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As soon as Pei Anran and Lu Xiaocha went outside, they saw a noble and graceful woman walking over aggressively with a group of people.

When she saw Pei Anran, jealousy and ruthlessness flashed in her eyes.

Back when they were in school, she and Pei Anran were classmates, but their statuses were worlds apart.

She was the eldest daughter of the Wang family and was respected by everyone.

Pei Anrans family was just a run-down family and could not compare to the Wang family at all.


Moreover, her family was occupied by a mistress.

She was the person Wang Miaozhu looked down on the most.


When was in school, she also took a fancy to Lu Zhan, who was good-looking and had good grades.

Unfortunately, with the Lu familys situation, not only did the Wang family not agree, but she also looked down on him.

In the end, she let Pei Anran have him.


What was even more ridiculous was that in the end, the entire Lu family fell into Lu Zhans hands.

He even used powerful methods to develop the Lu family to its current state.

Pei Anran, who she looked down on, was now on par with her.

Not only that, but Lu Zhan was really affectionate.

He doted on Pei Anran to no end.

Every time he went out to socialize, he would bring his wife along to block those other women.

He even brought her along to work.

The couple was together no matter where they went.

They had never had any scandals.

Who in the circle didnt envy her

What about herself Liao Zhongxian had been a playboy when he was young.

Even after marrying him, he had still been fooling around outside.

The only fortunate thing was that he hadnt gotten a bunch of illegitimate children outside.

The comparison was stark.

Liao Zhongxian and Lu Zhan could not compare at all.

She regretted not taking him for herself back then.

If she did, she would be Mrs.

Lu, who was doted on and envied by countless people!

“Pei Anran, your daughter, who grew up in an orphanage, hit my youngest son.

Hes still in the hospital.

What does the Lu family plan to do about this”

Wang Miaozhu raised her chin proudly like a peacock.

She was the eldest daughter of the Wang family who had been pampered since she was young.

Even now, she still looked down on Pei Anran.

Heh… When she was in school, Pei Anran wasnt even qualified to clean her shoes.

Would Pei Anran be afraid of her

“Wang Miaozhu, are you out of your mind You havent figured out whats going on, yet you dare to bring people to the Lu family to seek justice.

Dont you know about your sons rotten virtue You still have the cheek to look for me I havent settled things with you yet! Your son cant even defeat my daughter in a fight.

How weak must he be!”

Wang Miaozhus expression was ugly.

“Pei Anran, dont be shameless.

No matter what my son did, theres no reason for you to send him to the hospital.

You have to give me an explanation for todays matter.

Otherwise, I wont let you off!”

Not only did Wang Miaozhu come, but she also brought her daughter and eldest daughter-in-law to support her.

There were also many people from the circle who were here to watch the show.

It was human nature to gossip.

Many people shamelessly followed after hearing the news and wanted to see how the Lu and Liao families would end up.

Wang Miaozhus daughter was also arrogant.

She glanced at Lu Xiaocha with disdain.

“As expected, she was brought back from outside.

Shes uneducated and wild.

If this were my family, such a person should be educated well.

Only the Lu family would bring back all kinds of bad people.”

How could Pei Anran allow others to say that about her precious daughter She rushed forward and grabbed the Liao familys daughters hair.

“Youre not well-mannered! My daughter is a thousand times better than you.

Who are you to say that!”

“Ah!!! Let go of me!”

The daughter of the Liao family even got slapped on her face after her hair was pulled.

It was so painful that she screamed.

The surrounding people were stunned.

No one expected a fight to break out so soon.

Wang Miaozhu only reacted after her daughter was slapped.

She screamed and rushed forward.

“Pei Anran, you b*tch, let go of my daughter.”

Pei Anran smiled fiercely.

“Perfect timing!”

She swung the Liao familys daughters hair to the side and started to fight with Wang Miaozhu.

Lu Xiaocha had been staring intently at her.

She held a few small stones in her hand.

When Wang Miaozhus long nails scratched her mothers face, she flicked her fingers.

She heard Wang Miaozhu covering her wrist and screaming.

Pei Anran took this opportunity to kick her over, then pounced on her and started hitting her.

“Wang Miaozhu, Ive tolerated you for long enough.

When I was in school, you brought people to bully me.

When I married Zhan, every time I attended a gathering, you also mocked me and ostracized me.

Seeing that the Lu family is getting better, youre starting to covet my man again.

Now, your son is bullying my son and daughter.

Do you really think Im a pushover!”

As Pei Anran recounted the grievances she had accumulated over the years, she mercilessly beat the woman up.

When the people who came with Wang Miaozhu heard this explosive news, they immediately looked at Wang Miaozhu strangely.

Was she cheating on her husband

Wang Miaozhu was beaten until her entire body hurt.

“Pei Anran, youre talking nonsense! Are you all dead Come and help!”

Lu Xiaocha saw that the group of people who followed Wang Miaozhu here were a little restless.

Although she looked small, she was calm.

“If you all fight together, then Ill call my Dad.”

The delicate, fair girl stood nearby, staring at them with her clear eyes.

Her voice was soft, but she didnt sound like she was joking.

The few women who were close to Wang Miaozhu stopped.

This was the Lu family.

Although they were usually close with Wang Miaozhu, it was not worth offending the Lu family for her.

Wang Miaozhu, who was fighting with Pei Anran, saw that they had not come to help after a long time, and her eyes were filled with resentment.

“Are you two dead Come and help me!”

This time, she spoke to her daughter and daughter-in-law.

Although the Liao familys daughter had just been slapped and was a little out of it, she had hatred in her heart.

Hearing this, she immediately pounced over with a cry.

But before she could pounce over, she tripped over a foot and fell flat on her face.

Lu Xiaocha folded the Liao familys daughters hand behind her back and sat on it.

“Dont move.

You can only watch my mother fight.”

The Liao familys daughter immediately cursed.

Lu Xiaocha clenched her fist and punched the ground beside her head, creating a small pit.

The little demon said innocently, “I dont understand what youre saying since Im from an orphanage, but when Im in a bad mood, I want to smash things.”


Not only was the Liao familys daughter staring at the fist-sized pit face, but the others who saw it also gasped.

At this moment, she really believed Wang Miaozhus words.

Her son had really been hospitalized by this young girl.

How much strength did she have Her skin was soft and tender, but her hand was fine after smashing the ground!

The eldest daughter-in-law of the Liao family was about to help, but when Lu Xiaocha stared at her, she turned pale and did not dare to move.

The commotion here was too big.

Although Lu Zhan had the butler pay attention to the situation and made sure that his wife and daughter werent at a disadvantage, he still couldnt sit still.

After drinking two cups of coffee, he looked at his son and went out.


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