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Chapter 18: Ill Give It to You! Dont Talk Nonsense

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“Yes! Its quite suitable!...”

“Ah Youve given me such a precious thing!”

“Thats not good! I already have the master-level equipment you gave me...”

In front of Dong Lei, Daphne was a little girl.

Facing Dong Lei, Daphnes voice became softer and softer as she spoke. Her face turned red, and she looked a little embarrassed.

“I said Ill give it to you! Stop talking nonsense!”

“Ill give you this master-level equipment. Its quite good for your defense and attack power!”

“Your life is very precious...”

Dong Lei forced it into Daphnes hand and said.

Daphne took the War Smoke Valley Gift Box (Master). Dong Lei had grabbed her hand just now, making her heart flutter.

Since Dong Lei was going to give it to her, she didnt intend to reject it. She responded in the voice of a mosquito.

“Yes! Thank you!”

In her opinion, Dong Lei was still paying attention to her and even said that her life was very precious.

It turned out that she was still very important to Dong Lei.

It made Daphnes Fondness of Dong Lei reach its peak...

“Youre welcome! Lets continue on our way to Roya City!”

Dong Lei turned around and continued to open the remaining Fashion Gift Box (Master).

In the entire Chaotic Continent, fashion clothes could only be obtained through rewards from the Mysterious Shop and the system.

Moreover, the fashion clothes did not occupy the equipment column. They could be seen by everyone.

Therefore, they were deeply loved by many people! Thus, the price was also skyrocketing.

Of course, fashion was the same as equipment.

They were all divided into levels!

However, even iron fashions could only be bought at a high price.

Needless to say, the fashion clothes at the later levels were even rarer and more precious.

Dong Lei did not think too much about it. He picked up the Fashion Gift Box (Master) and read the introduction.

Fashion Gift Box (Master)


Tier: Master

Effect: Randomly drop a game fashion item. Master-level fashion items will dazzle you...

Introduction: This gift box is a fashion gift box. All rights reserved.

As Dong Lei opened it, a ray of light flashed and a pair of blue boots appeared in front of him.

“Congratulations, you have obtained War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots (Master).”

“War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots (Master) have buffs! There are six choices for you to choose from.”

Then, six floating clouds appeared in front of Dong Leis personal information interface.

Each cloud represented a choice.

1. Attribute Blessing

2. Skill Upgrade

3. Enhanced Defense

4. Deepening Intelligence

5. Damage Reduction

6. Physical Damage

Among them, Dong Lei would not choose Physical Damage, Enhanced Defense, or Damage Reduction.

Physical Damage was to increase physical attack power!

To a Traditional Mage like him, it was useless.

Enhanced Defense increased his defense.

He already had the Gale Equipment Set and Thorn Armor (Legendary).

In that case, Dong Lei was quite confident in his defense.

There was really no need for this Enhanced Defense.

As for Damage Reduction, it was indeed not bad.

However, compared to Skill Upgrade, Attribute Blessing, and Deepening Intelligence, it was quite unnecessary...

These three Skill Upgrades, Attribute Blessing, and Deepening Intelligence made Dong Lei hesitate.

With his current level, his intelligence was definitely more than sufficient.


Deepening Intelligence strengthened his intelligence.

As for Attribute Blessing, it was an increase in all aspects.

This was a must for all professional players.

However, Dong Lei took a fancy to Skill Upgrade.

Currently, in Dong Leis opinion, there was still no leveling up of skills.

Only after reaching Level 40 could he learn relevant knowledge.

From there, his skills could be upgraded.

And every level of skill upgrade brought about a huge change in damage or other things.

Therefore, it was very difficult to level up skills.

After pondering for a moment, Dong Lei still chose Skill Upgrade and clicked on the Skill Upgrade floating cloud.

Then, the six floating clouds turned into two floating clouds.


Please select your skill upgrade:

1. Choose a single skill to level it up by 4 levels

2. All skills level up by

Facing this choice, Dong Lei scratched his head for a long time before clicking on All Skills Level Up by 1.

Although the Choose a single skill to level it up by 4 levels was very tempting to Dong Lei, Dong Lei still planned to upgrade all his skills by one level.

This way, he would have more variations in the use of his skills.

Dong Lei could be even more calm and composed according to the situation he was facing.

Soon, Dong Lei put on this pair of War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots (Master).

A ray of light scattered over, and the systems voice sounded in Dong Leis ear.

“Congratulations, you have obtained the War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots (Master) fashion characteristic, All skills upgraded by 1 level.”

At this moment, Dong Lei also saw the attributes of War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots (Master).

War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots (Master)


Fashion Bonus:

1. Intelligence/Strength/Constitution 3

2. Luck 3

Fashion Characteristic: All skills increase by 1 level

Introduction: This is a very beautiful pair of shoes. They are modeled after a brand from the 21st century. They are extremely durable...

Luck points were very difficult to obtain. It could increase some bonuses and affect the image of some NPCs.

The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'

For example, it would affect the random increase of 100 times in his SSS-level talent Passive-Mad Plunderer.

As long as it was about randomness, it had a certain dependence on luck.

In his previous life, some players relied on their luck to drop some rare equipment...

Or, they could hook up with some NPC powerhouses and women and become their brothers and confidants...

Those people could help them attack dungeons and fight battles.

Becoming a confidant was like being his money bag. They could buy some equipment that the players could not afford...

At that time, luck points became something that many players wanted no matter what.

To Dong Lei, increasing his luck was a very good thing for him to form his own faction or guild in the future.

After putting on this pair of War Smoke Bloodthirsty Boots (Master), he felt that his footsteps were like the wind, and his speed towards Roya City seemed to be a lot faster.

Dong Lei had finished opening all the gift boxes. Now, it was time for his third class advancement mission.

Currently, Dong Lei had already reached Level 29. If he wanted to reach Level 30, he had to complete the third class advancement mission.

Therefore, Dong Lei opened his personal information interface and a question mark appeared. It was the third class advancement mission.



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