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The Boss Appears and Challenges the Ghost King Alone

Weng Lianxue couldnt help but be dumbfounded by Wang Yus exaggerated skill.

A rough estimate of the dungeons surface area was at least several square kilometers!

Instantly freezing such a large area, was this something that a Rank 1 professional could do

And it was a lifestyle profession!

It should be known that as the number of class changes increased, the skill range of the magic profession would also increase.

However, it was still impossible for a skill to cover several kilometers.

Even among the advanced professionals, only the Disaster Mages, known as the meat grinders on the battlefield, could do it.

How could she not be surprised

Weng Lianxue could not help but think of a possibility.

That was a forbidden spell!

“No. But I hope you can keep it a secret,” Wang Yu said, shaking his head.

He was not someone who liked to be in the limelight.

As a Fishing Master, it was already surprising that he had the ability to fight. If the news of Ice Aeon were to spread, many people would surround him to find out what happened.

It was troublesome.

“Alright!” The three of them nodded.

After all, it was impossible for a low-level professional to master a forbidden spell.

What Weng Lianxue didnt know was that Ice Aeons ice-shattering death effect was even more terrifying than a forbidden spell to some extent!

It was a pity that Wang Yu would not explain this to her.

The Old Corpses of Deserted Graves and the Water Ghosts were no longer a threat. Wang Yu and the others naturally did not waste their energy to get rid of them.

Now, they were just waiting for the two bosses to appear.

Not long after, another unforeseen event occurred.

A whirlpool suddenly appeared in the calm river, and a female ghost with a pale face and long nails slowly emerged. She was dressed in white, and there was a straw cape and a bamboo hat over her white clothes.

The river surged and washed the riverbank, breaking many frozen Water Ghosts into pieces. But she didnt care at all and let out a shrill scream.

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“Which cheap person dares to ruin this Lords good thing!”

“I want you all to be buried with me!”

After saying that, the female ghost let out a long howl that pierced through the four peoples eardrums!

On the other side, the old locust tree forest also let out a bitter cry, “Husband, are you back”

“Why dont you take a look at me”

“F*ck!” Hearing this plaintive and sweet voice, the four of them suddenly had goosebumps.

The four of them looked back and could already see the shadow of the Ghost King in red.

Wang Yu threw anInspect at the White Ghost King and immediately got all the information about her.

[Name: White Ghost King]

[Level: 15]

[Ability: Boss]

[Attributes: Attack 4,000, Magic Power-, Health Points 45,000, Defense 50% (Damage Reduction), Speed 13 (m/s)]

[Talent: Ghost King Domain]

[Skills: Ghost Claw, Ghostly Wail, Madness]

[Ghost King Domain: The White Ghost King can greatly enhance the small ghosts within the range of her domain.]

[Ghost Claw: The White Ghost King conjures a ghost claw to attack the enemy, causing 4,000 physical damage.]

[Ghostly Wail: The White Ghost King will let out [fatal wail, causing magic damage of 20% of its health points to all enemies within a 10-meter radius, and putting them into a state of fear.]

[Madness: When the White Ghost Kings health points fall to 20%, it will fall into a state of madness. Its attack speed will be greatly increased and it will cause additional damage for 30 seconds. After this, it will be temporarily weakened and its defense will be reduced.]

Looking at the data of the White-Clothed Ghost King, Wang Yu had a plan in mind.

He looked at the three of them and said, “Ill hold off this White Ghost King. You guys deal with the Red Ghost King. Is that okay”

Although the White Ghost King had ridiculous attributes that were much higher than theirs, her main attacks were physical attacks. Her only magic attack was the Ghostly Wail, which was relatively lacking.

Wang Yu also had the Ice Bodys immunity ability, which could be called a bug. As long as he was careful of the female ghosts Ghostly Wail, it should not be a big problem to solo her.

As for the female ghost in red, it was not difficult to guess from the Wedding Escorts that she had the ability to control fire.

However, the Frozen Fruits nemesis was heat and fire.

Therefore, it was the best way for Wang Yu to deal with the White Ghost King and Su Bai and the other two to deal with the Red Ghost King.

The three of them still wanted to say something, but when they thought of Wang Yus abnormal ability...

It seemed like they should be the ones worrying

“Alright! Old Wang, be careful!” Su Bai didnt waste any time. “Just hold him off. Well come and help you after weve dealt with the one inside!”

“Be careful!” Weng Lianxue said to Wang Yu sternly and handed him a scroll.

The little fatty gave Wang Yu a few bottles of medicine and said, “Big Brother, dont die! Im still waiting to hug your thigh!”

These guys... Wang Yu was speechless. Why did it seem like he was going to die


Even if it was an ordinary class holder, even if it was a hidden class holder, fighting this White Ghost King boss alone was no different from suicide.

But was Wang Yu an ordinary person

Obviously not.

While the White Ghost King boss still needed some time to come out, Wang Yu took a look at the items they had given him.

The little fatty handed over a few bottles of potions. In addition to the strength, spirit, health, and mana potions, there were also a few bottles of agility potions, all of which were of middle grade.

Wang Yu couldnt care less about saving any. Other than the health potions, he drank all the other potions in one go, bringing his condition to its peak.

[Name: Blessing of Venus]

[Rank: Silver]

[Class: –]

[Effect: After being attacked, a shield that can absorb 20,000 damage is formed. Lasts for one minute.]

Wang Yus eyes lit up when he saw the shields information.


This was something that could really save ones life, and it was often priceless.

Although it was only at silver quality, how many people could break through its 20,000 points of shield thickness at this stage

Weng Lianxue had really put in a lot of effort this time...

Even though she did it for herself.

After putting the scroll into the system space, the White Ghost King broke free from the river.

With a single step, the White Ghost King had already reached the shore.

With a thought, Wang Yu sent four ice spears toward the White Ghost King, followed by a giant bird made of ice.

Ice Two-Pronged Spears!

Ice Berserk Beak!

In the face of the incoming attack, the White Ghost King struck out with a Ghostly Claw, swatting the ice spear away.

Then, she reached out and caught the ice bird in her hand. With a squeeze of her delicate hand, she crushed it!

“This is so...”

The White Ghost King was just about to sneer when she suddenly saw a cold light shooting out from the debris of the giant birds explosion, directly slashing at her face!

The White Ghost King raised her right hand and blocked the attack.

Although this move didnt disfigure her, it still left a deep knife mark on the back of her hand.


The White Ghost King shrieked in pain, and a shockwave visible to the naked eye shot out from her mouth.

Ghostly Wail!

However, Wang Yu had already anticipated this. He kicked the White Ghost Kings chest, and his body shot out like an arrow from a bow, landing exactly ten meters away.

The attack range of the Ghostly Wail was exactly ten meters!

Seeing that the skill was ineffective, the White Ghost King immediately realized that she had been tricked. She looked up to the sky and roared, “Im going to tear you into a thousand pieces!”



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