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Chapter 19: Man-Eating Flower Seed

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Upon seeing the hint from his insight skill, Su Yu immediately wrapped the rope tightly around the wooden stake. Then, he instructed the two goblins at the side, “The two of you, stand in front and hold the rope. Listen to my orders later. When I call for you to pull, use all your strength to pull it up. Do you understand”

“Understood, Master.” Upon hearing Su Yus words, the two goblins immediately rushed in front of Su Yu and quickly grabbed the rope that had been pulled taut.

[The tenth ordinary wooden treasure chest has been captured inside the net. Please quickly drag the fishing net ashore. Otherwise, there is a risk of the treasure chest breaking free from the fishing net and escaping.]

Just as the two goblins were holding onto the rope, another notification floated in front of Su Yus eyes.

“Pull.” After seeing this notification, Su Yu did not have the energy to pay attention to what was inside the ten ordinary wooden treasure chests.

“F*ck, the strength of these ten two-star ordinary wooden treasure chests is so f*cking fierce!”

The moment he shouted the wordpull, Su Yu immediately felt the rope in his hand being stretched taut by a powerful force.

At this moment, Su Yu once again experienced the tug-of-war like he did previously. However, Su Yu did not play fair in this tug-of-war. He directly tied the end of the rope to a wooden stake, directly assuring his victory.

Soon, the struggle under the surface of the water became weaker. Seeing this scene, Su Yu exerted his strength and began to drag the net toward the island. The veins on the arms of the two goblins were also bulging.

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A portion of the fishing net that was in the water finally surfaced.


“Phew.” When the man and two goblins succeeded in dragging the fishing net ashore, Su Yu let out a heavy breath.

“Its manual labor to pull the net!”

This fatigue was accompanied by a full harvest. After calming his breathing, Su Yu began to observe the ten wooden treasure chests that he had pulled up this time.

[ 9 Ordinary Monster Treasure Chest, 1 Ordinary Monster Treasure Chest.]

The treasure chests contained the following items: 20 ml of strength stats potion, 20 ml of physique stats potion, 20 ml of spirit stats potion, 1 Island Area Fragment, Ordinary Energy Crystal, Special Cold Resistant Suit, Thorn Fence Construction Blueprint, Man-Eating Flower Seed, Plant Growth Acceleration Potion, and one Low-level Goblin.

After glancing at the ten treasure chests that were still trapped in the fishing net, detailed information about the treasure chests floated before Su Yus eyes.

Not bad, he had obtained another set of novice three-piece potions. In addition, the island fragments that Su Yu had caught before were also among them. As for ordinary energy crystals, there was no need to mention them. Moreover, another monster treasure chest had appeared to provide labor to Su Yu.

Su Yu didnt take a closer look at these things that he already recognized. At this moment, Su Yu was looking at the information of the items in the four treasure chests that he had never obtained before.

[Special Cold Resistant Suit]

Description: Made from special materials. It has waterproof and cold-resistant effects. Wearing it can effectively resist cold and keep you warm. It can withstand a maximum temperature of -30°C.

[Thorn Fence Construction Blueprint]

Description: Use materials to build a two meters tall thorn fence around an area of 10 m x 10 m.

Construction Materials: Thorns 0/100.

[Man-Eating Flower Seed]

Description: A man-eating flower seed. When nurtured, it can be used to guard the house. When it matures, the man-eating flower can easily kill ordinary humans. Its normal growth cycle is (sprouting) – month 1, (budding) – month 2 to 4, (growing) – month 5 to 9, and (blooming) – month 10 to 12. When it reaches the blooming stage, it will lead an extremely long life as long as it is not destroyed by external forces.

[Plant Growth Acceleration Potion]

Description: A nutrient solution concocted using a special method. It can be used to accelerate the growth cycle of ordinary plants. One portion can shorten the one-year growth cycle of plants to three days.

The composition of the potion: ordinary energy crystal powder, water...

“Theres such a thing It looks like an ordinary energy crystal. Its practically a treasure in the early stages!” After reading through the information of the last item, this thought flashed through Su Yus mind.

After shaking his head, Su Yu stopped thinking about it. He quickly stepped forward and took out the treasure chest where the strength, physique, and spirit potions were.

Subsequently, Su Yu drank the three types of potions: strength, physique, and spirit. In an instant, Su Yu felt soexhilarated that he could not breathe.

This was the first time Su Yu had drunk several different types of potions at the same time. If it werent for the fact that the insight had hinted that it wasnt dangerous, Su Yu wouldnt have dared to do this.

While Su Yu was being ravaged by the medicinal power of several types of stats potions, the communication channel where Su Yu was located was filled with chatter.

As for the cause of the matter, it started from a piece of news posted by someone.

Not long after Su Yu exited the communication channel, someone directly posted such a message in the communication channel.

“Brothers, you might not believe me, but a living person actually came out from the treasure chest I opened!”

“F*ck, is it a man or a woman”

“Pics or it didnt happen. I dont believe it.”

“Im not lying. Its a man. After I opened it, this guy directly called me his master. Moreover, on my stats interface, it shows that hes my servant. Loyalty: 60.”

“Loyalty: 60. Tsk tsk, dude, you should be a little worried. According to the routine before you transmigrated, with loyalty points below 60, theres a possibility of betrayal.”

“Do you guys think its possible for us to get a bunny girl or a cat girl from the treasure chest later”

“You should think about how to survive the novice period first!”


Many survivors were chatting happily in the communication channel. Wang Teng, who had traded with Su Yu twice, looked at the burly man in front of him speechlessly.

It turned out that the person who caught a man was none other than Wang Teng.

“F*ck, how good would it be if I could catch a girl!” He looked at the honest-looking middle-aged man in front of him and muttered softly.

[Ding, your Servant A feels that you dont value him. Loyalty -1. Please note that when the loyalty of a servant is below 60, the servant will resist the masters orders. The lower the loyalty, the greater the resistance. When the loyalty is below 0, the servant will hate the master.]

“F*ck, did I catch a servant or a master”

When he heard the notification, he couldnt help but feel a little sad.

Suddenly, from As stomach, came a gurgling sound.

“Come, come, come. Youre A, right Ill bring you something good to eat.” When he heard this sound, he instantly knew how to increase the loyalty of his servant.




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