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Normally, it should be the female family members in the Wu house that come to receive Ji Yunxi when she pays a visit.

But Ji Yunxi has not seen any of the Wu family’s womenfolk so far.

The front courtyard is also quiet and only two figures can be seen there.

A little boy, and Tang Hu, who is giving a candied haws to the boy.

When Tang Hu saw the visitor, he smiled and bowed: “Third Miss!”

Ji Yunxi gave a hum and glanced at the child: “Second Young Master, who is this”

Second Wu introduced to her: “This is my little brother.”

Wu Qi and his wife only have children after they are a bit old.

The third son of the Wu family is only three years old now.

The Wu family’s members wear many layers of clothes, and even a little child is no exception.

He was stuffed into a fat penguin by his mother and stood in the corridor while holding candied haws in his hand.

He looked at Ji Yunxi not only with some curiosity but also some vigilance.

Ji Yunxi looked at the child: “Second Young Master, may I ask whether Madam Wu and the young ladies are here”

“Mother and younger sisters are all here.” Second Wu replied, “But Eldest Brother said that Third Miss doesn’t need to meet them.

It’s just unnecessary.”

These are the original words of his eldest brother.

He told him to just answer like this when Third Miss Ji asks.

However, Third Miss Ji went to the back courtyard as soon as she came and he couldn’t stop her no matter how, and she also didn’t ask this question either.

Second Wu even thought that his eldest brother might have explained it in vain this time.

Third Miss looked different from ordinary girls and she may not necessarily ask about it.

Unexpectedly, Third Miss Ji really asked.

Matters about the people’s heart in this world, his brother has indeed always guessed it very accurately.

Ji Yunxi nodded when she heard it: “Alright.”

Very good.

It means that there will be no conflicts between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law in the future, and there will be no twists and turns in the house either.

“Since it is so, I will leave first then.” Ji Yunxi slightly bowed to Second Wu, took a group of servants and left the Wu house.

As soon as Ji Yunxi’s foot left the house, Wu Wei’an walked out of the room.

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He threw all the silver banknotes given by Ji Yunxi to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper carefully counted it, put it in his pocket, then clasped his fist and said: “Young Master, it still lacks half the number.”

Wu Wei’an is a master with a good personality, and has a stable mentality.

Whenever he faces the people below him, he will always show the good expression of ‘I absolutely trust you and cherish you’.

Therefore, the subordinates who didn’t know Wu Wei’an thought he was a kind and good master.

After every contact, they are very moved.

The round-faced housekeeper scoffed at this.

After following closely by the Young Master’s side these years, he discovered that their family’s Young Master is actually raising pigs.

Feeding the pigs delicious food and drinks every day, smiling and saying that you all shall grow up quickly.

After he fattens them, he can also order the slaughter with a smile on his face.

Such a person who can smile under any circumstances, when facing a debt collection, also has no way to smile anymore.

With a cold face, he said: “Is three thousand taels not enough yet”

The round-faced housekeeper: “Yes.

And in a few days, it’s estimated that the western regions will also…”

“I see.” Wu Wei’an rubbed his eyebrows.

“How about the shops in Pingjiang”

The round-faced housekeeper: “The shops do earn money, but it’s just a drop in the bucket.

Young Master, you have spread your net a little big these years.”

It hasn’t been an easy thing to do business these days.

Moreover, the official circles are involved in the businesses in the Dayu Dynasty.

Behind those profitable businesses, there are figures of influential officials from aristocratic families.

So it is very difficult for their people to enter the business area and they dare not act rashly.

A slight move will cause the whole body to move, and it will only startle the snake away.

But if they rely on the Ji family, the matter will be solved easily.

The round-faced housekeeper braced himself to say: “Please pardon this old slave’s for speaking bluntly, but marrying the Third Miss of the Ji family…”

Wu Wei’an give him a glance.

The housekeeper became silent, bent his knees and knelt down straight, then bowed his head deeply and dared not say any more.


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