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Chapter 30: First Appearance of Medical Skills

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Yu Wan did not move. Yu Feng did not either.

Although Yu Feng didnt think that these things could really be delivered to his uncles hands, not being able to deliver them was one thing, being forced to not deliver them was another. “Which General Manor is it” Yu Feng asked.

“The North Garrison General Manor!” The courier grew impatient.

When Yu Feng heard that it was the North Garrison General Manor, he calmed down instead. Just yesterday, the young miss of the North Garrison General Manor had helped them out of trouble. Perhaps it wasnt her intention to seize the carriage. After making things clear, he believed that they wouldnt force him.

Yu Feng decisively walked towards the General Manors carriage.

“Make way! Make way!” The pageboy moved another chest down.

Yu Feng hesitated and blocked him.

“Didnt you hear me” The pageboy impatiently asked.

As the servant of the General Manor, the servants conduct was too different from yesterdays servant. But perhaps it was because he was too young and anxious to do things.

Yu Feng said to him, “Little brother, were also going to bring something to the Northwest Army Camp.”

The pageboy looked at him strangely. “What does it have to do with me”

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When Yu Feng heard this, a trace of a bad feeling arose in his heart, but he still said patiently, “You have too many things, and the carriage cant fit all of them. The courier wants to take our things down.”

The pageboy said unhappily, “Then hurry up and take it down! If you delay my Young Misss business, can you afford to compensate All these New Years goods have to be delivered to my masters hands before New Years Eve!”

“But…” Yu Feng did not expect the other party to say such heartless words. He wanted to say something else but was stopped by Yu Wan.

Yu Wan shook her head at him. “Its no use, Big Brother.”

Yu Feng said with a depressed tone, “Theyre surely deceiving his Young Miss, and theyve taken a chicken feather as a token of authority! If their Young Miss was here, she would surely not allow them to bully the commoners like this!” She had said before that an official should never harm the common people and disappoint the hearts of the soldiers in the borders.

Yu Wan said indifferently, “Whether its lying to the higher-ups or using chicken feathers as a token of authority, arent they all from the General Manor”

“You mean…” Yu Feng was taken aback.

Yu Wan looked at the white snow on the roof and said, “I didnt say anything, but these are the things she bought. Its also her order to deliver them all before New Years Eve. To arrive at the Northwest Army Camp before New Years Eve on a snowy day like this, Im afraid it would have to travel fast on an urgent basis.”

To travel fast on an urgent basis. A single mistake could result in the deaths of countless horses and people!

Yu Feng was stunned.

“Then… then what about the things we prepared for Third Uncle” Yu Feng asked after he returned to his senses.

Yu Wan did not say anything. She only stretched out a pair of slender hands that had many scratches from years of hard work.This pair of hands could dig bamboo shoots, chop firewood, farm, and carry the heavy burden of a family, but they could not send the things that they had stayed up all night to their father who was far away at the borders.

“Courier Wang! Courier Wang! Something happened!” A courier ran over in a panic and interrupted Yu Wans thoughts.

The courier, who was helping to load the goods for the General Manor in the carriage, turned around coldly. “Its broad daylight. What are you shouting about Dont you see that theres proper business”

This courier didnt recognize the identity of the General Manors subordinate, but he knew he was from an impressive family. He swallowed his saliva and carefully said, “I-I want to talk about proper business too. The horse that was transported from the Western Regions… seems to be…”

“Seems to be” Wang Yi asked.

“Dying soon!” The courier said.

Wang Yis expression suddenly changed!

That was not an ordinary horse, but a Ferghana horse bought from a caravan of the Western Regions after much difficulty! Not long after they bought it, they discovered that it was already pregnant. This meant that they would get one adult Ferghana horse and at least one young Ferghana horse. This was a good thing that couldnt be found even if you searched with a lantern!

This horse had already been chosen by a noble in the Capital. When the weather was better, they would have to send it to the nobles residence! This was just great. The horses are dying soon. How were they going to answer to the noble!

“Quickly… quickly notify the official!” The courier said while trembling.

The courier said with a mournful face, “Its too late! You… you can go take a look for yourself!”

Courier Wang quickly put down what he was doing and followed the courier through the inner hall to a horse shed that was many times better than the outer courts horse shed.

The horse shed was even bigger than the Yu Residence. It was clean and tidy. There was soft dry grass and top-notch red coal on the ground. The fodder was plentiful and there was sufficient water.

The only flaw was that the carefully protected horse had suddenly collapsed to the ground!

Courier Wang was frightened. “What did you feed it”

The courier said, “I didnt give it anything to eat!”

“Then how did it become like this” Courier Wang asked.

“I… I… I dont know either!” The courier was on the verge of tears. He was only a lowly courier, so he was the first one to be punished after something like this happened.

On the other hand, as his direct superior, Courier Wang was not let off either, and it might even implicate the official.

“Where is the doctor” Courier Wang asked.

The courier cried, “He has returned to his hometown for the New Years. He left half a month ago. Have you forgotten”

What should he do It was not that there was no medical center in town, but in this day and age, there were many doctors who could treat people and few who could treat horses.

“Can I come in and take a look”

A tranquil womans voice suddenly appeared at the horse sheds door. Courier Wang and the other courier turned their heads and saw the village girl standing in the snow.

Courier Wang said in a deep voice, “What are you doing here Get out!”

Yu Wans lips curved into a smile as she pointed at the horse lying on the ground. “Are you sure you want me to go out I can treat it.”

“What nonsense are you talking about” He would never believe that a village girl could treat a horse!

Yu Wan said, “But I cant treat it for free. You have to agree to help me deliver things to my father.”


Yu Wan continued, “As for the consultation fee, Ill only charge you half as much as you charge me for transport. Its a good deal, right” She sighed as if he had taken advantage of her.

But did she know how much transportation fees were needed to travel from here to the Northwest Army Camp!

Courier Wang gritted his teeth and looked at her. “Can you really treat it”

“If you dont believe me, then forget it.” With that, Yu Wan turned around and left.

“Wait!” Courier Wang spoke.” I can help you take your things, but I cant offend the daughter of the General Manor, so I can only help you take one.”



“No more treatment!”

“Come back!”

Yu Wan turned around.

Courier Wang was so angry that he was twitching. “Three… three then! But let me be frank, this is not an ordinary horse. If you cant treat it, you will lose your life!”


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