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As the horse ran, he let go of his grip on the reins and clamped his legs around the horses flank.

Even as the horse galloped, he did not fall.

The young man drew an arrow in one swift motion, and right on the heels of that, he drew the bow and shot the arrow in one go.

Obviously, such training was common in the Nangong Family.

The arrow hit the bullseye of the target.

Accompanied by the cheers of the youths, Nangong Yunyao shot the remaining nine arrows right after.

Other than one that hit the outer circle near the bullseye, the rest were all ten points.

After Nangong Yunyao left the stage, the others also mounted their horses and shot arrows.

There were good and bad results.

The teacher recorded their scores.

At this moment, Nangong Yunxuan saw Lu Xiaocha and the others standing outside the shooting range.

She was still brooding over what had happened yesterday.

She rolled her eyes and thought of a plan.

“Second Brother, since youve brought guests, whats the point of just watching Bring them along to play.”

Her voice attracted everyones attention.

The young men and women looked at the four strangers and thought of the news they had heard yesterday.

They looked at Nangong Yunxuan with strange expressions.

They heard that the First Elder was so angry that he vomited blood and was carried back.

“Youre the Patriarchs nephews and niece.”

A youth walked over and confirmed that Nangong Yunyaos riding and shooting results were the best among the youths.

“Wow, are you twins You look alike!”

He looked at Lu Xiaocha and Lu Beichen in surprise.

Lu Beichen said, “Were twins.”

There was a hint of pride in his tone.

“Do you want to come in and play Do you know how to ride a horse Ill teach you.”

He was very enthusiastic.

“I can ride.”

Nangong Yunxuan walked over and provoked, “The horses of the Nangong Family are different from those horses outside.

Arent you from the heretic bureau You should be quite skilled, right Do you dare to try”

Nangong Yunhuan frowned.

“Nangong Yunxuan, dont go overboard.”

“I didnt! I just invited them to experience the Nangong Familys riding and shooting course.

Its their business whether they dare or not.

Second Brother, why are you talking so much”

She looked at Lu Xiaocha.

“Do you dare”

Lu Xiaocha said, “You think Ill go just because you want me to You think too highly of yourself.”

Nangong Yunxuan stomped her feet and looked at Lu Xiaocha hatefully.

“I think you just dont dare! Why would the heretic bureau accept such useless people like you”

Lu Xiaocha asked, “Has your grandfather recovered”

Nangong Yunxuan was speechless.

Not to mention her grandfather, she also wanted to vomit blood now.

The others watched the exchange curiously and gossipily.

When they heard the First Elder vomit blood, it undoubtedly confirmed the rumors from yesterday.

For a moment, everyone became even more gossipy.

Nangong Yunxuan gritted her teeth and her eyes turned red with anger.

“Compete with me if you can.

If you win, Ill apologize.

If you lose, apologize to me and get out of the Nangong Family!”

Nangong Yunhuan said, “Its not up to you to decide the Nangong Family!”

Nangong Yunxuan ignored him and stared at Lu Xiaocha.

“Do you dare!”

Lu Xiaocha: “… Why are you staring at me Are your eyes bigger than mine!”

Although she asked both of them, she was staring at her alone.

Was she trying to provoke her

Nangong Yunxuan: “… Im just asking if you dare! Dont tell me youre afraid of losing.”

Lu Xiaocha touched her chin.


I dont want your apology.

Its obvious that you dont mean it.”

Fu Ye and her two brothers laughed.

She wanted to provoke them to compete in riding and archery.

Nangong Yunxuan was speechless.

This was different from what she had expected.

Shouldnt she have agreed after being provoked by her Was there any fighting spirit left in her!

Seeing that Lu Xiaocha and the others were about to leave, Nangong Yunxuan was anxious.

She gritted her teeth and added more conditions.

“In addition, Ill add a Vigor Consolidating Pill.

This pill stabilizes ones vitality and physical condition.”

The Nangong Familys members present didnt know whether to call her stupid or bold for she had put this precious pill from the Nangong Family on the line.

Refining the Vigor Consolidating Pill required a lot of medicinal herbs, and it was very difficult to make.

This thing was basically priceless on the market.

This was especially true for those who had exhausted a lot of energy for various reasons and were mentally weak.

One pill could energize them without any side effects.

It could also make the elderly look more youthful.

Lu Xiaocha was about to leave when she heard about the Vigor Consolidating Pill.

“Since youre so sincere, Ill agree.”

Nangong Yunxuan clenched her fists tightly.

How could this person be so shameless! Who was inviting her sincerely!

“How do you want to compete”

Nangong Yunxuan raised her chin and looked at them.

“There are four people on your side and four on my side.

It depends on which side wins more.

If its a draw, well add another round!”


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