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Chapter 15: Purifier

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As the sound of the bait entering the water rang in Su Yus ears, his mind became highly focused. It was completely different from when he used ordinary bait to fish.

However, sometimes, fishing depended on luck.

Su Yu, who had been staring at the surface of the water for about half an hour, did not notice any movement.

Just as Su Yu blinked his dry eyes, the float finally sank into the water.

In an instant, Su Yu felt the rod in his hands becoming taut.

However, there was no joy on Su Yus face. This was because Su Yu could feel that the force coming from his hand this time was obviously not as strong as the force from the wooden treasure chest.

Therefore, Su Yu did not pull it carefully. As long as it was not a treasure chest, the quality of the ordinary fishing rod in Su Yus hand could withstand this rough treatment.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains a water purifier.

[Seawater Purifier]

Description: Pour seawater into it. It can purify 100 liters of seawater into fresh water every day.

Durability: 100 (Durability will decrease by 1 after each use.)

After seeing the information of the treasure chest floating on the sea, Su Yu felt that it was not too bad.

Then, as Su Yu exerted his strength, the wooden treasure chest that contained the water purifier, was fished up by Su Yu.

After looking at the treasure chest on the ground, Su Yu bent down to pick up the small treasure chest and walked to the side of the small wooden house.

When Su Yu opened the treasure chest, two devices that were not too small appeared in front of him. They looked very technologically advanced.

“The two of you, use something to bring some seawater over,” Su Yu ordered as he glanced at the low-level goblins who were working hard.

Upon hearing Su Yus words, the two goblins immediately put down the work in their hands and eagerly picked up the bucket to fill it with seawater.

It had to be said that having two subordinates working for him was much more satisfying than working alone. After all, Su Yu could leave some of the more complicated tasks to the two goblins.

For example, Su Yu had given full authority to the two goblins to handle the fertile soil, plant seeds, and saplings that he had fished up.

Soon, the two goblins each carried a bucket of seawater and rushed to Su Yu.

After casually taking the bucket from a goblin, Su Yu directly poured it into the water purifier.

When he finished pouring all the water from the bucket, Su Yu pressed the start button and placed the empty bucket at the outlet.

To be honest, Su Yu was quite curious about this thing. After all, it was highly technologically advanced and did not require electricity.

Then, under Su Yus watchful gaze, a small stream of water began to flow from the outlet of the purifier into the bucket.

After glancing at the speed at which the water was coming out, Su Yu instructed the two goblins in a deep voice, “The two of you, watch the water in this bucket. When its full, take it to water the saplings and seeds.”

The two sea water purifiers were enough to satisfy Su Yus daily water needs. After all, the two devices could produce 200 liters of freshwater a day.

After instructing the two goblins, Su Yu walked towards the two fishing nets.

After all, half an hour had passed. It was time to see if any treasure chests had taken the bait.

[6 Ordinary wooden treasure chests, 2 Ordinary wooden treasure chests, and 2 Ordinary wooden treasure chests have been captured in this fishing net.]

“The 10 treasure chests contain the following items: 20 ml of spirit stats potion, one portion of fertile soil, one pack of toilet paper...”

When Su Yu reached out to grab the fishing net to drag it, a large string of information floated past Su Yus eyes.

“Uh, this fishing net is a little more advanced than the fishing rod. I havent even dragged it out of the water, but I can already see the information even with the treasure chest underwater.”

Looking at the information floating in front of him, Su Yu couldnt help but feel puzzled.

Although Su Yu had no idea what was going on, he also couldnt be bothered to think about these things. It was fine as long as his skill could be used.

“Holy sh*t, its really heavy.” Su Yu exclaimed as he was holding the rope and quietly exerting strength.

Thinking about it, it made sense. After all, it was 10 treasure chests in one net. How could it not be heavy

Fortunately, these treasure chests, which were caught in simple fishing nets, struggled less compared to the treasure chests of the same level when they were caught with the fishing rod. Otherwise, Su Yu would have had to call two goblins over to help him pull them up.

Soon, like an old cow pulling a carriage, Su Yu dragged the fishing net in the water to the island step by step.

Su Yu temporarily ignored the other ordinary treasure chests. At this moment, Su Yus gaze was focused on the treasure chest that contained ordinary spirit stats potion.

When Su Yu opened the treasure chest, two vials of light purple potion appeared in his hands.

[20ml Spirit Stats Potion]

Description: Consuming it can increase Spirit by 0.2. There are no side effects..

Note: This potion will not be effective on the user with basic spirit stats that are greater than 5.

Su Yu didnt even need to look at its attributes to know the effects of the potion. Together with the previous two potions, it could be considered the novice three-piece potion.

Without much thought, Su Yu uncorked the bottle and drank it in one go.

In the next second, a completely different feeling from the previous two medicines surged into Su Yus heart.

At this moment, Su Yu felt a sensation of coolness in his mind, and his thoughts became much more active.

This feeling lasted for about ten minutes before the pleasure finally subsided.

The source of this content is no/vel//bi/n[./]net'

If Su Yu were to rate the three types of potion, Su Yu would definitely give the spirit potion the highest rating. This was because when this potion was used, the cool feeling of floating was simply too great.

In any case, Su Yu felt a little light-headed as he walked.

When Su Yu walked to the other fishing net and held onto the rope, the information floating in front of his eyes made Su Yus eyes flash with surprise. It was as if the treasure chest item this time was somewhat unexpected.


[5 Ordinary wooden treasure chests, 2 Ordinary wooden treasure chests, 2 Ordinary wooden treasure chests, and 1 Ordinary pet treasure chest has been captured in this fishing net.]

“The ten treasure chests contain the following items: 1 adult snow wolf, 30 liters of gasoline, Sprite (6 bottles)...”

“Theres even such a thing! The treasure chests are getting more and more interesting!” Upon seeing the wordsPet Treasure Chest, many thoughts flashed through Su Yus mind.



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