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As the black cat struggled, its tail, which was twice as long as its body, wrapped around Lu Xiaochas arm a few times.

The tail tightened like a nimble snake.

However, it was obvious that this bit of strength was useless against Lu Xiaocha.

The black cat was dejected.

Its tail quickly spread out like a rope.

Its golden pupils were filled with panic as it shook its whiskers and cursed.

Lu Xiaocha said, “Let me go back, or Ill beat you up!”

The black cat was stunned.

It lowered its paws and shook its ears.

It could not understand it.

Why was this womans brain working so differently

If others had a second chance, they would definitely take revenge and become stronger to dominate the world.

She already had this ability.

She could even completely defeat those ugly things in the end.

However, she chose to perish with them without hesitation.

Was this two-legged human stupid! She was willing to die without hesitation for such a good thing!

It was infuriating.

“Im not convinced.

Ive already arranged such a good path for you.

How can you send yourself to your death without any reluctance!”

Lu Xiaocha stared at the black cat for a long time until it was scared before saying slowly.

“Because Im not attached to this world.”

The black cat lowered its head.


It had been to the dreams of humans before.

They all liked money, beauties, and supreme power.

But this woman…

Forget it, forget it.

It had never seen such a useless person.

The black cat flicked its long tail and Lu Xiaocha returned to reality.

The black cat was on the tree she was leaning against.

It was pitch-black and the size of a normal black cat.

Its golden eyes were lively, and its long tail hung in the air.

She took out her phone and opened the app to scan the black cat.

[Grade S heretic Nightmare Cat.

Its fast and can enter peoples dreams and create illusions.]

It was a Grade S!

The Nightmare Cat stared curiously at the square box in Lu Xiaochas hand.

“Whats that”

Lu Xiaocha asked curiously, “Can Grade S heretics speak”

The Nightmare Cat looked proud.

“No way.

Even great demons dont speak the human language because they dont care to learn the human language.

Ive seen too many humans, so I naturally know it.”

It stood on the tree and licked its claws.

“You havent told me what youre holding.”

Lu Xiaocha answered perfunctorily, “Cell phone.”

“Where are my other two teammates”

The Nightmare Cat was dissatisfied with her answer, but it could not defeat this person.

It snorted.

“Still in the illusion.”

Although the Nightmare Cat was not a combat-type heretic, a being that could create illusions and pry into peoples hearts was the most dangerous.

For example, Yin Shian, who was a level higher than it, was trapped in an illusion.

Lu Xiaocha picked up the cat and asked it to bring her to find the others.

However, before the Nightmare Cat could destroy the illusion, Fu Ye woke up.

When he opened his eyes and saw Lu Xiaochas face, which was only a palm away, he hissed.

“Whats going on!”

At this moment, he was still feeling a little depressed.

Lu Xiaocha pointed at his face.

“Youre crying.”

Fu Ye touched it.

It was true.

Not only did he cry, but his eyes also turned red.

He laughed at himself.

“I didnt expect to dream of my dead parents here.”

Lu Xiaocha looked down at the black cat.

The Nightmare Cat wagged its tail unhappily.

“Why are you looking at me I built an illusion based on everyones most unforgettable memories.

The most terrifying memory in his heart is the memory of his parents death.”

Fu Ye was silent for a few seconds before asking in a hoarse voice, “What is this thing”

The Nightmare Cat exploded.

“Youre the thing.

Im a Nightmare Cat.

Do you know the noble Nightmare Cat!”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Its what caused us to fall into an illusion.”

Fu Ye gritted his teeth.

His father was a soldier and his mother was a narcotics police officer.

His mother was exposed.

Later, the drug dealers caught him when he was still young and tied a bomb to him.

In order to save him, his parents were killed by a bomb.

This matter had always been a thorn in his heart.

As he was the only child in the family, his grandfather had never wanted him to join the army.

However, he was stubborn.

He went to the military school himself and went to the training camp every year to become stronger.

Ever since he was young, he had been looking for clues about those people back then.

He wanted to avenge his parents with his own hands.

He had not dreamed of his parents for a long time, but he did not expect to return to that time in the illusion.

This time, he didnt wait for his parents to come and perished together with the drug dealers.

The black cat shrank its neck under Fu Yes gaze.

It curled up and did not dare to look at him, afraid that it would be beaten up.

However, it was cursing in its heart.

Why did these two people like to die so much They did not play by the rules!

Yin Shian also struggled to wake up.

Of course, his environment was also something he had experienced in the palace when he was young.

However, this time, he didnt wait for the emperor and Imperial Preceptor to torture him.

Instead, he snatched the guards sword and killed the emperor.

In the end, he committed suicide and didnt give the Imperial Preceptor any chance to accumulate resentment.

The Nightmare Cat was speechless.

As expected of teammates.

All of them were like this.

Lu Xiaocha patted the Nightmare Cats head.

“Let me teach you a lesson.

In the future, when you pull people into the illusion, its best to hide their memories.”

The Nightmare Cat wagged its tail.


Lu Xiaocha said, “Not now.

Come with us.”

The Nightmare Cat struggled.

“Where are we going Im not going.

Im not going out.

The humans outside are very bad.

They often fight and destroy peoples homes.

They even want to hit me.

They say that black cats are inauspicious.

Peh… Theyre the most inauspicious!”

Lu Xiaocha asked, “How long have you been here”

The Nightmare Cats ears twitched.

“About 100 to 200 years.”

“Do you know what the outside world has become”

The Nightmare Cat shook its head.

“I dont know, but I know that humans are not good people!”

When it came in, the humans outside were still fighting for territory.

The battles were in full swing.

Many humans were so hungry that they were skin and bones.

When they saw it, they pounced on it as if they had seen meat.

Just like the ghouls in the girls memory, they were so scary.

There was once when it was caught and almost boiled alive, and it only escaped after they fell asleep.

From then on, it did not dare to go to a place with people.

It went deep into the mountains and found a place where humans could not enter.

Only then did it settle down.

The three people who knew what happened to the Nightmare Cat were speechless.

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