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The crowd exploded at once, as if a drop of water splashed into the oil pan, and the sound of surprises came one after another.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

“Hiss! Hiss!”

“Hiss! Hiss!”


Wu Guanshan looked blankly: “What are you all gasping about What happened Who is that man Why does it make Brother Mingshuang unhappy”

“Brother Guanshan, you just came to the capital, so you don’t know about it yet.”

“Have you seen the woman accompanied by Mingshuang just now”

Wu Guanshan nodded and was somewhat embarrassed: “I have seen her.

She should be Brother Mingshuang’s sister, the Third Miss of the Ji family.”

“That’s right! The Third Miss is no longer under the porch.

Brother Mingshuang came to invite that young master over.

That means, the one who wanted to meet with that young master, is the Third Miss.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! This scene seems familiar.”

“I vaguely remember the lotus banquet three years ago.

That Second Young Master Yang was also invited away by Seventh Ji.”

“And in only a few days after that, the two families got engaged.”

“That Third Miss Ji is really too much.

Her insight when choosing a husband is not very…”

“Those several elder brothers in the Ji family don’t even care about it”

“You also know how much those several elder brothers in the Ji family spoil the Third Miss, right”

“Alas, what my father said is indeed true.

One will only do harm by spoiling too much.”

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“Those words of yours, don’t say that in front of Brother Mingshuang.”

“I know, I know.”

Ji After Mingshuang took Wu Wei’an to the side room, he waited outside.

He was sitting in front of the stairs not far away.

The cold wind whizzed by and the snow fell all over his shoulders.

Ji Mingshuang sighed softly.

That Yang Weitian, is indeed quite good.

Only when you lose something will you know how to cherish it.

This Wu Wei’an, he certainly can’t let this person be the son-in-law of the Ji family.

Otherwise, if he let his younger sister go on such a foolish act.

Ji Mingshuang can almost foresee his younger sister’s sad and miserable life from now on.

He has to find a way.

Outside the room, Ji Mingshuang is trying to find a way.

In the room, Ji Yunxi is making tea.

There is a stove in the side room, which makes the room full of warmth.

After Ji Yunxi sat down behind the tea table, surrounded by beautiful maid servants, it became a picture of national beauty with heavenly fragrance.

Wu Wei’an lowered his head and shrank by the door, wearing cotton padded clothes with a cloth belt, looking as if on pins and needles.

Neither of them spoke for a moment.

The water used to make tea is the plum snow water collected by the maid servants.

It is boiling and gurgling just now.

Ji Yunxi stretched out her hand and poured the boiling water into a fine purple clay pot.

After a while, the fragrance from the tea overflowed.

Ji Yunxi poured the tea well, raised her head to look at the man by the door and said her greetings: “Long time no see.”

Wu Wei’an’s uneasy face showed just the right amount of doubt and confusion.

Ji Yunxi picked up the cup, took a sip and tasted the other party’s tiny change in expression.

It is indeed good.

In modern times, he can be a powerful emperor of the silver screen already.

Ji Yunxi: “Nine years have passed, and Young Master Wu’s plays have become better and better.”

Hearing this, Wu Wei’an looked at Ji Yunxi.

Ji Yunxi looked back at him calmly.

After a while, Wu Wei’an smiled.

Then he calmly sat down on the side of the tea table.

His tone was very sincere when he said: “What a rare thing.

Third Miss can still recognize me.”

The author has something to say:

Third Ji: I hate this sincerity so much.


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