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Chapter 29: Father and Daughters Heart Connected

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After cooking braised meat overnight, the entire family was exhausted. They went back to their house early to rest. Madam Jiang and Little Bruiser also went to bed. Yu Wan lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

It started snowing outside the house again. It was quiet but cold.

Yu Wan touched the thin cotton blanket on her body. She had been busy earning money these few days and didnt have the chance to buy anything. After she finished Miss Bais business, she would bring her mother and her brother to town to buy some things. They would add whatever they needed and also settle the New Years goods.

At the mention of New Years goods, Yu Wan suddenly thought of her father who was far away at the border and could not fall asleep. She simply got off the bed, put on her clothes, and carried the oil lamp to the kitchen.

This kitchen was no longer as shabby as when she had first arrived. There was rice in the rice bucket, noodles in the cupboard, seasonings and salt. In the basket in the corner were a few radishes and cabbages that her aunt had plucked from her own fields. There were also a few fresh carp in the wooden bucket. Of course, the most delicious thing was the cured meat hanging on the wall and on the counter.

The cured meat was marinated by her uncle and was left in the kitchen to dry. The kitchen was usually ventilated and was full of smoke when cooking. It had only been a day and the saltiness was not obvious. The meat was still fresh.

Yu Wan cut a piece of good hind leg meat. The meat here was fat and lean, but not too fatty. It was very suitable for making meatballs. However, this was not enough. She still cut off some of the meat from the front legs, the meat from the butt, and the pork top. She remembered that in her previous life, her aunt liked meatballs made from pork top meat and said that the meat was more tender.

After chopping up the meat, she placed the sliced ginger, minced garlic, onion, and a few fresh wild eggs into the minced meat. Then, she added soy sauce, starch, snowflake salt, sesame oil, and pepper.

Her movements were very fast, and in no time at all, she was starting to get excited. She took out a large bowl of sesame oil. The sesame oil was too expensive and she usually used pig oil. However, this time, she poured all the sesame oil into the pot. The aroma of fried meatballs soon wafted out of the oil pot. After making the meatballs, she took out the wheat flour from the cupboard and started making the pancakes.

The fire in the kitchen continued until dawn. Yu Wan wiped the sweat from her forehead. It was almost time for breakfast.

Yu Wan used the unfinished ingredients to make a few scallion pancakes. Before Madam Jiang and Little Bruiser woke up, Yu Wan sent them to the old mansion.

Because they were going to town to buy ingredients for the business, the family woke up early. When they saw Yu Wan, they were all very surprised.

“Why are you up so early” asked Aunt Yu who opened the door.

Yu Wan pushed the pancakes wrapped in the basket forward and said with a smile, “Good morning, Aunt. You havent had breakfast yet, right Ive made a few pancakes. You guys take them to fill your stomachs.”

At this moment, Uncle Yu and Yu Feng had just finished washing up and were walking over. When they heard that she was here to deliver pancakes, their faces turned pale!

“Oh my, I think I forgot to put salt in it.”

Their pale faces turned red.

“I also made quite a few dishes for Dad… Fortunately, I didnt forget to put salt in it.”

The blood drained from their faces again.


After breakfast, Yu Wan and her brother Yu Song boarded the ox cart to town.

“Are you really going to send something to Third Uncle” Yu Song walked beside the ox cart and asked Yu Wan with the vegetable jar.

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Yu Feng was leading the ox.

Yu Wan nodded. “Thats right. Were going to celebrate New Years soon. I hope Dad can have a good year too.”

“He wont receive it,” Yu Song mumbled. Before his third uncle left, he said that he would send letters once he reached the border. However, six years had passed and they had not received any news from him. The letters they wrote to him had also not returned. Sometimes, they even suspected that their third uncle had already encountered misfortune.

However, they heard that even if they could not transport back the bodies of the sacrificed soldiers, they would try their best to bring back the iron plates with their names engraved on them. Since they did not receive his third uncles iron plate, they would pretend that he was still alive.

“Dad will definitely receive it,” Yu Wan said with certainty as she hugged the jar in her arms.

Yu Song opened his mouth, wanting to persuade her not to be silly. But just as he was about to speak, he received a warning look from his brother and shut his mouth resentfully.

Yu Feng continued to drive the ox cart, its feet stepping deeply into the snow. “Lets go buy groceries first. Once were done, Little Song will drive the ox cart back. Ill bring you to the courier station.”

Yu Wan smiled. “Okay.”

The ingredients were the freshest in the morning, but if they didnt go back immediately after buying them, it would easily affect the quality and texture of the braised food. Thus, Uncle Yu had very high requirements for the ingredients.

The three of them went to the vegetable market in town. The ingredients here were much more expensive than at the market, but when they thought of the price Miss Bai had offered, they felt that it wouldnt hurt to spend more money.

They bought some fresh pork, mutton, chicken, duck, and vegetables. Today, they were not cooking for a banquet, but sending them to Miss Bai for a taste test. Those dishes that shes satisfied with would be cooked during the banquet.

Yu Song dragged a cart of ingredients back to the village.

Yu Wan went to buy a thick cotton shirt and a box of the best frostbite ointment in town.The borders were so cold, Dad should be able to use them.

To the north of Lotus Flower Town, there was a courier station ten miles on foot. This courier station was the largest one outside of the Capital. It was mainly used to deliver official letters and supplies. As long as they could afford it, they could also accept the order.

Today, the courier station was packed with people. Some were feeding horses, some were changing horses, and some were resting.

“Over there.” Yu Feng led Yu Wan to a stable on the right side of the courier station.

Yu Wan saw that there were three carriages here. The first two carriages were full, but the last one was mostly empty.

“This is for the Northwest Army Camp,” Yu Feng said, pointing to the insignia on the wheels.

“Is it far from here to the Northwest Army camp” Yu Wan asked.

“They are walking on the official road so they are not afraid of going far.” As if guessing Yu Wans worries, Yu Feng added, “The weather is cold, we can keep things for a long time.”

“Okay.” Yu Wan nodded. She did not know if it was because the ecology of the ancient times had not been destroyed or because there was no greenhouse effect, but she felt that the winter here was exceptionally cold. Besides, she had sealed the jar tightly.

A courier holding a horsewhip walked over, intending to set off.

Yu Feng called out to him, “Mister, we want to bring something along.” Although it was said to bring something along, they actually needed to give money.

“Where to” The courier asked.

Yu Feng said, “To the Northwest Army Camp.”

“The Northwest Army Camp, is it Come here.” The courier brought the siblings to the third carriage. “This is the last trip this year. You came at such a good time. How many things are there”

Yu Feng looked at the big jar in his arms, then at the two small jars that Yu Wan was carrying. He said, “Just these three and the bag on my back.”

“The last trip will cost more than usual.” The courier said.

Yu Feng glanced at Yu Wan and said, “Alright.”

The courier pressed his hands together.

Yu Feng placed the jar in his sisters arms.

Just as the courier was about to collect the money, a carriage arrived at the entrance. A pageboy jumped down from the carriage and hurriedly walked over.

The pageboy called the courier to the side and said something. The courier frowned and returned with a troubled expression. “We cant bring your things.”

“Why” Yu Wan asked.

The courier glanced at the carriage, only to see the pageboy and the coachman unloading boxes from the carriage. The courier said, “See that Those things cant be stored. Where else can I give you”

Yu Wan said solemnly, “We came first.”

The courier looked at her with an amused expression and said, “Do you know whose New Years goods it is for Its for the Emperors newly promoted General Gui De. Those goods were personally chosen by the daughter of the General Manor. If you know whats good for you, then quickly take your things back!”


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