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Chapter 5: Is This Equipment Give It To Me!

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A teleportation scroll cost 100,000 gold coins. Players who could not afford it had to personally travel a long distance and overcome the obstruction of mutated beasts to reach the surrounding towns.

Therefore, a large number of players had been fooling around in the novice village from the beginning.

It took them a lot of time to team up and reach the surrounding towns.

Just as Dong Lei was about to leave the corner, he was stopped by two people.

The two new players saw Dong Lei enter the Porcelain Jar shop.

After that, they saw the shop owners good expression, who nodded and bowed to Dong Lei, sending him off.

Dong Lei must have bought a Porcelain Jar.

Now, it was theirs.

“Hehehe! Brat, youre still wearing a mask Is this equipment Give it to me!”

A fat man with a wretched look on his face walked towards Dong Lei.

“Thats right, boy. Put down your gear and Porcelain Jars and well let you out of here!”

Beside the fatty, the short and thin Guo Liang nodded and shook his body as he echoed.

In Chaos, there was an unwritten rule.

It was when the players were in the novice village and not seen by the villagers and guards, they could rob each other.

Novice villages were the easiest places for people to get robbed. There were only two guards here, the captain and the vice-captain.

The villagers of the novice village rarely appeared in the corners.

As a result, many new players lost their equipment and items when they were careless.

In the eyes of the fatty, Chen Fu, and the short and thin Guo Liang, everyone was at Level 1.

Chen Fu chose the Warrior class, while the short and skinny Guo Liang chose the Assassin class.

It was a piece of cake for them to deal with a Mage.

However, the two of them did not expect Dong Lei to have already reached Level 9.

The fatty Chen Fu and the short and skinny Guo Liang approached Dong Lei step by step.

Dong Lei really could not be bothered with the two of them. However, under coercion, he had no choice but to retaliate.

Dong Lei touched his Evil Mask.

The Evil Mask instantly emitted a powerful light that shot towards the fatty Chen Fu and the short and thin Guo Liang.

Boom! Boom!

With the random 100x increase, Absolute Cooldown had become a skill with a cooldown reduction of 200%.

He even released two normal attacks.

Dong Lei was stunned. He had not expected this.

As for Chen Fu and the short and thin Guo Liang, they were bombarded on the spot and disappeared without a trace.

Instantly, Fatty Chen Fu and Skinny Guo Liangs HP bars were emptied and they were teleported to the novice village.

The two of them went to the captain of the novice village.

“Captain, I want to report! Someone is cheating in the game Chaos!”

Chen Fu said loudly after arriving in front of the captain.

“Thats right. If this isnt cheating, what is it We saw with our own eyes a rookie who could attack twice at once! He instantly killed us!”

The short and thin Guo Liang muttered to the captain with a pale face.


Dong Lei went to the village entrance on the other side and did not meet Fatty Chen Fu and the short and skinny Guo Liang again.

There were two exits in the Starter Village, each defended by two guards.

On Dong Leis side was the vice-captain of the guards.

“Hello! I want to teleport to Naza Town!”

The dumbfounded vice-captain of the guards recovered his expression and looked at Dong Lei as he asked.

“Oh Hero, are you going to Naza Town”

“But it costs 100,000 gold coins to buy the teleportation scroll!”

The vice-captain took out a teleportation scroll and waved it in front of Dong Lei, showing off a little.

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Dong Lei looked at the vice-captain of the guards in front of him and a teleportation scroll interface appeared.

Dong Lei bought 100 teleportation scrolls and spent 10 million gold coins.

In an instant, the vice-captains expression changed drastically and he became amiable.

“Little brother! How generous! Where do you want to go Ill open it for you immediately!”

“Naza Town!”

Dong Lei shook his head. The NPCs in Chaos all adored money.

As long as he threw gold coins at their faces, they would be very happy and polite.


After teleporting to Naza Town, Dong Lei walked for a while and arrived in front of a professional Mage NPC.

“Hello! I want to change my class to a Traditional Mage!”

“Oh Youve already reached Level 9 You can indeed change your profession to Traditional Mage!”


The Mage NPC was about to imply something.

Dong Lei sighed. He took out a handful of gold coins from his bag and put them into the NPCs pocket.

In an instant, the Mage NPCs expression turned serious. He waved the staff in his hand and pointed it at Dong Lei.

After that, Dong Lei successfully switched to the Traditional Mage.

In Dong Leis opinion, he wanted to take the Traditional Mage profession.

He had a 200% cooldown and an increase of 100 times. If not the Traditional Mage, what else

“Congratulations on successfully changing your main profession to Traditional Mage!”


“Thank you!”

Dong Lei did not say anything else and left.

He went to find a place to open his Porcelain Jar (Advanced).

As for this Mage NPC, he rubbed his hands together in extreme joy...

“World Announcement: Congratulations to player Peak Destroyer for successfully changing his main profession. As the first player to change his profession, hes been given a special reward: Luck 3, 100 thousand gold coins.”

Meanwhile, Dong Lei, who was hiding in the corner opening Porcelain Jar (Advanced), heard the systems voice.

“Congratulations, you have triggered a random 100x increase. You are rewarded with 300 Luck and 500,000,000 gold coins.”

“Uh... I only gave 100 gold coins at most to that Mage NPC.”

“I got 50,000,000 gold coins and 300 luck points.”

This exchange was worth it.

He did not think too much about it and leveled up first.

Dong Lei continued to open the Porcelain Jar (Advanced).

Countless Master-level equipment and many EXP Cards (Legendary) were dropped.

Originally, his EXP had been stuck. He used the EXP cards (legendary) after changing to the main class.

Dong Leis level continued to rise.

“Congratulations on leveling up! Youve reached Level 10 and received 10 attribute points.”

“Congratulations on leveling up! Youve reached Level 11 and received 10 attribute points.”

“Congratulations on leveling up! Youve reached Level 12 and received 10 attribute points.”

After reaching Level 19, it stopped.

After reaching Level 19, he needed to complete a second class advancement mission to unlock his level.

As for the attribute points he obtained, Dong Lei had allocated them to his intelligence.

190 attribute points were all added to Intelligence.

Dong Lei opened his personal information interface and immediately updated it.

Peak Destroyer


Profession: Mage

HP: 1900/19

MP: 760/7

Magic/Physical Attack: 1999-25



Intelligence: 2



Critical Hit Rate: 3%

Luck: 3

Potential Points:

Talent: Passive-Mad Plunderer

Skill: Absolute Cooldown

Inventory: 50 Porcelain Jars (Advanced), Vampire Staff (Master), etc.

Gold Coins: 13440.56 million

He looked ordinary.



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