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Epic-Level Item, Generous Reward

Wang Yu found that the reward for the first clear of the dungeon was the coffin that sealed Su Bai and the others.

[Name: Coffin Palanquin]

[Rank: Epic]

[Class: –]

[Effect: After three seconds of guidance, the selected target will seal a maximum of two units. The coffin has the sealed targets health points x10. It will disappear after it is broken.]

The effect... was a little abnormal!

The effect of the coffin palanquin was not worse than some legendary items.

In Wang Yus opinion, it was only epic-quality because it could only be used once.

However, it was also because it could only be used once that the effect was so heaven-defying.

Forcefully it sealed two targets regardless of level!

This effect, whether it was used for a sneak attack or for self-protection, it was very good.

If he encountered a class with low damage output, they would be able to fight for a long time with 10 times the health bar!

The situation on the battlefield was ever-changing, and the coffin palanquin was definitely the type that could turn the situation around!

Even in the later stages, it would still be of great use!

This is good stuff... Wang Yu sighed and quickly put it away.

He also took a look at the fishing rods attributes.

[Name: Jiang Ziyas Fishing Rod]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Class: Fishing Master]

[Effect: Whoever Is Willing To Take the Bait: No bait is needed when fishing, and you can still have a good harvest. Increases the quality of the fish.]

In all fairness, the quality of this fishing rod was not bad.

Unfortunately, it was still inferior to the divine-level fishing rod rewarded by the system.

Wang Yu also kept it.

Then, he looked at the others and saw that they were all happy. It seemed that they had also gained a lot.

At this moment, the dungeons prompt sounded again.

[The team reward has been released. Please check and receive it!]

After he finished speaking, a huge, golden treasure chest fell from the sky and landed heavily in front of the four of them.

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“Whos doing it” Wang Yu asked the three of them.

They looked at each other and finally said to Wang Yu, “You do it!”

Opening a treasure chest was a technical job. If they let a dark-faced person come, it would be equivalent to a wasted dungeon run.

Wang Yu didnt decline and walked up to open the treasure chest.

After a burst of golden light, five pieces of equipment and some other items appeared in the treasure chest.

[Glorious Dawn Staff, Level 15, Diamond Grade ]

[Shield of Decay, Level 15, Diamond Grade]

[New Hundred Wood Bow, Level 15, Diamond Grade]

[Ring of Darkness, Level 15, Diamond Grade]

[Giants Bracer, Level 15, Diamond Grade]

A small bag of gold coins.

A certain number of potions.

An unknown scroll.

The five pieces of equipment were for Mages, Shield Specialists, Archers, and auxiliary classes.

The last item, the Giants Bracer, had no class restrictions and could be worn by any class.

According to their previous agreement, the higher the damage output/healing, the first to pick the loot.

Without a doubt, Wang Yu was first, Weng Lianxue was second, Su Bai was third, and little fatty was fourth.

Just as Wang Yu was about to choose the Giants Bracer, Weng Lianxue spoke.

“You guys choose! I dont need it. ”

“Why” Wang Yu frowned.

“I did not contribute much in this instance dungeon. Besides, you saved me, so I have nothing to use to repay you, so...” Weng Lianxue said seriously.

Weng Lianxue knew that if it was anyone else, she would have been dead.

From this point alone, she could tell that Wang Yu had saved her life.

Moreover, this was only Level 15 equipment, so it wasnt worth much. She might as well use it to get on Wang Yus good side.

In her opinion, Wang Yus value was much higher than these pieces of equipment.

The little fatty had the same thought. He said, “I dont need it either,”

Wang Yu didnt want to owe him a favor for no reason, so he frowned and said, “Were teammates. Its my duty to save you.”


But Weng Lianxues next words shut him up.

“My family is very rich,” she said.

Perhaps afraid that Wang Yu would not believe her, she added, “Its true.”

“My family is also very rich,” the little fatty chimed in.

Poor No. 1, Wang Yu, was speechless.

Poor No. 2. Su Bai. was speechless.

Wang Yu felt terrible after hearing that.

You can do whatever you want just because you have money

You can really do whatever you want with money!

“What about you” He looked at Su Bai.

“Should I have the money” Su Bai was confused.


“You probably dont have any money!” Wang Yu said unhappily.

It would be a waste not to take advantage of the situation. Just like that, the four of them were happy to split the loot ().

Wang Yu chose the Giants Bracer, the Glorious Dawn Staff, and the New Hundred Wood Bow.

Su Bai got the Shield of Decay and the Ring of Darkness.

As for the remaining three items, Wang Yu gave them to Weng Lianxue and the little fatty.

Wang Yu looked at the attributes of the three pieces of equipment.

[Name: Giants Bracer]

[Class: –]

[Level: 15]

[Rank: Diamond]

[Type: Wrist Guard]

[Attributes: 3,000 Health Points, 20% Defense]

[Skill: Giants Strength]

[Giants Strength: Gather the strength of a Giant and deal 1,000 ( 10% health points) damage to the first enemy, with a knockback effect. [Cooldown time: 1 minute]]


[Name: Glorious Dawn Staff]

[Class: Mage]

[Level: 15]

[Rank: Diamond]

[Type: Weapon]

[Attributes: 500 Magic Power]

[Skill: Burst]

[Burst: The attack of the Glorious Dawn Staff has a chance of dealing a magic critical hit, causing an additional 20% damage.]


[Name: New Hundred Wood Bow]

[Class: Archer]

[Level: 15]

[Rank: Diamond]

[Type: Weapon]

[Attributes: 500 Attack Power, 10% Critical Hit]

[Skill: Wood Poison.]

[Wood Poison: There is a chance that the attack of the New Hundred Wood Bow will apply Wood Poison to the target, causing damage for a period of time.]

Diamond equipment was indeed diamond equipment... Wang Yu sighed.

The attributes and skills were way better than ordinary equipment!

He couldnt help but think that if diamond equipment was already so powerful, then how powerful would epic equipment and legendary equipment be

With the exception of his two fishing rods, that was.

No wonder those second-generation professionals and rich second-generation heirs could suppress the commoners. The gap in equipment could not be erased easily.

This was only Level 15. It would only be more exaggerated as he went on!

Wang Yu was just lamenting. After all, he had the system.

Cheaters didnt need to be reasonable!

After collecting the equipment, there was nothing to miss about this dungeon.

At this moment, Weng Lianxue suddenly spoke, “Can I have your contact information”

These words were naturally directed at Wang Yu.

Wang Yu frowned. To be honest, he didnt want to give it to her.

In Wang Yus eyes, a beautiful girl who was either rich or powerful was basically equivalent to one word.


However, Weng Lianxues words had hit Wang Yus weak spot.

“If there are any instance dungeons, we can form a party together. I happen to have a few channels for special instance dungeon tickets!” she said.

Special dungeons referred to dungeons with special environments and rare entrance tickets.

These instance dungeons were usually rich in rewards and had shocking value!

Wang Yu had a simple quality – poverty...

The dungeon rewards were generous, but it was not easy to enter these dungeons.

One had to know that one needed a ticket to enter any dungeon, including secret areas.

New dungeons like the Dark Old Forest that had not been cleared yet were an exception.

Even though Wang Yu and the others had already cleared the dungeon, they still needed a ticket to enter.

These tickets could be dropped when killing monsters or they could be rewards from other dungeons.

As for the tickets to special dungeons, they were usually sold out as soon as they appeared, so they simply couldnt be found on the market.

Hence, Wang Yu found it hard to reject Weng Lianxues conditions.

Wang Yu thought for a moment and said, “Youhave to pay more!”



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