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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Showing Off Again

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“F*ck, Ive been seen through.” His heart was pounding when he saw the reply.

Fortunately, Wang Teng was thick-skinned. Hence, Wang Teng replied to Su Yu, “If you dont want it, Ill keep it for myself. Ill contact you if I have anything good next time.”

After sending the message, he looked at A. He was now having a headache.

He felt like dying after meeting such a useless servant. Should I think of a way to do away with this fellow This kind of thought popped up in his mind.

Compared to having this kind of slave with whom he still needed to gradually nurture loyalty with, he would rather develop by himself wretchedly.

Moreover, after some exploration, he discovered that with As current loyalty, he could command him to do some ordinary work. However, if he asked A to risk his life, As loyalty would definitely drop.

“F*ck.” The more he thought about it, the more depressed he felt. He couldnt help but curse.

“Whats wrong, my lord What happened” The commotion caused by Wang Teng instantly attracted As attention.

“Im fine, Im fine.” Wang Teng laughed and casually reassured A. Then, he turned to look at the pouring rain outside the window. No one knew what he was thinking.

When Su Yu saw Wang Tengs reply, he was speechless.

“How much of a pitfall is this servant with a loyalty point of 60 He cant even wait to get rid of him.”

From a few simple sentences, Su Yu deduced that it must be because the initial loyalty of a servant with 60 loyalty points was very limited, so Wang Teng probably couldnt take it anymore.

Su Yu did not take this matter to heart. He casually opened the window of the small wooden house and looked out. Information prompts quickly flashed before Su Yus eyes.

[Zero-star damaged wooden treasure chest]

Description: It contains a broken iron pot.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains five pieces of wood.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains one roll of sandpaper.

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At this moment, Su Yu discovered that there were eight more treasure chests on the island. Among them, there were at most five wooden treasure chests, and the remaining three were all broken, zero-star wooden treasure chests.

“From the looks of it, the highest-grade treasure chest that has been washed up by the waves is the wooden treasure chest.” Looking at the treasure chest at the shoreline, which was constantly being pushed back into the sea by the waves, Su Yu fell into deep thought.

Fortunately, the seawater was controlled by an unknown force. When it washed over the island, it only reached the edge of the island. It did not affect the central area where Su Yu was.

Otherwise, Su Yu would not be in the mood to look at the sea leisurely. Instead, he would have to think of a way to prevent himself from being washed off the island by the waves.

Su Yu glanced at the treasure chests on the island. He didnt pay much attention to them. After all, there were only wooden treasure chests at most. Even if all of them were washed back to the sea, it would mean nothing to Su Yu.

Compared to Su Yu, who was rich and overbearing, the other ordinary survivors were taking the risk of being washed into the sea by the waves. Every time they saw a treasure chest being washed to the edge of the island, they would carefully brave the heavy rain and pick it up.

Whether it was a damaged wooden treasure chest or an ordinary wooden treasure chest, they did not miss a single one.

In the end, the heavy rain lasted for about half an hour before it cleared.

After the heavy rain, Su Yu didnt waste any time and immediately rushed out of the small wooden house. He ignored the low-grade wooden treasure chests scattered at the shoreline. At this moment, Su Yus eyes were fixed on the sea.

[There are traces of wooden treasure chest in this part of the sea. You can choose to use the improved bait to fish or change fishing spots.]

As expected, the chances of fishing high-grade treasure chests increased.

After casually scanning the sea surface and seeing the information from his insight skill, Su Yu could not help but feel excited. He was as excited as if he knew that there was a big fish in this place.

However, wooden treasure chests were obviously not enough to satisfy Su Yu. As such, Su Yu changed his position and began to scan for treasure chests again.

There are traces of wooden treasure chest five meters below the surface of the sea. You are recommended to fish here.

After looking around, Su Yu finally found another fishing spot. He skillfully hooked the improved bait and threw it out. Then, he began to wait for the treasure chest to take the bait.

At the same time, in the regional communication channel, many people were sharing the benefits brought by the heavy rain.

“Guys, our luck has turned. Just now, when it was raining heavily, I risked my life to pick up five wooden treasure chests. Then, when the rain stopped, I found rice and some vegetables inside. Now, I can finally survive for a few more days.”

“F*ck, I risked my life and obtained a deflated doll. What the f*ck is that. Cant you give me a better one”

“Hahaha, a Furong Wang was in the treasure chest I picked up1. I can finally smoke a cigarette to relieve my smoking addiction.”

“F*ck, I only picked up four. Damn it, three of them are broken wooden treasure chests. Theyre filled with junk.”

“Eh, are you all so miserable Ive already picked up more than ten treasure chests. Moreover, the lowest is a wooden treasure chest. There are also three wooden treasure chests. The resources are abundant.”

“F*ck, its that b*stard again. Why isnt he dead yet!”

“Good people dont live long, but evil people live for a thousand years. There is a special place in hell for this bastard.”

“To be honest, is this guy telling the truth Why is his luck so good every time Could his skill be related to luck”


Meanwhile, in the communication channel, Feng Xiaokang, who had shown off again, was excitedly opening treasure chests on his island.

When he discovered that the waves would wash some treasure chests to the shore, Feng Xiaokang decisively chose to use his skill of decreasing his lifespan to increase his temporary luck.

The heavy rain lasted for about half an hour, so Feng Xiaokang used up about 30 days of his lifespan. It had to be said that although this guy was despicable, he still knew how to seize opportunities.

If he was just fishing with a fishing rod, it would be too unreliable to use his lifespan to increase his luck. Therefore, Feng Xiaokang was very stingy and cautious when he used it. He was afraid that his lifespan would be exhausted and he would die. This was because Feng Xiaokang had a genetic disease. The doctor had concluded that he would not live past 35 years old.

Moreover, after fishing, Feng Xiaokang realized that the luck enhancement effect was a little unreliable. It did not mean that a treasure chest would immediately take the bait as soon as his luck increased. There was an uncertain timing in between. The luck enhancement only increased his chances of fishing for the high grade treasure chest.

This was normal. After all, Feng Xiaokangs skill was only Grade A. It was not to the level of defying natural order that he could just go out and pick up treasures. In addition, this guy did not dare to consume his lifespan greatly. Therefore, the items he fished in the early stages was only slightly better than ordinary survivors.




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