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Because it’s really a little too disgusting.

Ji Yunxi sat up straight: “I see.

I won’t bother you then.”

Wu Wei’an: “”

Ji Yunxi looked at Second Wu, who was trying his best to reduce his sense of existence: “Weining.”

Wu Weining kept the posture of ‘eyes looking at the nose and the nose pointed at the heart’: “What can I do for you, Third Miss”

Ji Yunxi: “Can you roast meat”

Wu Weining looked at Wu Wei’an subconsciously.

There is a hidden threat in Wu Wei’an’s eyes.

Wu Weining was very entangled.

After listening to the conversation of his Eldest Brother and Eldest Sister-in-law just now, if he says he can, then, doesn’t it mean he robbed his Eldest Brother’s work

But he doesn’t want to say he can’t either.

He doesn’t want to lie.

Wu Weining bit the bullet and said: “…Yes, I can.”

Ji Yunxi curled her lips: “I will trouble you then.”

Wu Weining wanted to cry as he said: “Alright.”

Wu Wei’an: “”

The duck he got to the mouth, just flew away like this

Soon, Ji Mingyan jumped over happily with his bottles and jars.

With a very natural movement, he tried to squeeze between Ji Yunxi and Wu Wei’an so that he could feed one on the left and one on the right.

Ji Yunxi refused him: “Sixth Brother, you better sit there.

Weining said he would roast meat for me tonight, and it just so happens that you roast it for An Lang.”

Ji Mingyan was stunned.

But he soon convinced himself.

That’s right.

It’s normal for the younger brother of his Brother-in-law to like cooking, which is the happiest thing in the world.

The other party must also want his cooking skill to be recognized by his Sister-in-law, just as he wants his cooking skill to be recognized by his Brother-in-law.

This kind of feeling is the same.

Ji Mingyan sat down at Wu Wei’an’s side, and then began to fiddle with his ingredients.

In fact, barbecue is a very simple skill.

Just roast the processed ingredients on the fire  and remember to turn them over.

The key is the seasoning step.

Ji Mingyan has a lot of seasonings, and they come in all kinds of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, and purple.

Some have no taste, and some, even Wu Wei’an who is by the side, can smell the strange aroma.

Wu Wei’an looked at it and suddenly felt a little uncertain: “Sixth Brother, there will be no problem with this, right”

Ji Mingyan sprinkled the seasoning very happily: “What problem could there be Don’t worry, I had even tasted it myself.

I tasted it myself and found no problem with it, so I dare to use it for you.

Don’t worry.

Brother-in-law, come and have a taste!”

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Wu Wei’an took the mutton skewer handed over by the other party.

The mutton skewer was sprinkled with red and blue spices.

The smell is very pungent, just like the smell of black ink.

Ji Yunxi watched from the side and saw Wu Wei’an’s hesitation.

What a rare sight.

He didn’t even hesitate at the dinner in their mansion that day.

Ji Yunxi raised her eyebrows slightly, and said warmly: “An Lang, try it.

Don’t let Sixth Brother down.”

Subtext: If you don’t eat it tonight, your wages won’t necessarily be paid to you.

Wu Wei’an then bit the bullet and ate it.

If he has to describe it, the taste is somewhat weird, but it’s not unacceptable.

And after eating quite a lot, the taste will become fine.

In a word, for the sake of money, he can bear it.

When Ji Mingyan saw this, the sprinkling of seasoning became even more joyful.

Later, Wu We’ian was full and really couldn’t eat any more, so Ji Mingyan took a few strings and specially sent them to Ji Mingshuang.

He has always been a good older brother, and he will never forget his seventh younger brother.

Ji Mingshuang: “…”

Ji Mingshuang’s attitude was firm: “I am already full.”

Ji Mingyan is also very enthusiastic: “Just eat a little, just a string.

This thing won’t make you that full anyway, and Mingshuang, you are growing…”

“I had already done growing up.” Ji Mingshuang knew that it was useless to refuse, so he simply said, “I am alright with the dinner at home because you could restrain yourself, but barbecue is related to your spices.

Are you sure it’s okay”

Ji Mingyan nodded: “I am sure.”

Ji Mingshuang reminded him: “Do you still remember that many years ago, you were also so sure like this, and in the end Fifth Brother almost…”

Ji Mingyan muttered: “I just forgot at that time that the two spices can’t be mixed together.”

“Wait a minute.” Ji Mingyan suddenly patted his head and his face looked pale, “Oh no.

Oh no.”

Ji Mingshuang suddenly had a bad hunch: “No way…”

“I seem to have gotten them mixed up together again!” Ji Mingyan rushed back, his voice miserable, “Brother-in-law——Brother-in-law!!!!”

The author has something to say:

Eldest Wu: Burn me some paper money.


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