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Ji Mingyan has never liked reading.

He is able to enter Dali Temple because of his good skill in poison.

He never understood about the Spring Imperial Examination either.

Hearing this, he also encouraged: “Brother-in-law has already started to prepare it It’s awesome!”

Ji Yunxi echoed: “It’s awesome.”

It’s just that, it sounds very perfunctory.

Ji Mingshuang: “…”

Wu Wei’an: “…”

Wu Weining, who has never had a chance to interrupt: “…”

At this point, the communication has entered a stalemate.

Ji Mingshuang, Wu Wei’an and Wu Weining all felt that all of this was very outrageous.

Only Ji Yunxi and Ji Mingyan are really confident about it.

What’s more, they still completely adhere to their own views and don’t want to listen to other people’s opinions at all.

Ji Yunxi really has confidence in Wu Wei’an, but Ji Mingyan is purely a fearless person because he knows nothing at all.

Therefore, on this day of hunting, the two of them had the most fun.

In fact, there is nothing to hunt in winter, but these young masters and young ladies in the Capital’s upper society did not really come for hunting.

Everyone came out to play and the main purpose is to chat and share gossip with each other.

It is still a bonfire feast in the evening, but because of what happened last night, Ji Mingyan had learned to be obedient and didn’t dare to cook by himself again.

The barbecue was roasted by the servants.

Everything was fine and after three rounds of drinking, everyone went back to their tents to rest.

After all, they have to go back to the city early tomorrow morning.

The conditions in the tent were rudimentary, but Ji Yunxi always paid attention to enjoyment.

Before she came, she took into account the inconvenience of bathing, so she brought a bathing tub with her and even let her servants boil the water earlier than usual.

With the help of the maidservants, she took a beautiful bath in the tent, put on light pink bedclothes, and leaned on the bed to read a book to induce sleepiness.

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The tent was extraordinarily quiet, with sandalwood scent slowly flowing in the air and the good quality silver charcoal burning silently on one side to maintain the temperature in the tent at a comfortable level.

Suddenly, a breeze blew and a shadow fell in front of the bed.

Ji Yunxi’s black hair fluttered with the wind.

She calmly turned over a page of the book and said in a low voice: “You are blocking my light.”

Only then did Wu Wei’an moved away.

Then he looked around and sighed emotionally: “It’s rumored that the Third Miss from the Ji family always only wears the best and only uses the best.

It’s really as expected.”

This is only a temporary residence for two days’ stay, but it was turned into such a luxurious place by her that there were even traces of money being burned everywhere.

Ji Yunxi ignored the sourness in his words and directly asked: “What’s the matter”

Wu Wei’an pulled a stool and sat down beside her bed: “That First-Rank, I can’t do it.”

Ji Yunxi raised her head: “Why not”

Wu Wei’an finally understood Ji Mingshuang’s mood a little: “The Spring Imperial Examination’s purpose is to choose a smart scholar.”

Ji Yunxi nodded, expressing her understanding: “I think you are smart enough.”

Wu Wei’an smiled: “But I am not a scholar.”

Isn’t it better for him to use the time, which will be spent in reading books and preparing for the exam, to do other things

As long as he can get his name recorded in the published list, it’s already enough for him to get some official position.

Why should he get the First-Rank when he is just starting out Although getting the First-Rank is indeed a proudful scene, the first bird is always the one that everyone wants to beat.

Wu Wei’an has never liked to show off.

He prefers to hide and be safe.

Ji Yunxi closed the book: “It doesn’t matter to me whether you are a scholar or not, but I am a businessman.”

Wu Wei’an raised his eyebrow: “So”

Ji Yunxi leaned over, put the book aside in front of the cabinet, then looked at him and said word by word: “So you must get the First-Rank.”

Wu Wei’an narrowed his eyes: “Third Miss, I wondered, did I give you some illusion recently, making you think that I am really so easy to be talked to”

He was sitting on the chair with a little smile on his face, looking peaceful and calm but it is actually so terrifying that it can make people panic.


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