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Since Xuezhu moved in, he has devoted himself to his vigorous sweeping and mopping business.

This yard is larger than what they used to live in, and it is even several times larger, so the workload is several times more than before.

But Xuezhu is not sad at all.

Instead, the harder he sweeps the more energetic he becomes, and the more he mops the more energetic he becomes too.

After all, he was really idle for a long time.

The previous house they had stayed at was so small that he could just clean it casually.

If it weren’t for fear of revealing his whereabouts, Xuezhu would really like to go out and sweep the streets.

But the people from the City Mayor’s Mansion in the capital are still looking for him, so he can’t go.

Therefore, in the past three days since the move, Xuezhu got up earlier than chickens and slept later than dogs.

He swept the courtyard up and down seven or eight times and mopped it seven or eight times too, but he was still not very satisfied.

When Ji Yunxi brought people from the Ji Mansion over to deliver things, what she saw was the sweaty Xuezhu who was diligently sweeping for the ninth time.

Seeing her coming, Xuezhu stopped and gave her a bow: “Greetings, Third Miss.

Young Master is in the room.”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “Alright, thank you.”

Xuezhu wiped the sweat from his forehead and started sweeping again.

Ji Yunxi subconsciously looked down at her feet.

The ground under her feet was so clean, even cleaner than her own courtyard.

Ji Yunxi has never been a nosy person.

Whatever others did, as long as they didn’t harm her interests, she has always been indifferent.

But looking at Xuezhu’s busy figure, it is a rare moment for Ji Yunxi to say: “I think it’s quite clean.

You can have a rest.”

Xuezhu said seriously: “It can be cleaner.”

Ji Yunxi raised her eyebrows: “Aren’t you tired”

Xuezhu shook his head: “Not tired.”

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Ji Yunxi nodded and walked inside without saying anything anymore.

The poison lady was in her spacious kitchen, laughing wildly with her hands akimbo on her hips as she circled around.

These three days, the smile on her face hasn’t stopped!

She has never had a kitchen this big!!

Just as she was smiling, her eyes swept across Ji Yunxi, and she hurriedly ran out, then said while smiling happily: “Third Miss, you are here!”

Ji Yunxi smiled back at her.

The poison lady was very considerate: “Are you looking for Young Master He is cleaning up in the room.”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “Alright, thank you.”

The poison lady followed a few steps and watched Ji Yunxi walk towards their Young Master’s room in front.

She couldn’t hold back, grinned at the sky with her hands on her hips.

Hahahahahaha, she also has today! Her good day is coming soon hahahaha!

If it weren’t for Third Miss, when would they be able to live in such a big courtyard and still have such a big kitchen It is impossible for it to be realized if they have to rely on their Young Master’s conscience to be stunned first.

She loves Third Miss to death.

She only hates that she is not a man! Otherwise, will it be Young Master’s turn

When Ji Yunxi arrived in front of Wu Wei’an’s bedroom, the round-faced housekeeper suddenly appeared.

Wan Xiang, who followed behind Ji Yunxi, subconsciously took a step forward.

Seeing Ji Yunxi shake her head slightly, Wan Xiang retreated.

The round-faced housekeeper bowed to Ji Yunxi with a smile on his face and pushed the door open for her: “Please, Third Miss.

Young Master is inside.”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “Alright, thank you.”

Wu Wei’an was cleaning the room inside.

When he heard the words, he turned his head and his eyes fell directly onto his housekeeper’s face.

The round-faced steward noticed his young master’s gaze and turned his head to look.

His smiling face returned to his former dead face.

He bowed to their young master and stepped back.

Wu Wei’an: “”

Ji Yunxi stepped forward and looked around.

This bedroom is very large, equivalent to the area of two modern master bedrooms, plus two walk-in closets.


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