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Lets Go and Fish For Frozen Fruits

The next day, Wang Yu woke up early.

After a simple wash-up, he took out a common longsword, common leather armor, and a pair of common boots from the box.

The good thing about white-grade equipment was that there were no class restrictions on the equipment. Even a lifestyle professional like Wang Yu could equip it.

However, the price was that the bonus of white-grade equipment was pitifully low.

After putting on his equipment, Wang Yu thought for a while and decided to distribute 100 omni points equally to his constitution and agility.

A professional would receive 10 omni points with every level up. Wang Yu had only changed his profession at Level 10, so he had 100 omni points.

Omni points were very precious items. There were very limited ways to obtain them, and their uses were very simple and crude: It could increase the four attributes.

The higher the attributes, the stronger the combat power.

It was not that Wang Yu did not want to add his omni points to his combat attributes, but the world wills punishment for lifestyle-class professionals was too severe.

During the first and second job transitions, if one was a combat profession, then one point of strength could be converted into 10 points of attack power, while for a lifestyle profession, it would be 1 point.

This was also the reason why lifestyle professions could only be lifestyle professions. Their combat power was too limited!

Therefore, instead of wasting them on these two, it was better to add them to constitution and agility so that he could run faster or take a few more hits.

After putting on his equipment, Wang Yus body shook and he shed his scholarly aura. He looked more capable and experienced. With his tall figure and handsome appearance, he finally looked like a professional.

[Player: Wang Yu]

[Profession: Fishing Master Rank 1]

[Level: 10]

[Basic Attributes: Strength 9, Spirit 10, Constitution 59, Agility 59, Luck 10, Charm 10]

[Combat Attributes: Attack Power 9 ( 1), Magic Power 10, Health Points 5,900, Mana Points 500, Defense 0 (Damage Reduction), Movement Speed 13.5 (m/s), Attack Speed 1 (att/s) ]

[Equipment: White Equipment Set]

[General Skills: Inspect Lvl 1, Identify Lvl 1]

[Profession Skill: Fishing Level 1]

[Pet: None]

[Omni Points: 0]

[Skill Points: 10]

Wang Yu shook his head helplessly as he looked at the terrible attributes on the panel.

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Wang Yu went downstairs and hailed a three-wheeled motorcycle.

The driver was a middle-aged man, an ordinary person.

If one couldnt change their profession, they could only do these low-level professions. Unless they had a talent for scientific research or gave birth to a professional, it would be difficult to make a name for themselves.

It was very realistic and cruel.

When the three-wheeled motorcycle arrived at the Extreme Darkness Plains, a large group of professionals surrounded it. However, after seeing Wang Yus equipment, they dispersed.

They were all old foxes who made a living in the Extreme Darkness Plains. Yesterday, the third-year students had just completed their class change, so they were planning to do a business of helping the students level up.

Seeing Wang Yus full set of white equipment, it was obvious that they had nothing to gain from it, so naturally, they were not interested.

Wang Yu ignored them and left quickly after choosing the route.

What he didnt know was that the plain equipment had saved his life.

These professionals who had been out in the wild all year round would not mind making some extra money when they encountered people who were alone. They would even take the initiative to follow those newcomers.

At that time, whether they wanted to extort or murder, it would all depend on their mood.

Every year, many newcomers would fall at the hands of this group of people. The officials had cracked them down more than once, but despite repeated bans, they could not stop. These people were too cunning, so the results were minimal.

Wang Yu was poor and a Fishing Master, so they were not even interested in following him.

The Extreme Darkness Plains were vast and had suitable conditions. Naturally, many monsters lived there.

Not long after Wang Yu entered the Extreme Darkness Plains, he encountered his first monster.

It was a Level 10 Aardwolf.

Wang Yu gave it a try. The white longsword only dealt single-digit damage to it. Against its over 5,000 health points, it was like a drop in the bucket.

Hence, he decisively slipped away.

Wang Yu spent the entire morning hiding and running.

Even if he wanted to escape and avoid conflict with the Aardwolves, he would still need to fight.

There were even a few times when he was surrounded by danger. If he had not run fast enough, he would have died here.

If he couldnt fish up anything good, then he would suffer a huge loss.

“Ive finally arrived.” Wang Yu looked at the map for a long time. After making sure that the location was correct, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It was a winding river that flowed slowly on the plain. Occasionally, small animals would come here to drink water.

In Wang Yus eyes, this was just an ordinary river. No matter how he looked at it, it didnt look like there was any treasure.

I hope it wont disappoint me... Wang Yu thought. He had placed all his hopes on this.

Since he was already here, it was impossible for him to give up.

Well only know if theres a fish if we throw a rod!

Wang Yu put away the white longsword that had already curled up and was not far from being scrapped. He then took out the Nameless Old Farmers Fishing Rod.


After choosing a stone by the river, he sat cross-legged on it and threw the fishing rod into the middle of the river.

His breathing became lighter and lighter, but his hand did not move at all. He just waited quietly, as if he had forgotten the time.

Slowly, the sun began to set in the west, and the sky was covered with a layer of dusky yellow.

Suddenly, there was a movement on the fishing rod. Wang Yu pulled hard, and an item flew out of the water. It drew an arc in the air, and he caught it firmly.

Wang Yu looked at the item in his hand. It was an ice-blue fruit that gave off a cold aura.

This was...

Wang Yu quickly used his appraisal skill, and the information of the fruit appeared in front of him.

[Name: Frozen Fruit]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Profession: None]

[Effect: Eating this fruit will grant you unexpected abilities.]



Wang Yus eyes widened when he saw the fruits information.

He was all too familiar with the Frozen Fruit!

He was also a pirate fanatic in his previous life, and he had fantasized more than once about what would happen if he had the fruit.

And now, a fruit had appeared in front of him.

Moreover, it was one of the top-ranked fruits of nature!

Wang Yu swallowed the fruit without a second word.

Immediately, a cold breath rushed from the soles of his feet to Wang Yus brain.

“Hmm...” Wang Yu couldnt help but moan.

This feeling disappeared as quickly as it came. After that, Wang Yu could clearly feel that something had appeared in his mind.

Wang Yu opened his panel to check. There was indeed some new information.

[Player: Wang Yu]

[Profession: Fishing Master Rank 1]

[Level: 10]

[Basic Attributes: Strength 9, Spirit 10, Constitution 59, Agility 59, Luck 10, Charm 10]

[Combat Attributes: Attack 9, Magic Power 10, Health Points 5,900, Mana Points 500, Defense 0 (Damage Reduction), Movement Speed 13.5 (m/s), Attack Speed 1 (att/s)]

[Equipment: White Equipment Set]

[General Skills: Inspect Lvl 1, Identify Lvl 1]

[Class Skills: Fishing Lvl 1, Ice Body Lvl Max, Ice Army Blade Lvl Max, Frozen Moment Lvl Max, Ice Two-Pronged Spear Lvl Max, Ice Berserk Beak Lvl Max, Ice Path Lvl Max, Frozen Time Capsule Lvl Max, Ice Ball Lvl Max, Frozen Space Lvl Max, Ice Aeon Lvl Max]

[Pet: None]

[Omni Points: 0]

[Skill Points: 10]



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