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Therefore, basically no one can make money from the gambling house.

All this money always flows into the pocket of the gambling house’ backer, that is, the Feng family.

This is also the reason why the Feng family has been soaring in recent years.

After all, officialdom needs bribes everywhere.

How can it be done without money

The curtain decorated with silk thread was lifted, then Ji Yunxi and Ji Mingyan got out of the carriage one after another.

Although the color of the white clothes that Ji Yunxi wears today are low-profile, the embroidery and silk thread on the top of it are all done meticulously.

They shine slightly in the sun when she is walking, giving off the feeling of low-profile luxury.

In addition, the expressionless face with excellent facial features also looks like a white lotus on a snow-capped mountain.

Ji Mingyan has always loved red, and today he is also wearing red clothes, which makes his face whiter and his big eyes brighter.

But no one dared to meet his eyes, because of those rumors.

Ji Yunxi walked into Dechang Gambling House first, and Ji Mingyan followed behind.

Behind them, the servants carried boxes after boxes of things and entered in a single line.

The onlookers were surprised and followed into Dechang Gambling House.

Anyone can enter this place anyway!

The Manager of the gambling house got the news very quickly and came out to greet them in person: “Greetings to Sixth Master and Third Miss.”

Ji Yunxi only let out a hum and is too lazy to talk nonsense: “I heard that I can bet on the First-Rank winner of next year’s Spring Imperial Examination here”

The Manager glanced at the servants carrying the boxes behind them and said: “Yes.

May this little one ask if Third Miss wants to place a bet too”

Ji Yunxi nodded: “These fifty thousand taels of gold and one hundred thousand taels of silver here, I want to bet it all on Wu Wei’an.”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone was in an uproar.

The gamblers with maddened eyes on the gambling tables next to them subconsciously looked over.

What kind of notion is this

The current Empress’ salary is at most twenty taels of gold, two thousand taels of silver a year.

Ji Yunxi has calculated it, and it is roughly equivalent to the modern annual salary of five hundred and fifty thousand yuan.

And what she took out today is equivalent to one hundred and fifty million yuan in modern times.

Of course, the assets under Ji Yunxi’s name are more than that.

These are just the cash she can take out in the past two days, and she still has some assets that can’t be changed into money for the time being.

But this is enough.

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Ji Yunxi especially learned beforehand and knew that Dechang Gambling House has given several ways to bet on the result of the Spring Imperial Examination this time

If the bet is only on one person to get the First-Rank, and the person is still among the popular candidates for First-Rank such as Ji Mingshuang, it can only be 2:1.

That is, if one bets ten taels and wins the bet, the casino will only pay you twenty taels.

The more unlikely the bet to be won, the greater the ratio will be.

For a person like Wu Wei’an who nobody cares about, the ratio is 10:1.

In other words, if Wu Wei’an can get the First-Rank, Ji Yunxi will be able to carry 1.5 billion yuan back.

The breathing of the Manager became a little heavy.

He has been helping the Feng family for so many years but he has never seen anyone who dares to throw money away like this.

Of course, the most important thing is that no one can easily come up with so much money!

But when it involved too much money, the Manager didn’t dare to respond.

He only bowed to Ji Yunxi and said: “Third Miss, this little one doesn’t dare to make a decision on this matter.

Please let this little one report it to the Master first.”

Ji Yunxi hummed and said: “Go then.”

The Manager then let his subordinate welcome Ji Yunxi and Ji Mingyan in.

After making sure that they will be entertained well, only then did the Manger drive to the Feng Mansion.

It just so happened that the Imperial Censor, the head of the Feng family, has just returned to the mansion.

Hearing the servant’s report, he and his son looked at each other with a twinkle in their eyes: “Let her bet!”

Not long after it happened, Wu Wei’an also got the news.

The round-faced housekeeper reported everything in detail: “… That Dechang Gambling House counted the money all afternoon.”

Wu Wei’an lowered his eyes and after a long time, he asked: “How much did you say she had bet”

The round-faced housekeeper repeated: “Fifty thousand taels of gold and one hundred thousand taels of silver.”

Wu Wei’an made a faint snort and waved his hand to let the round-faced housekeeper withdraw.

As soon as the round-faced steward left, he went to his younger brother’s study room and brought back a stack of books.

The author has something to say:

Several years later, the disciple asked Prime Minister Wu, why did he study so hard back then.

And the Prime Minister Wu replied: I have great ambition to serve the country.


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