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The expression on the round-faced housekeeper was like ‘Young Master, why do you have such a bad memory’, and then he said: “Young Master, you said a few days ago that you wanted to change a horse.”

“Oh, that.” Wu Wei’an nodded, thought about it for a moment, and walked towards the stable.

The thin horse was sleeping standing up, and when it heard the movement, it snorted at the two of them.

It’s really not easy for this horse.

All this time, the whole family’s travel relied only on it.

The round-faced housekeeper is really a little distressed.

Fortunately, some time ago, the Sixth Master of the Ji family came to deliver tonic soup from time to time, and sometimes even came around to feed the horse.

Therefore, although the horse is thin, it is still healthy after eating excellent tonic herbs.

Wu Wei’an looked at it: “I think this horse is very good.

There is no need to change it.”

Round-faced housekeeper: “”

Wu Wei’an reprimanded him: “I will have a family in the future.

As a housekeeper, you should be diligent and thrifty in running the household for me.

Don’t buy this and that easily.


Round-face housekeeper: “”

The Fifth Prince’s residence.

The scent of sandalwood lingers in the hall.

Behind the plain black screen, a man and a woman sat opposite each other, and between the two of them was a half-played chess game.

Under the sitting platform in the hall, two high-ranking officials bowed their heads and bent their waist, not daring to speak at all.

The man behind the screen held a black chess piece and played with it for a long time without putting it down on the chess board at all: “In a chess game, once there is one wrong move, all of the next moves will be wrong too.”

The woman opposite sat in a kneeling posture gracefully.

When she heard the words, she asked: “Is Your Highness talking about the Ji family”

The Fifth Prince closed his eyes and said: “That’s right.

Originally, everything was under control.

If the Third Miss of the Ji family entered the palace, the situation in the palace would not be what it is now.

That daughter of the Feng family, is not enough.”

As soon as the words fell, he threw the chess piece down.

The chess piece was smashed back into the small pot used for storing the chess pieces, making a crisp sound.

The power behind the Crown Prince looks huge, but the one that the Crown Prince can rely on are really only the Li family and the Ji family.

Behind the Li family, there is a queen who supports them, and their roots are already so deep that they cannot be touched yet.

The best way is to pull down the Ji family first and then touch the Li family.

In the previous arrangement, the best way was to set up a trap to let Ji Yunxi enter the palace, causing a dispute between the Li family and the Ji family, and letting them fight with each other inside.

After all, the imperial concubines in the harem, even if they are biological sisters, are bound to stand on the opposite side.

Unfortunately, this chess game was already lost from the beginning.

The cause of lost was in——

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Their new champion number three, Wu Wei’an of the Wu family.

And even lost twice.

One was Yang Weitian, and the other was the Palace Examination.

“I originally thought that I could pull Ji Mingxi off the horse in the Palace Examination, but I had never thought that it would make their Ji family even more dignified instead.” It wasn’t clear whether these words said by the Fifth Prince were for the woman opposite him or for the officials in the hall.

The officials in the hall hurriedly said: “Your Highness, Feng Qishi has been in contact with this minister in the past few days, and it seems that he wants to take refuge under His Highness.”

The Fifth Prince laughed when he heard this: “Is the Feng family worthy”

The officials in the hall respectfully said: “This minister also thinks the same.

The Feng family was able to get to this day only because of their petty tricks and the Emperor’s favour.

Now that Feng Guiren has made the Emperor unhappy, perhaps the Feng family will not last long.

Then, this minister will first deal with Feng Qishi and coax him to make trouble for the Ji family.”

The Fifth Prince hummed and said: “As for the Imperial Examinations, let Feng Qishi persuade Royal Father to transfer it from the Ministry of Civil Officials to your Ministry of Rites.”

The Minister of the Ministry of Rites was slightly unconvinced: “Your Highness, forgive me for my incompetence, but will the Emperor agree to this”

The Fifth Prince turned his head and showed a face with three points similarity with the Emperor’s: “Royal Father will agree to it.”

There are various indications that his Royal Father has long been afraid of the Ji family.

Perhaps the Ji family has also noticed this, and they have become more low-key and cautious in doing things over the years.

That Ji Mingxi said less and did less, seems like everything goes with fate, but in fact there’s no leakage of any kind and degree at all.

The author has something to say:

Your Young Master really only has ten thousand taels of gold [dog head]


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