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In the upper society in the capital, there are even aristocratic families and dignitaries, and even royal children that are eyeing with hostility one the side.

The final auction price will probably not be a small amount.

Old Qin nodded: “Third Miss Ji is your fiance, you…”

Wu Wei’an interrupted him: “She won’t agree.”

Old Qin: “She naturally won’t agree if it is a whole piece, but I only need a small corner.

If it is only a little bit that is taken, no one will notice it at the auction, and it will have no impact either on the effectiveness of the Danzhi.”

Wu Wei’an narrowed his eyes, remained silent for a long time, and then only spit out a word: “Oh.”

Forget it, the face is not important.

After the engagement was settled, Ji Yunxi began to get busy again.

At the end of a year, large and small auctions will be held every now and then.

However, this time’s end of year is the most grand of the entire year and it also has the most rare treasure.

Ji Yunxi spent most of her mind on it.

Today, she is arranging the hall layout in Kaitaizhuang.

Baofu came over from the side: “Miss, the eldest son of the Wu family is outside, saying that he is looking for Miss.”

Ji Yunxi, who was busy, didn’t even raise her head: “Let him in.”

Soon, Wu Wei’an walked in with his head lowered, looking like he didn’t dare to see strangers at all.

But when he saw Ji Yunxi, his eyes brightened, then he quickly walked over and stuck to her side: “Yun Niang, I, I miss you so much.”




The shopkeepers and sales clerks who were busy on the side stopped their movements and were stunned.

There was even a passing sales clerk who was so surprised that he accidentally tripped over the chair beside him.

The sales clerk then stood up with his face blushing and patted his butt before noticing that Ji Yunxi’s group was looking at him, so he hurriedly said: “Third Miss, this little one is reckless.

Please punish me, Miss.”

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“It’s alright, be more careful.” Ji Yunxi took back her sight and was not disgusted by Wu Wei’an but asked him calmly instead, “What’s the matter, An Lang”

“No, I just wanted to see you.” Wu Wei’an got closer again.

Ji Yunxi was standing next to a wooden cabinet carved with regular patterns.

On the wooden cabinet, there happened to be a few exquisite boxes placed on it.

The corner of one of them was opened, revealing the perfect Danzhi in it.

The Danzhi is odorless, its umbrella is extremely round and its whole is as white as snow jade, but the outermost of the umbrella is icy blue.

The Ji family hired many people to collect all kinds of rare treasures everywhere at all costs.

This Danzhi was collected by hired people.

And the luck is even so good that they picked up two.

One was dedicated to the Emperor through the eldest brother and the other will be auctioned.

This is the usual practice of the Ji family.

If it is an excellent rare treasure, they will spare some part of it to be given to the royal family.

This is one of the reasons why the Ji family is as rich as oil and still exists stably, even the middle and lower level officials in the court dare not offend them.

“What is this” Wu Wei’an looked over curiously.

Ji Yunxi glanced at him and directly closed the lid: “Danzhi.”

Wu Weian let out an ‘Oh’ sound with a surprised look on his face, and got closer again to Ji Yunxi.

He asked in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “Let’s talk somewhere else”

Ji Yunxi took Wu Wei’an to the side room.

The place used for auction in Kaitaizhuang is extremely luxurious.

The furniture and decorations inside also only use the best.


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