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Chapter 1397: Slip of the TongueTranslator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Qiao Zhengyuan then realized that the pill that Xia Xibei gave him before was made by her!

After taking that pill, he found that he had signs of rejuvenation.

His whole essence was much better, and he even grew black hair afterward!

These days, he could clearly feel the changes in his body after taking the pill.

It was as if all the restraints in his body had been untied, and he was much more relaxed and free!

Besides, Xia Xibei was still a Qi family member!


Qi family members did have different skills.

So, Qiao Zhengyuan could only shut his mouth.

Of course, there was nothing he could do if he didnt shut up, because Xia Xibei was already inside and there was no way he could go in and pull her out.

Another hour passed before Xia Xibei finally came out.

Her face was pale, and she had been emptied of strength, so everyone immediately went up to help her.

“Are you all right”

Liu Manhong held her, anxious and concerned.

“Yes,” Xia Xibei waved her hand with a pale face and shook her head with a smile, “Ill be fine after resting for a while.”

Only when they were sure she was okay did they breathe a sigh of relief.

“Then Yanjue…”

“Theres nothing seriously wrong with him.” Xia Xibei caught her breath before she reassured everyone.

“Hes not in a life-threatening condition, but the shock to his head was too great, so it will take two more days to wake up.”

She didnt tell them that Qiao Yanjue had been drugged.

“Then…” Liu Yiqin was immediately anxious.

“Then… he will be okay after that, right”

Before, the doctor had said that Qiao Yanjue would become a vegetable if he could not wake up in the next two days.

Now, Xia Xibei said he would not wake up for two more days Didnt this conflict with the doctors words

Qiao Yanjue couldnt become a vegetable and never wake up again!

As a mother, Liu Yiqin was naturally very worried.

“Its okay,” Xia Xibei shook her head, smiling and reassuring her, “He was seriously injured this time, and his vital energy was greatly depleted, so I let him rest for a few more days.

By the time he wakes up, there will be no problem.

If youre not sure, you can get a doctor to check him out.”

During her treatment, she found that Qiao Yanjues blood had different ingredients.

Those drugs would make Qiao Yanjue hallucinate, and that should be one of the reasons for his car accident.

Qiao Yanjue should have eaten something he shouldnt have eaten, and while the vehicle was moving, he noticed something wrong, so he tried to brake.

However, the car was also tampered with, so he had an accident.

Xia Xibei got everything straightened out from Qiao Yanjues physical


It made her very angry, and her hands and feet were cold.

If Qiao Yanjue hadnt reacted quickly, the two of them would probably be separated from each other forever now!

Which damned bastard had hurt him!

Watching Xia Xibeis expression turn from her previous smile and warmth to gloomy, Liu Yiqin thought she was angry because she didnt trust her medical skills and hurriedly shook her head.

“No, I trust you!”

Liu Manhong nodded along, “Beibei is really special! I was injured before and almost couldnt be saved, even the doctors didnt have any hope, but she saved me!”

Liu Manhong used this incident to support Xia Xibei, but Liu Yiqin froze, and then her eyes glared.

“You have been wounded Almost saved When did that happen How come I dont know”

Meeting Liu Yiqins ferocious expression, Liu Manhong couldnt help but freeze.

Damn, why did she reveal this thing!

She was in trouble!

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