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The two children were also smart.

On the surface, they seemed to have listened to those people, but when they returned home, they told Lu Zhan and his wife about these things.

The two of them were angry and anxious.

They really hated the rest of the Lu family.

Therefore, after the family discussed it, they decided to beat them at their own game and see what they could do.

While relaxing the vigilance of those with ill intentions, they also sped up the investigation of Lu Shens death and sent people to find their daughter.

They put on a show, a show that made the others feel as if theyd been successfully alienated.

When those people thought that it was about time, Lu Zhans promiscuous father stood up hypocritically and said that Lu Beiqing and Lu Beifeng were children of the Lu family.

Although Lu Zhan was the brother of the two childrens father, they had the right to choose who they wanted to be raised by.

Moreover, it was obvious that he wanted to adopt the two of them.

Pei Anran would never forget the disgusting, greedy, and hypocritical faces of the Lu family.

Fortunately, although the two children were still young, they were smart and sensible.

The old man pretended to allow the two of them to make their own choice.

As those people watched in anticipation and satisfaction, the two children slapped their faces with their choice.

At that time, those people who were exasperated cursed.

Lu Zhan stood up and protected Lu Beiqing and Lu Beilin behind him.

“From now on, Lu Beiqing and Lu Beilin are my sons.

Is there any objection”

At that time, Lu Zhan had already grown up.

He had secretly roped in many shareholders of the Lu family and had much more shares than the other illegitimate children.

After bringing a lot of benefits to the company, he had a lot of supporters.

Even Old Master only dared to reprimand him because of his seniority, but he could no longer control him.

Moreover, if he had those shares in his brothers hands, the Lu Corporation would become his.

The others naturally did not dare to offend him openly.

It was also from then on that the two children began to gradually call them Mom and Dad.

Of course, Lu Zhan had told them that Lu Shen and his wife would always be their parents.

Lu Xiaocha felt that the situation should have been very dangerous.

Shed never encountered anything like this.

After all, in her old world, violence had always been the answer.

If one wasnt convinced, they would fight until they were convinced.

Lu Beilin realized that his sisters gaze was on him.

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Why Do you think that your second brother and I were extremely smart back then”

Lu Xiaocha said without nodding or shaking her head.

“If I was around, I wouldve taught them a lesson!”

Lu Beilins eyes softened as he rubbed her furry head.

“You were just a baby who couldnt walk back then.

How could you teach them a lesson”

Pei Anran felt very regretful when she thought about it.

“Its a pity that I couldnt watch you grow up.”

Lu Xiaocha twirled in front of them.

“Just look at me and imagine what I looked like as a child.”

She remembered that she was very skinny when she was younger and was often bullied by other children.

Later on, she was forced to use her superpower and beat up those people who bullied her.

She was like a little wolf cub and could not be bullied easily.

Pei Anran couldnt walk for long in high heels.

In the end, Lu Zhan came to pick the three of them up.

Lu Beifeng and Lu Beichen were also at home.

Lu Xiaocha rubbed her stomach.

“I still have to digest my food.”

The brothers immediately said, “Together.”

The Leng family held a charity auction.

All the famous figures in Upper City received invitations.

The Lu family was no exception.

This time, Lu Zhan decided to bring his children along to the auction.

He wanted everyone to know his daughter.

Previously, the couple had thought about holding a banquet at home to let her show her face, but Lu Xiaocha was unwilling.

They both respected her opinion.

However, they still had to bring Xiaocha along to some banquets.

It was one thing not to hold banquets at home, but they could not let outsiders speculate that the Lu family did not care about Lu Xiaocha.

She was dressed like a princess in a grand blue dress.

There was even expensive jewelry on her neck, wrists, and even her hair.

Lu Xiaocha let the makeup artist work on her face.

“Is it done yet…”

“Soon, soon.

Please hold on a little longer, young lady.”

The makeup artist didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Shed been doing makeup and styling for people for years.

Which one of them didnt want to be exquisite and look perfect and could wait a long time

However, the girl in front of her was different.

It had only been less than half an hour, but she had already asked no less than five times if they were done.

The expression on her face had gradually changed from one of high spirits to one of dejection.

However, the childs skin was really good.

It was fair and tender, and her facial features were so perfect that there was no need for any makeup.

She only gave Lu Xiaocha a simple and cute princess hairstyle.

“Okay, young lady is so pretty.

Like a princess out of a fairy tale.”

This was not an exaggeration at all.

Previously, it was not obvious since Lu Xiaocha did not like to wear dresses.

Now that she was wearing an off-shoulder dress, it revealed her milky and delicate skin.

On her snow-white slender neck, there was an emerald green imperial jade accessory.

The violet bracelet on her delicate wrist made her skin look even more beautiful.

Lu Xiaocha stood up straight and looked at herself in the mirror.

This little leather shoe with a little heel was a little uncomfortable to walk in.

Sports shoes were better.

“Mom, Im done.”

Pei Anran was also styling her hair, but hers was much more troublesome.

“Good girl, Xiaocha.

Play phone on the side and wait for Mom.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently and sat on the sofa to play games on the phone.

She also read novels and watched shows when she got bored.

In short, she wouldnt be bored.

After Pei Anran was done, the mother and daughter left arm in arm.

Lu Zhan and the three sons of the Lu family were already waiting.

The father and son had also dressed up.

They were all handsome in suits.


Daddy Lu was wearing a black suit and had a cold and dignified aura.

He was already in his forties, but he still looked like he was in his thirties.

Lu Beilin looked lazy and flirtatious.

His light gray suit vest was slim and sexy, and the gold-rimmed glasses on his nose made him look more mature and steady.

Lu Beifeng was like a wild but reserved leopard.

The young mans eyes were sharp, and his posture was tall and straight.

The youngest Lu Beichen was wearing a white suit.

The thin young man was noble and cool, and had the demeanor of a young master.

With the father and sons handsome looks and superior figures, they were definitely shining when they stood together.

No matter where they stood, they would be surrounded by gazes.

“Youre here.”

When Lu Zhan saw his wife and daughter walking out, a faint smile appeared on his cold lips.


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