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Ji Yunxi has been having a good time recently.

Her Seventh Brother left the city and hasn’t come back yet.

The whereabouts of the other elder brothers are also a mystery as they often run outside and are not here either.

Although there is still her Eldest Brother in the mansion, her Eldest Brother has always been a Buddhist, so no one cares about Ji Yunxi, no one nags her, and all kinds of strange things will not happen in the mansion either.

Ji Yunxi ran to Kaitaizhuang in her busy time, then drank tea, appreciated flowers and played card games with other ladies in her spare time.

Today, it was already noon when she got up.

After having her lunch, Ji Yunxi sat by the window to enjoy the flowers.

The room was very warm and the stove was burning somewhat too vigorously that it even made her feel a little bit stuffy.

The window was open and the cold air from outside poured in, just happened to blow away the sultry heat in the room.

In addition, there is a small courtyard outside the window.

The plum blossoms in the courtyard are in full bloom, and the faint fragrance swept in with the wind.

Ji Yunxi took a sip of plum blossom tea and smoothed out her eyes and eyebrows.

This kind of feeling is like in the modern life before, opening the windows with the air conditioner on.

So comfortable.

It’s just that, a face suddenly appeared outside the window.

That face is still very immature, with a few pimples on it.

One can see with just a glance that the age is obviously not that old.

Xuezhu, who was punished last night, became more and more absent-minded.

He handed in a letter through the window: “Third Miss, Young Master let me deliver the letter to you.”

With a wary face, Wan Xiang came forward and stared at Xuezhu through the window.

This person appeared out of thin air, and she didn’t even feel it.

Ji Yunxi saw all this in her eyes and motioned Wan Xiang to step back.

Wan Xiang was a good seedling selected by her father for her.

She was a disciple of a famous man in Jianghu.

When she was still young, she already had extraordinary skills.

She can also be said to have ranked well if she was still in the Jianghu world.

But now it seems that Wan Xiang’s strength is lower than this little boy.

And there are four servants in his family.

Moreover, this is only the servant he put in the open.

Right now in the court, Wu Wei’an is still a nobody.

But in the Jianghu, what is his identity and whose skin is he wearing

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Ji Yunxi restrained her gaze and got up slowly, then stood in front of the window and took the letter.

Instead of looking at it in a hurry, she asked casually: “Did your Yound Master scold you last night”

Xuezhu said with a bitter face: “It might be better if he just directly scolds me.”

Ji Yunxi: “Oh”

Xuezhu: “Yesterday was my mistake, and I dare not do it again today.

Third Miss, I will go back first.”

Xuezhu bowed perfectly towards her and left.

He has to continue to throw dumplings.

The Young Master said that if he couldn’t finish throwing the dumplings in nine times, his head would be thrown down instead.

Ji Yunxi watched the person disappear out of thin air, then she simply leaned against the window and tore open the letter.

The paper was rudimentary and the ink used was also the worst.

But the words above which are like a flying dragon and a dancing phoenix, with amazing sharpness, are deeply embedded in the paper.

Ji Yunxi read it slowly word by word.

After thinking for a while, she threw the letter into the stove and ordered Wan Xiang a few words: “Let the Seventh Master go back to the house tomorrow and say I have something to look for him for.”

In the evening, Ji Mingxi returned to the mansion from the Ministry of Officials.

The brother and sister then have dinner together.

This afternoon, Ji Yunxi suddenly wanted to eat dumplings.

So for dinner, the kitchen prepared dumplings.

The dumplings are steaming hot, with thin skin and large filling.

Ji Yunxi blew it, gently took a bite, and then heard the voice of her Eldest Brother asking her.

“What’s the matter with the Wei family”

Ji Yunxi raised her head: “Did Master Wei say something to Eldest Brother”

Ji Mingxi shook his head: “It was the Crown Prince who asked me.

He said that Master Wei found him and asked our Ji family to let go of his child.”

Ji Yunxi: “Oh.”

Ji Mingxi waited for a while.

Seeing that his sister was still eating dumplings at ease, he said helplessly: “So what did you do to him”

Ji Yunxi put a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs on Ji Mingxi’s bowl: “I didn’t do anything.

It was Young Master Wei who accidentally fell into the pond.

I asked Wan Xiang to help him but he mistakenly thought it was me who pushed him instead.”


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