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The End of the Instance Dungeon, Surprised Everyone

“You have to pay more!”

Hearing Wang Yus answer, Weng Lianxue was stunned.

She let Wang Yu take advantage of her, and she still had to pay

And she had already given up her reward for clearing the dungeon...

Was there still law

Was there still justice

Her chest heaved up and down violently, and her waist trembled.

Seeing this, even Wang Yu could not help but wonder if his request was a little too much.

Then, he realized that she had asked him to help her clear the dungeon, so wasnt it only right for her to pay

Did she want to flirt with him for nothing That was impossible!

After a long while, Weng Lianxue gritted her teeth and slowly said, “Fine!”

“And me! I also have a channel to enter special dungeons!” the little fatty said immediately.

“Same!” Wang Yu said with a smile.


In the outside world, outside the light pillar.

When everyone heard that this dungeon was so difficult, they all gave up on the idea of exploring it.

Of course, there were also people who didnt believe in it.

A team made up of people from an unknown high school thought that it was just an excuse made up by the coward, Li Ming.

Indeed, in everyones opinion, Li Mings body didnt suffer much damage except for excessive shock. It was hard to believe that he had contributed to the dungeon.

Thus, they felt that the difficulty of the instance dungeon was not that high. They ignored everyones dissuasion and resolutely stepped into the instance dungeon.

The result was self-evident.

When the four bodies were thrown out of the light pillar again and landed in front of them, all the eager players finally believed that this instance dungeon was not a place they could scam.

However, they were still unwilling to leave just like that, especially after hearing that there was another group that had entered. They didnt want to leave even more.

One of them was the young Assassin who had been with Wang Yu, Cheng Zhi.

He had wanted to see the bodies of Wang Yu and the others with his own eyes. Who asked them to abandon him

However, the more he waited, the more he felt that something was wrong.

It had been so long, so it should have ended long ago.

Were they really going to let the four of them get the first clear of the dungeon Cheng Zhi couldnt help but think.

Then, he immediately rejected his ridiculous idea.

The previous team of four damage dealers was also dead. Wang Yus team only had one damage dealer, one tank, one support, and a useless lifestyle profession that dragged them down.

No matter how he looked at it, they didnt seem to have the ability to clear such a high-difficulty dungeon!

Time passed by as everyone waited. More and more people gathered, even people from G City.

Suddenly, someone screamed, “Look, the light pillar is starting to disappear!”

Everyone looked over and saw that the originally incomparably huge light pillar was starting to shrink bit by bit. Its brightness was also gradually decreasing, and it was starting to dim.

“What is this The instance dungeon is going to disappear”

“You dont say. There are some instance dungeons that have a time limit. They will disappear after a period of time!”

“Idiot! Didnt you see the stone door that was left behind after the pillar of light disappeared”

“This is... The instance has been cleared”

“Ill go! Which team is so awesome”


Amidst the crowds discussion, the pillar of light completely disappeared. An ancient stone door carved with gorgeous and complicated patterns appeared on the spot.

As if they had sensed something, the huge group of monsters that had gathered here immediately scattered in all directions.

In the process, there were even a few weaker monsters that were trampled to death, turning into meat paste. It was a miserable sight.

Some people with sharp eyes noticed that many of the monsters had a stronger aura than when they first arrived, and some of them had even advanced a few levels.

Cheng Zhi stared at the stone door, his brain spinning wildly.

The pillar of light had disappeared. Someone had cleared the dungeon

Who did this Wang Yus team Or was there another team that went in before he came

How did they do it

While Cheng Zhi was still in doubt, the door slowly opened, and four figures walked out.

It was them! Cheng Zhis pupils shrank!

The three men and one woman were Wang Yu and the others.

Cheng Zhi couldnt believe what he was seeing and immediately flew into a rage.

Why How could the three of them and a good-for-nothing clear this dungeon

“The big bosses have appeared!”


“So theyre the ones who obtained the first clear of this dungeon!”

“Who are these big shots Do you know anyone”

“I know, that tall and strong guy is Su Bai from our school, the Earth Shield Bearer. That little fatty, the only son of the Wu familys trading companys head, a Light Priest. As for the woman...”

“Shes the little princess of the Weng family, Weng Lianxue, Elementalist. The Weng family is a well-known professional family,” someone said. “They are not famous, but their strength cannot be underestimated.”

“Three hidden classes!” Some people were speechless.

“What about the last one Who is the most handsome one”

The first person who spoke was silent for a while before saying, “That mans name is Wang Yu. Hes also a Fishing Master from our school.”

“A Fishing Master Lifestyle profession The most useless one”

“Why would they bring a burden into the dungeon”

“Who knows Maybe they just happened to be short of people”

“Youre right, this is a four-man dungeon.”


“What good luck! Why cant I be that person”

Someone voiced out what everyone was thinking.


However, what they did not know was that it was Wang Yu, the one who had saved them from the brink of death, that had allowed the four of them to clear the Dark Old Forest.

“Ill go! So many people!” The four of them were stunned when they saw the huge crowd.

“Su Bai Wang Yu” A surprised voice was heard.

It was their form teacher, Ma Dongmei.

“Teacher Ma, what are you doing here” Seeing Ma Dongmei and his classmates behind her, Su Bai was stunned.

“I should be the one asking you why youre here!” Ma Dongmei was furious.

She was wondering why she couldnt find Su Bai. It turned out that he had gone to seek death.

Luckily, they passed the dungeon safely. If something happened to Su Bai and the others like Li Ming, she would definitely be held responsible.

Su Bai, a hidden class, was the darling of the leaders of No. 1 High School. They were counting on him to amaze the world in the college entrance exam!

“Teacher Ma!” Wang Yu stepped forward to greet her.

“What are you doing here”

Ma Dongmei was also quite surprised to see Wang Yu. She had not expected Wang Yu to be one of the first to clear the dungeon.

She felt sorry for Wang Yu.

Wang Yu was the most hardworking person she had ever seen. He had no parents since he was young, but he didnt give up on himself. He was among the best in all his subjects.

However, fate had played a joke on him. He had changed his profession to the most useless lifestyle profession, Fishing Master.

“I came to the extreme wilderness to level up and just happened to run into a new dungeon,” Wang Yu explained simply.

“You Level up Youre already Level 16!” Ma Dongmei suddenly said.

Among their students, the highest level was only Level 15. Wang Yu, a lifestyle profession player who had no combat power, was already Level 16!

“Theres a small opportunity.” Wang Yu didnt want to talk too much about the Frozen Fruit.

To be able to level up at such an exaggerated speed, that was probably a great opportunity... Ma Dongmei criticized in her heart.

Since Wang Yu didnt want to say, she naturally didnt ask.

However, she had a vague feeling that Wang Yu seemed to have changed. His future would not be as simple as a lifestyle profession.

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He would probably give everyone a surprise.

Or maybe frighten them



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