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It was really useless.

Even ordinary people could catch it.

However, if one were to say that it was not powerful, this cat could make the three of them fall into an illusion.

Not to mention Yin Shian, who was of a higher level than it, even Lu Xiaocha, who had beaten Yin Shian to the ground, could not escape.

Therefore, the Nightmare Cat was really a magical existence.

Fu Ye asked, “Do you know what the outside world is like now”

The Nightmare Cat shook its head proudly.

“I dont know.

I dont want to know either.”

Fu Ye did not say much and only took out his phone.

Their phones had all been specially processed.

They could directly connect to satellite signals.

There was even an internet connection in such a place.

He searched for some videos of the cats and showed them to the Nightmare Cat.

What a joke.

This was an S-rank heretic.

How many points would he bring back!

“Although there are also stray cats, most pet cats are treated well.

Moreover, they basically dont know how to fight now.

Even if they do, it wont affect ordinary citizens because Yunzhou is one of the big countries.

Other countries dont dare to invade.”

Fu Ye was quite proud of his country.

The black cat looked at the black box in his hand.

It was similar to the one in the womans hand.

“I know this.

This is called a cell phone.”

Then, it leaned over to see the contents.

For a moment, its eyes were filled with surprise.

“Why are there so many cats locked in such a small box!”

Fu Ye said, “Theyre not locked inside.

Its similar to how you can see other peoples memories.

This is just recording what happened and displaying it through your cell phone.”

The Nightmare Cat seemed to understand, but it looked at the lives of the cats inside and then at its current residence.

They were all cats, and it was a capable big demon, but the place it lived in was worlds apart from those ordinary cats!

The Nightmare Cats eyelids drooped.

The cat felt indignant!

Lu Xiaocha plucked the little bug that was dozing off on Fu Yes head.

“Youre sleeping well, huh.”

This guy must have been full and did not wake up after being grabbed by Lu Xiaocha.

Then, she placed it in the jade box.

At this moment, the Nightmare Cat had already finished watching the video.

It looked at Lu Xiaocha with its golden eyes and patted the phone with its furry claws.

“I want to go out!”

It also wanted to live such a high-class life!


Do you have anything special here”

The Nightmare Cat looked at her warily.

“What do you want”

Lu Xiaocha stared at its furry face.

“There really is.”

The Nightmare Cat was speechless.

It felt like it had been tricked.

“Show me.

If I like it, you can trade that thing for the life you want in the future.”


The Nightmare Cats eyes lit up.

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Yes, really.”

Fu Ye looked at Lu Xiaochas sly expression and did not expose her.

Even if they did not exchange, with the Nightmare Cats S-Grade identity and as an S-Grade that could communicate, it would still receive very good treatment in the heretic bureau.

The Nightmare Cat brought the three of them to a cave with a natural hot spring.

There was a peach tree on the stone wall above the hot spring, but there was only one fruit on it.

Moreover, it was obvious that the fruit was not an ordinary peach.

It was the size of a fist and was a little transparent pink.

“Thats a Longevity Fruit.

You came at the right time.

Coincidentally, this Longevity Fruit will ripen tomorrow.

I remember that theres a lineage of Demon Slayers who refine pills.

They love these things the most.

They can increase ones lifespan.

The human emperor sent people to look for it for a long time but couldnt find it.

I encountered it.

Ive guarded this treasure for more than 200 years.

Now, youve benefited from it.”

The black cat jumped onto Lu Xiaochas shoulder and licked its claws.

It looked at the Longevity Fruit reluctantly.

“Lets make it clear first.

After bringing me out, I want the most luxurious cat room and the most delicious seafood and meat.

Otherwise, I wont trade with you.”

Fu Ye was stunned.

“Longevity Fruit”

There was such a heaven-defying thing in this world!

The Nightmare Cat snorted.

“Dont you believe me”

Fu Ye laughed out loud.

“I believe you.

Why wouldnt I believe you If this thing is really a Longevity Fruit, you can choose whatever you want!”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“I can share some of my heretic meat with you.”

She smiled.

“Ive found a gift for Grandpa Fu.

Does this have to be refined into a pill”

Fu Ye was stunned when he heard Lu Xiaochas words.

He looked at the girl beside him with his dark and deep eyes.

“You said… you want to give this to my grandfather as a birthday present”

Although he did have this plan, because he had found it with Xiaocha and Yin Shian, he wanted to exchange points with them.

His grandfather was old and was his relative.

Of course, the first person he thought of was his grandfather.

There were many good things in the heretic bureaus ghost market, but there was nothing that could increase ones lifespan.

If there was, it would have caused a sensation.

After all, life could not be bought with money.

This was something that could not be found in any era.

Lu Xiaocha raised her head and said in a relaxed tone, “Im here to find a gift for Grandpa Fu.”

Fu Ye did not know what to feel.

He felt a little warm and stuffy.

Why wasnt she his biological sister!

He smiled and rubbed Lu Xiaochas head.

“Do you know the value of this thing You dont think its a loss to give it to my grandfather like this Are you stupid”

Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes.

“Im not stupid.

Of course I know that this thing is very precious.

Its precisely because of this that we have to use the Longevity Fruit ourselves.

Our family doesnt lack anything.

It would be stupid to sell it.

Isnt it good that Grandpa Fu needs it and we give it to him now My family members are all young and strong.

They dont need this.

Do you need it”

Fu Ye was speechless.

Well said.

He couldnt argue with that.

But he was still very happy.

The Longevity Fruit would only ripen tomorrow, so they had to stay here for another night.

With a natural hot spring, it would be a pity not to take a bath.

The two men went out to guard the cave.

Lu Xiaocha took a comfortable hot spring bath and her body immediately felt clean and comfortable.

She couldnt help but laugh.

In the past, in the post-apocalyptic world, she didnt feel anything even if she didnt bathe for half a month.

After all, water resources in the post-apocalyptic world were very precious.

But now, she felt uncomfortable without taking a shower for a day.

Indeed, a comfortable environment made one delicate.

But she liked it!

She put on her clothes and walked out.

“The two of you should go soak in it too.

Its quite comfortable.”

Fu Ye said expressionlessly, “I dont want to take a bath with a corpse.”

Yin Shian said sarcastically, “I dont want to take a bath with a smelly man!”

He couldnt stand being discriminated against!

Lu Xiaocha could not be bothered with them.

She walked outside to find food.

The Nightmare Cat shook its tail and jumped down from the tree.

It licked its claws and asked.

“I have an underling.

Can you take him out with us”

Lu Xiaocha picked up the stone on the ground and threw it in her hand.

“Its the crow, right”

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