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He even thought that she wouldn’t be hungry.

After all, she just sat there for an hour!

Unexpectedly, she would be hungry too

Today, the Dechang Gambling House is very lively, but there are not many people gambling inside.

Everyone is standing at the door, looking forward one by one, as if waiting for something.

Now it is already shenshi[1], there are already many clamours of comments among the crowd.

“Could it be that the Third Miss won’t be coming today”

“It shouldn’t be, right With such an amount of money, if it were me, I’d be here early in the morning already!”

“It’s already so late now.

It’s going to be dark soon! What is actually going on Don’t the Ji family feel anxious Even I, am anxious for them!”

“Maybe they are delayed by something.

Let’s wait a bit more.”

As soon as the voice fell, a voice came from a distance: “They are here!! They are here!!”

As soon as these words came out, the crowd boiled and one by one, they looked over on tiptoe.

After all, people also want to broaden their horizons, and also want to know how many boxes this amount of money can fill, and how many boxes can be stacked together!

The masses of people that gathered there were so huge that they blocked up the entire street where the Dechang Gambling House was, but when they saw the convoy of the Ji Mansion coming, they all tacitly gave way.

Oh, wow! This time, there are fifteen carriages from the Ji family!!

After the fifteen carriages passed by, everyone gathered back and continued to block the street.

A battered, very slow, creaking pony was just stuck outside the crowd and lost contact with the convoy ahead.

The round-faced housekeeper looked at the crowd of people in front of him and said loudly: “Make way, make way.

Please make way!”

Everyone did not pay attention to him.

Instead, each and every one of them just sharpened their heads and pushed forward.

Ji Yunxi’s carriage is naturally at the forefront of the convoy.

Wu Wei’an was also inside.

He put down a corner of the carriage’s curtain and shook his head slightly: “There are more people outside than during the morning parade.”

Sure enough, money is the most important thing in everyone’s mind.

Ji Yunxi just hummed a response, then opened the hidden compartment below her and took out a new hand mirror with a feathered pattern from the inside.

She checked her makeup to make sure there was nothing wrong.

Wu Wei’an subconsciously glanced at her hand mirror, and lowered his head to look at that hidden compartment which had been emptied by him but now already filled to the brim again.

His heart felt a little sour.

He turned his hand and also took out a hand mirror from his pocket before taking a look at his own face too.

Both of them were very satisfied with their makeup.

After putting away their hand mirrors, they got off the carriage.

The manager of Dechang Gambling House really wanted to pretend to be dead, but he couldn’t.

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Firstly, there were so many people outside that he even suspected that half of the city’s population had come.

The gambling house cannot ignore it when there are so many people watching it.

After all, they still have to do business in the future.

If everyone feels that the gambling house can’t afford to lose money, who will come in and gamble again

Secondly, Ji Yunxi’s convoy was followed by many guards, and it seems it will not end well if the gambling house provokes them.

The manager hurriedly asked the servant there to go to the Feng Mansion to call for someone.

Then he greeted the guests with a smile: “This little one greets Third Miss and Young Master Wu.”

Then he looked at Wu Wei’an and said: “This little one congratulate Young Master Wu.”

Wu Wei’an still has dark greenish-blue color under his eyes, which is still very obvious, but his complexion is slightly better.

He stood beside Ji Yunxi and said softly: “Thank you.”

The manager still wanted to exchange greetings, but Ji Yunxi directly interrupted him: “I am here to get the money.”

The smile on the manager’s face was very stiff: “Of course, of course, but the money is not in a small amount…”

Ji Yunxi interrupted him again: “Do you mean that your gambling house is not going to pay the money”

The manager was sweating and then hurriedly said: “Of course not, but——”

Ji Yunxi lightly stroked the hair on her temples: “Oh, then let’s start loading the money.”

[1] shenshi: the period of the day from 3 p.m.

to 5 p.m.


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