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The water from the snow, which was collected from the treetop, is bubbling on the small stove on the side and making a gurgling sound.

Ji Yunxi covered the hand-warmer stove with both of her hands and leaned back in her chair leisurely.

While watching the man make the tea, she nodded: “Yeah.”

Wu Wei’an poured the boiled water into the green teapot little by little, and declined politely: “I’ve been a little busy recently.

I’m afraid it’s inconvenient.”

When Ji Yunxi first arrived, she saw him reading and writing letters in front of his desk.

She might have guessed what he was doing.

It’s just that——

Ji Yunxi gently straightened the hem of her skirt and said: “My Sixth Brother is a person that will not stop until his goal is reached.”

Wu Wei’an smiled and put the first cup of tea in front of her: “I really don’t want to go.

What can he do to me”

Ji Yunxi looked at him with a look of ‘you are indeed still too young’: “He will come directly, then just carry you and leave.”

Wu Wei’an: “”

Ji Yunxi gently blew the hot tea: “Really.

I am not lying to you.

You can try it.”

Wu Wei’an: “…”

Thinking of the way he can directly mix Danzhi into a dish, Wu Wei’an feels that what Ji Yunxi said is probably true.

Wu Wei’an smiled: “Why does it feels like a banquet to kill the guests”

That’s why he is reluctant to go.

It’s meaningless.

Ji Yunxi looked down at the exquisite patterns on the tablecloth and suddenly asked: “The New Year is coming soon.

Don’t you need to get all the big and small things at home ready”

Wu Wei’an’s movement of drinking tea stopped: “…”

Ji Yunxi looked at him and said: “You have a lot of subordinates.

As their master, you should always give them something as a reward in the New Year, right”

Wu Wei’an: “…”

That’s right.

The round-faced steward came to him this morning and asked him if he would like to give the subordinates some red envelopes for the New Year this year.

Some subordinates have been doing errands for him for a year and have always been running outside.

Don’t they need to give some help to the subordinate’s home

Thinking of these, Wu Wei’an instantly felt that the tea tasted as light as water, and put down the tea cup with a lack of interest.

In fact, Wu Wei’an is not without money at all.

All the things he owns cannot be changed into money for the time being.

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In other words, he has strong assets behind him, but now the cash flow is cut off, and it is a little difficult to pay wages.

Ji Yunxi feels that she has said enough.

After she made the other party understand her intention, she began to close the net: “What do you feel about two hundred taels for one day’s accompany”

Wu Wei’an followed suit: “I think it’s very good.

I like your Sixth Brother very much.

Isn’t it just winter hunting No problem.

I will follow everything that Yun Niang arranged.”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “Alright.”

After thinking about it, she reminded again: “My two older brothers have no bad intentions.

Please don’t hurt them.”

Wu Wei’an said helplessly: “Isn’t it your brothers who is going to hurt me”

“They just——” Ji Yunxi couldn’t help but smile, “want to change your temperament.”

Wu Wei’an stared at her smile for a moment and was stunned.

Then he lowered his eyes, followed by a chuckle and said noncommittally: “Is it so”

Early the next morning, Wu Wei’an took Second Wu and Xuezhu to the Ji Mansion to gather.

A group of people headed for the Deer Mountain hunting ground in a mighty manner.

This outing will last for three days and the Ji family brought a total of six horse drawn carriages.

The Ji brothers and sister each use one of the carriages.

The Eldest Brother Ji Mingxi has something to do in the court and can’t go with them.

The other three carriages are all filled with the supplies for these three days and the accompanying servants.

But now, there are two empty carriages.

Several masters are crowded into Ji Yunxi’s carriage.

Because Wu Wei’an insisted on taking the same carriage with Ji Yunxi.

Ji Mingyan is always a lively person so he naturally squeezed in too.

Ji Mingshuang wants to guard against Wu Wei’an.

Now he feels more and more that this Wu Wei’an is not a simple person.

It seems that the other party is not capable of doing anything at all but the result tells the opposite.

The other party is so capable in fascinating his third younger sister, who has always been sober and rational in his family, into the state of ‘must marry Wu Wei’an’.

Now, the other party just met his Sixth Brother once but already made the Sixth Brother change the attitude towards the other party.

No, he has to be on guard.

Wu Wei’an is not only not manly and babble like a woman, but he is also not masculine at all.

He is just like those concubines in the backyard that can only use tricks to please people!

And Second Wu, generally speaking, is wherever his older brother is.


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