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However, it didnt want to survive this time!


As Baby Ginseng shouted, the flames on its body became stronger and stronger.

At this moment, Baby Ginsengs body began to emit red and green energy.

A large amount of juice came out of its body.

Then, the flames on its body seemed to have undergone a qualitative change, instantly evaporating the sweat flowing down Baby Ginseng!

It had already begun to control the power of the sun through the mutation to burn its life force during the mutation.

It hoped to use this to erupt with greater evolution potential!


In just an instant, although it had yet to mutate successfully, Baby Ginseng could already feel the huge potential exchanged for burning its life force.

At the same time, the intense pain also made Baby Ginseng faint!

The Sun Flame Flame flames that spread more than ten meters tall outside its body erupted with power under the enhancement of the light and heat that dispersed during the burning process, shocking Eleven beside it.

The one with the most direct view was Shi Yu.

At this moment, although Baby Ginseng had yet to successfully mutate, its energy level had already begun to increase drastically because it was burning its life force!!

“99,990,000!!” It doubled!

“Its about to exceed 100 million!!!”

This wasnt the energy value after Baby Ginseng evolved and used the explosive skill, but the energy that erupted from its burning life force.

Although it wasnt as high as the increase in the Time Fruit, this was a completely different increase.

After Baby Ginseng reached the overlord level, eating the Time Fruit wouldnt increase its strength much.

However, through the Sun Flame burning its life force, even if it reached the overlord level, the totem level, and the Mythical level, it was still effective!

Moreover, as it grew, advanced, and evolved, the increase would be higher and higher! The duration would also increase! It was not something that could be compared to a one-time eruption.

Moreover, it could also multiply the increase of the Moon Explosion! At the moment, it could also multiply the power of time!

Shi Yu thought for a moment.

If Baby Ginseng had 50 million normal energy points after advancing to an overlord, then after burning its life force and erupting, its energy level could instantly exceed 100 million.

Then, it could detonate through the expert level Moon Explosion.

That would be 300 million units of self-destruction!!

It was not inferior to ordinary forbidden weapons at all!

Entry-level Moon Explosion could double the energy when Baby Ginseng self-destructed.

Expert level, three times.

A 300 million-level energy eruption was comparable to a forbidden weapon.

It heavily injured totems and even killed weaker totems!!

If Moon Explosion reached transcendent, it could strengthen its energy more than ten times like the Seven Islands Giant Ape Totem.

That would be more than a billion levels of self-destruction!!

Of course, whether this kind of battle strategy could succeed depended on the subsequent mutation of Baby Ginseng.

This time, it only relied on the power of legendary resources to forcefully burn its life.

Shi Yu and the others looked at Baby Ginseng and became nervous.

Especially Shi Yu, who had a contract connection with Baby Ginseng.

At this moment, he also felt the heat all over his body, the heat in his brain, and the heat in his soul.

This burden was even stronger than when Chi Tong possessed him.

“Ning…” Susus water couldnt help Baby Ginseng.

It could only appear beside Shi Yu and help him cool down.

At this moment, Baby Ginseng had also reached the most critical moment.

It was like a plant that had been thrown into the sun.

Its life had almost turned into ashes.

“It has to succeed.” At this moment, as long as Shi Yu communicated telepathically with Baby Ginseng, his soul and spirit would be extremely hot and incomparably painful.

However, during Baby Ginsengs mutation, Shi Yu was still talking to Baby Ginseng at all times because he could sense that if Baby Ginseng couldnt sense the situation outside, its consciousness would probably have already disappeared.


At this moment, Baby Ginsengs consciousness was scattered.

It was only relying on its instincts to let its body modify and fuse with the power of the sun that was burning its life.

Success Failure

Baby Ginseng no longer sensed anything, because under the burning of the Sun Flames power, its life seemed to have reached the end.

Baby Ginseng was very familiar with this feeling.

It was the feeling of death.

It had already experienced it the first time it self-destructed.

It also knew very well what would happen next.

As it died, his consciousness would be reborn on the time mark and revive, but…

At this moment, Baby Ginseng thought a lot.

If it failed, it was nothing.

It could still be revived.

However, it would have completely missed the opportunity to become stronger and even wasted a legendary resource.

At the same time, no one knew how long it would take for the next mutation evolution.

But if it succeeded, it could destroy the totem and become Elevens idol, the strongest battle power in the team!

It was definitely going to get this honor!!!


Baby Ginseng, whose entire body was flickering with flames, erupted with a terrifying speed, turning into a fiery red flash.

It relied on its instincts to rush towards the sealed location of the Yun Race General.

At this moment, it was like Eleven, who had opened its lightning armor.

Its speed was incomparably fast, and it was wearing the Sun Armor.

In a flash, the surrounding radiation power was almost instantly burned clean by the Sun Flame and purified.

Seeing this scene, Ji Mengzhu was completely stunned.

She couldnt think straight now.

She didnt understand why a level-six Beast Tamers contracted ginseng baby would erupt to the overlord level.

After erupting to the overlord level, it could also erupt with power comparable to totems.

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