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But the invitations are too many, as many as snowflakes, and it’s inappropriate too if they just keep refusing all the time.

And some can’t even be refused.

For example, the banquet hosted for the young masters by the Head of the Imperial Academy.

Before departure, the two brothers, Wu Wei’an and Second Wu, brought a young servant with them.

Which is the sweeping monk at home.

At the corner of the alley, Wu Wei’an looked at the young masters of the aristocratic family greeting each other at the front door and whispered: “Xuezhu, go to Marquis of Qingyuan’s Mansion, tell Third Miss Ji that I am at this place and ask her to come quickly.”

Xuezhu nodded, turned and left right away.

Wu Wei’an was relieved.

Then he pulled his brother’s sleeve, shrank beside his younger brother, and walked forward.

While walking, Second Wu asked in a low voice: “Eldest Brother, is the banquet today really so dangerous”

Although Second Wu grew up in the Wu family with profound hidden secrets and he has seen many strange things in his family’s backyard over the years.

But he has always been well protected.

So he has always had this problem of thinking on the bright side.

For example, this time, Second Wu thought that.

Even these young masters in the capital belittle them because of the Third Miss’ attitude towards his eldest brother.

At best, they can just ignore it with a cold face.

Is there a need to go to such a length

Wu Wei’an took a panoramic view of all the movements around him and replied: “Life should be worry free, but there will always be no less trouble that came our way.”

Second Wu: “Then, will Third Miss really come”

Wu Wei’an raised his eyebrows: “I am her carefully selected husband, what do you think”

Second Wu was shocked by the meaning of this remark: “Brother, have you agreed to marry Third Miss”

Wu Wei’an narrowed his eyes and was quite reserved: “I haven’t.

Let’s look at her performance today first.”

Second Wu: “……”

Xuezhu’s light footsteps skill has reached the acme of perfection.

Going to the Marquis of Qingyuan’s Mansion from here, for him, it’s only half a cup of tea’s time.

Counting the time for Ji Yunxi’s journey to this place, everything is more than enough.

Wu Wei’an can guarantee that he will leave the residence of the Head of Imperial Academy today absolutely unscathed.

But Wu Wei’an, even with thousands of calculations in his mind, would not have thought of it at this time.

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The subordinate who has been sweeping the ground and people’s heads diligently all these years in the Wu family, has a small problem.

He can’t stand the dirt on the ground.

As soon as Xuezhu leaped onto the roof, it hadn’t reached a few alleys away and he already saw that the alley below was full of the remnant snow and it was even mixed with dead leaves.

And all kinds of dirty things left by pedestrians passing by.

Xuezhu leaped down and stood aside.

He thought, his light footsteps skill is fast, and his sweeping the floor skill is also fast.

Even if he sweeps this whole alley clean, it only needs a moment.

It will not hinder him at all to quickly go and make a report after that.

Besides, there is Young Master there.

The martial arts of Young Master is unfathomable and far above him.

So their family’s Second Young Master shouldn’t be in danger.

It doesn’t hurt to be a little bit late.

Xuezhu persuaded himself, and just directly do what he had just decided.

He took an abandoned broom he saw in this area and after turning it over and again to the point where it can be used, he began to sweep the ground, accompanied by the swishing sound.

When no one passed by, he is just a ghost figure.

When someone passes by, he is as slow as a…turtle.

An alley was soon swept clean.

The remnant snow was neatly pushed aside and pressed into tofu-like cubes.

The fallen leaves were also swept into a pile, round and bulging in the corner.

Xuezhu clapped his hands and continued to complete the mission of reporting.

But as a result, the sanitation of the second alley he passed by was also very poor.

Before his brain could figure out whether to continue cleaning or go to report, his hands and feet seemed to have their own consciousness and they had begun to sweep.

An hour later, Xuezhu, who swept almost one-fifth of the alleys in the entire city, finally arrived outside the Marquis of Qingyuan’s Mansion.

He wiped the sweat on his forehead and with a young face that has several acne on it, he explained his intention.


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