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The crowd hopped onto the Green East Sea Gods back.

Mo Fan helped Lingling up, but he did not join them.

“Arent you coming with us” Zhang Xiaohou asked in confusion.

“The Magic City is in a deep crisis.

If you dont come with us, Im afraid we cant handle it by ourselves,” said Zhao Manyan.

“Manyan, do you still remember Bin Wei, the female general Shes the watcher of the Ancient Great Wall,” said Mo Fan.

“Of course, I remember! Shes the one who activated the Ancient Great Walls Royal Sky Pattern to fight Khufus army that spanned dozens of kilometers,” said Zhang Xiaohou.

It finally dawned on the others.

The Ancient Great Wall watcher was the key that allowed the Ancient Great Wall to rise from the ground.

“The existence of the Royal Sky Pattern suggests that there are other Ancient Great Wall patterns, too.

And the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers are one of them.

We have to understand the ancient curse to ensure we are the ones in command when we bring the Ancient Great Walls to life,” said Mo Fan to Zhang Xiaohou.


I can do this!” Zhao Xiaohou gave a military salute and quickly hopped off the Green East Sea Gods back.

Without delay, Zhao Xiaohou headed to Beiguan Town on his Wind Spirit Feather.

Bin Wei was the watcher of the Ancient Great Wall.

She was the key woman in summoning the sacred totem beast.

“Old Zhao, Mu Bai, Jiang Shaoxu, and Song Feiyao, Im not going to the Magic City.

You have a heavy task ahead.

The Magic City is in a war now.

The situation is chaotic, and your life might be at risk…” Mo Fan looked at the crowd on the back of the Green East Sea God.

“Darn you! Hurry up and say what you want to say!” Zhao Manyan shouted.

“I must go somewhere else.

So, Im relying on you to inform Dean Xiao about the summoning of the rain on the divine walls.

The rain is crucial in this case.

I need your help with this,” Mo Fan said earnestly.

Although the crowd had no idea where Mo Fan was heading, they knew from his intense gaze that he had no intention of avoiding the war in the Magic City.

He just had something urgent he needed to handle.

“Leave it to us,” said Mu Bai.

“Even if Dean Xiao is not a Water Element Forbidden Mage, Ill drag him over!” assured Zhao Manyan.

The Green East Sea God spread its wings.

When it flipped its wings, a sand tornado rose and vanished as it soared into the sky and vanished, leaving Mo Fan and Lingling behind.

Linglings condition had improved a lot.

She stared at Mo Fan and wondered where intended to go next.

“Were going to the Ancient Capital,” said Mo Fan to Lingling.

“Why” Lingling was confused.

“Who built the Ancient Great Wall”

“When I was in Northern Xinjiang, the Chief Military Instructor, Zhan Kong, appeared behind me.

He looked at the Royal Sky Pattern on the Ancient City Walls and told me something.

Im starting to understand his words now!” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan vividly remembered.

He recalled Zhan Kong and the words he had uttered.

He remembered that when Zhan King stomped on his leg, the Undead army across the mountains and wilderness worshiped him as the one and only emperor.

He stared at the Ancient City Wall, then turned to Mo Fan and his group and said that they had wasted his masterpiece at that time!

His masterpiece! He was referring to the Ancient City Wall!

Mo Fan clearly remembered that the Ancient King had reached Apex level in his Earth Element magical power in that era.

The Ancient King had destroyed the Sky Observing City and broke the divine walls.

He was the one who executed the miracles of the great walls that stretched up to thousands of miles!

‘What must he do in order to not waste Zhan Kongs masterpiece wondered Mo Fan.

He had to make another trip to the Dark Abyss.

He had to go to the Ancient Kings white tomb palace.

That must be the place where he could find his answer!

The Dark Abyss had once appeared in the Holy City.

‘Where did it migrate to Mo Fan supposed the Queen of Nine Serenities had knowledge about its whereabouts.

Therefore, Mo Fan decided to return to the Ancient Capital.

With the help of his Black Dragon Wings, he could quickly complete the two trips even though the distance was a thousand miles.

The time agreed upon was a day.

In a days time, Zhang Xiaohou had to find Bin Wei.

Bin Wei had been transferred to stand guard over the Ancient Great Wall.

She was a descendant from the Sky Observing City.

She was the only one who knew about the ancient curse.

Hopefully, she knew how to bring the Ancient Wall Sacred Soldiers alive so that they could bring the army to Magic City.

Zhang Xiaohous mission was not complicated.

If he found Wei Bins military registration and asked some questions about her whereabouts, he would be able to locate her.

Meanwhile, Zhao Manyan, Mu Bai, Jiang Shaoxu, and Song Feiyao were given a much more daunting task.

They had to head to the Magic City.

The war had already begun.

A large number of Ocean Demons swarmed and occupied the city.

They had to locate Dean Xiao under the chaotic situation.

They had to persuade him to leave the Magic City and head to the Ancient City Wall.

It was a very difficult task, and they only had a days time to accomplish the mission.

Mo Fan had wanted to go to the Magic City himself.

He believed that Dean Xiao would be much more willing to listen to him.

Mo fan trusted him and Dean Xiao trusted Mo Fan.

However, someone had to go to the Dark Abyss.

The Ancient Kings white tomb palace had left many things behind.

Mo Fan believed there might be certain things that were related to the Ancient Kings masterpiece.

There must be something related to it!

As soon as he arrived at the Ancient Capital, Zhang Xiaohou called him.

“Big Brother Fan, Ive contacted Bin Wei.

Shes in the desert.

With my current speed, I believe I can get there soon.

My part is done.

But Bin Wei told me that she only knows about the ancient curse of the Royal Sky Pattern.

She doesnt know where the rest of the curses are,” said Zhang Xiaohou.

“Did you tell her about the Sky Observing City” asked Mo Fan.

“Yes, I told her, and she already knew about it.

However, she mentioned that the inheritance of the curses is incomplete.

If they want to find the complete curse, they must go to the ancient mausoleum, specifically the Ancient Kings mausoleum,” said Zhang Xiaohou.

“Okay, Im on my way now.” Mo Fan nodded.

He felt more at ease.

He was right.

‘The Ancient Great Wall was that mans masterpiece!

“Big Brother Fan, are you going to the Dark Abyss” Zhang Xiaohou was surprised.

“But the Chief Military Instructor is…”

“He must have left something behind,” Mo Fan said with great conviction.


I never thought the Chief Military Instructor was a blessing all this while,” said Zhang Xiaohou.

There was no issue on Zhao Xiaohous end.

Meanwhile, Mo Fan had to see what harvest he could reap from his trip to the Dark Abyss.

The Queen of Nine Serenities was surprised with Mo Fans theory.

If there was truly a curse that could bring the divine walls to life, why didnt the Ancient King use that curse when confronting Khufu Why didnt he use the curse during the underworld battle

“I guess he didnt have the Underground Holy Spring,” said Mo Fan.

The Underground Holy Spring was scattered among the various holy guardian tribes.

The holy guardian tribes were the Ancient Kings descendants.

The Ancient King had been waiting for his own resurrection.

After he was resurrected, he would ask for the Underground Holy Spring from the holy guardian tribes.

When the Ancient King fused with Zhan Kongs soul, Zhan Kong refused to look for the Underground Holy Spring.

Things got sorted out by themselves.

It was only then that Mo Fan realized the person that the holy guardian of the Underground Holy Spring had been waiting for was the Ancient King, and not him!

They had been waiting for the Ancient King to awaken after several thousand years! The Ancient King wanted to reclaim his Underground Holy Spring!

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