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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: How Depressing!

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As for Su Yu, he was still nervously looking at the sea.

“Its here.” After seeing the float sink into the water, Su Yu grabbed the fishing rod tightly.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains an island area 10 square meters fragment.

Fishing Technique: Pull at a uniform speed in the beginning. When you feel that the resistance of the treasure chest is weakening, pull quickly.

[ 10 square meters island area fragment]

Description: Used to increase the users own island area by 10 square meters.

“Good stuff.” After the treasure chest took the bait, Su Yu could not help but feel happy when he saw the description information floating in front of him.

After all, Su Yu had the doubled happiness skill. After he caught the treasure chest, it could increase the size of Su Yus island by 20 square meters. How could Su Yu not be happy

Soon, half an hour had passed. After Su Yus back and forth, the treasure chest was almost worn out. Then, Su Yu suddenly exerted strength and dragged it to the island.

Su Yu, who already knew what it was, naturally wouldnt pray to the gods and Buddhas that he would get something good before opening the treasure chest.

As this thought flashed through Su Yus mind, two pieces of the 10 square meters island area fragments suddenly appeared in front of him.

Upon seeing this, Su Yu immediately chose to use it. In an instant, the two fragments fused into the island that Su Yu was on.

This time, Su Yu could clearly see that the island had grown by one circle. The total area of Su Yus island had also reached 137 square meters, which was about one-third larger than the initial 100 square meters.

“137 square meters, its length and width seems to be only 11.7 by 11.7. It still seems to be a little too cramped to start to build the thorn fence, ” Su Yu estimated the length and width of the island in his heart, and had no choice but to postpone building the thorn fence.

[Ding! Survivor Ji Qingrou would like to DM you. Do you want to accept the DM]

Just as Su Yu was about to continue fishing, a sound suddenly rang in his ears, interrupting his plan.

“The girl from before, could it be that she wants to trade again” After thinking about it, Su Yu decided to approve the DM request. After all, Su Yu had the time to spare.

“Mr. Su, I want to trade a 1 square meter of island fragment for the information on how to use glass steel, PE braided thread, and carbon cloth. What do you think”

At this moment, Ji Qingrou, who was holding two 1 square meter of island fragments on her own island, directly proposed the terms of the trade to Su Yu.

As the fourth on the regional prosperity points rankings, Ji Qingrou naturally obtained a 1 square meter of island fragment from the treasure chest. However, she did not use it directly.

At this moment, the other piece in Ji Qingrous hand was the one she had obtained from the wooden treasure chest. Therefore, Ji Qingrou naturally knew the value of this fragment.

“Trading a 1 square island fragment for the information on how to use glass steel, PE braided thread, and carbon cloth. Could it be that this woman has once again gathered enough materials to upgrade the fishing rod”

To be honest, when Su Yu saw the message from Ji Qingrou, this thought suddenly appeared in his mind.

After pondering for a while, Su Yu directly replied to Ji Qingrou, “Two fragments and an ordinary energy crystal. Ill tell you the use of these materials. In addition, Ill give you something to be used together with these materials.”

At this moment, Ji Qingrou was staring at the DM interface. She saw the message sent by Su Yu and couldnt help but frown.

This was because the island fragments were fine, but Ji Qingrou couldnt bear to part with the ordinary energy crystal. After all, one of these things was equivalent to 30 ordinary baits. Up until now, with her innate skill, Ji Qingrou had only accumulated two ordinary energy crystals.

However, Ji Qingrous intuition told her that trading with Su Yu would be more beneficial for her future development.

After thinking of this, Ji Qingrou did not hesitate and directly sent a message to Su Yu: “Mr. Su, please put the item on the trading channel. I will bid for it directly.”

After reading the girls reply, Su Yu immediately wrote a trade offer and posted it on the trading channel.

The source of this content is no//vel//bi/n[.//]net'

Items to Trade: Blueprint.

Items in Exchange: 2 square meter of island fragment, one ordinary energy crystal.

As soon as Su Yu posted the trade offer, Ji Qingrou immediately filtered her search and bid for the items Su Yu had posted.

After extracting the items, Ji Qingrou held the upgrade blueprint of the fishing rod in her hands and immediately understood what the three items were for.

“Thank you, Mr. Su. I will contact you again if I need anything.” Ji Qingrou sent Su Yu a thank-you message. She then immediately placed the blueprint and the three items beside the beginners fishing rod. Then, she quietly chose to use the blueprint.

At this moment, after Su Yu saw the reply from Ji Qingrou, he did not reply to her. Instead, he directly used the two 1 island fragments.

The [Ordinary Fishing Rod Blueprint] was useless in Su Yus hands. He might as well exchange it for some resources.

Su Yu estimated that this item would only have some value in the early stages. After all, Su Yu had obtained this blueprint from a mere wooden treasure chest. Moreover, it had been a day and a half since he had entered this world. Those who were lucky might have already obtained it.

Su Yu was not at all worried that after trading the blueprint away, he would be pushed down from the first place because other survivors had also upgraded their fishing rods.

This was because the fishing rod did not play such a big role. Most of those who had strength were able to reach such a level due to their innate skill. Su Yu understood this.

[ Ordinary wooden treasure chests are piled up in this part of the sea. You are recommended to cast a fishing net here.]

At this moment, Su Yu, who had casually used two fragments, began to get busy again. After looking at the surface of the sea, Su Yu immediately hung up the bait and threw the net. Then, he instructed the two goblins to keep an eye on the rope.

[There are groups of wood treasure chests in this part of the sea. You are not recommended to cast the fishing net here. You are recommended to change positions.]

Su Yu, who had just cast the net and shifted his position, glanced at the sea not far away and immediately looked away.

[There are traces of black iron treasure chest eight meters below the surface of the sea. You are recommended to fish here.]

“F*ck!” When Su Yu saw this message, he was very depressed. He couldnt catch this thing, his equipment couldnt keep up!

This was because using an ordinary fishing rod to pull a black iron treasure chest was definitely a terrible move!

Furthermore, Su Yu didnt have any bait to fish for the black iron treasure chest. Hence, he could only look at this spot wistfully and change his direction.

[There are traces of wooden treasure chest five meters below the surface of the sea. You are recommended to fish here.]



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