really an eyesore.

Tian Tian mysteriously pulled He Miao and Jing Yan, running out of the exhibition hall and into a secluded place. "Tian Tian wants big sister to give big brother a hug!"

He Miao looked at Jing Yan with a red face, suspecting that Jing Yan had taught him this.

Jing Yan was overjoyed, but he still rebuked him coldly, "What nonsense are you saying? Change to another one."

"I won look! Ill wait for Big Brother and Sister in the car! Big Sister, you have to keep your word!" After saying this, Tian Tian Ran off.

Jing Yan looked at He Miao nervously. Although he had held her before, it was not when she was especially clear-headed.

He Miao observed his expression hesitantly. The scene of this person leaving with a cold face that she had imagined would not happen again.

She took a deep breath, and just when Jing Yan thought she was really going to hug him, He Miao suddenly asked in a flat tone, "Are you in love with me?"

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