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Ji Mingyan’s eyes lit up and he slapped his own head: “That’s right.

How can I forget Brother-in-law!”

He stood up abruptly: “I will send it to him now!”

“Wait.” Ji Yunxi stopped him and added meaningfully, “Sixth Brother, you have to tell An Lang what ingredients you used in this soup.”

Ji Mingyan said alright.

He didn’t bother why he had to say it either and just left in a hurry.

Ji Yunxi blew out the light, lay down comfortably and soon fell asleep.

“What is this”

Wu Wei’an looked at the bowl of dark soup on the table, and most of his sleepiness disappeared.

Ji Mingyan dragged a chair and sat down beside him: “I specially made it tonight and I just named it on the way here.

It’s called the Yi family’s First-Rank’ Soup for the Spring Imperial Examination!”

Wu Wei’an: “…”

Ji Mingyan continued: “Mingshuang also drank it.

Like you, he is also a candidate for the First-Rank in next year’s Spring Imperial Examination! So brother-in-law, please drink it quickly.

I will watch you drink it.”

Wu Wei’an: “…”

Wu Wei’an has always relied on his invincible constitution to eat and drink everything except sour things.

After all, before he came to the capital, he traveled all over the country, ate and slept in the open air.

In addition, he also didn’t have much money, so he wasn’t picky and just ate whatever food that was available.

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But he was also a little scared at the moment.

He seemed to smell something sour.

Wu Wei’an said tentatively: “I seem to smell black plum”

Ji Mingyan’s eyes brightened and he was very excited: “Brother-in-law, you are so amazing! I did add black plum, and I also added some five-flavor-fruit and hawberry!”

Wu Wei’an smiled apologetically: “Sixth Brother, I am really sorry.

I have never been able to eat sour.”

Ji Mingyan made an ‘Ah’ sound and said: “You can’t eat sour”

Wu Wei’an nodded, closed the lid and pushed it back: “I really appreciate Sixth Brother’s kindness.”

Ji Mingyan was a little annoyed: “If I knew it, I wouldn’t add these.

Don’t worry, I will remember your taste in the future.”

Wu Wei’an’s smile is a little light.

The more Ji Mingyan thought about it, the more pity he felt.

Suddenly, he remembered what his Third Sister told him.

Ji Mingyan then said: “But this soup is very good for you.

Originally, I cooked this soup for Third Sister, but Third Sister gave it to you instead and said that Brother-in-law needs it more than her.”

Wu Wei’an: “”

Ji Mingyan repeated the recipe he told Ji Yunxi to his Brother-in-law.

Wu Wei’an: “”


Thousand-year-old ginseng

Half a Celestial Jade Pill

How many people in Jianghu dream of these miracle medicines And Ji Yunxi’s Sixth Brother just used them to cook soup

If Old Qin knows, he would probably cry.

This Ji family is really rich to the end.

Wu Wei’an took the soup back and put on a moved look: “Yun Niang is so kind and I can’t bear to let her down.

Don’t worry, Sixth Brother.

I will drink the soup.”

It happened that he also felt that he went to bed late and got up early these days, studying hard everyday, and his body was a little weak now.

Ji Mingyan stayed for a while longer, watched his brother-in-law drink the soup suffocatingly in one go, then closed the door happily and left.

He is very excited now and not sleepy at all.

Just after passing the kitchen, Ji Mingyan stopped.

He has always been very interested in the kitchen, just like a lecherous man who can’t move when he sees the brothel, Ji Mingyan doesn’t want to leave when he sees the kitchen.


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