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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: There Are Monsters Under The Sea

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“Not bad, not bad. Ive finally left the ranks of people with very poor fighting skills. The next time I encounter a monster treasure chest that contains a goblin, Ill just go up and kill it.”

Su Yu couldnt help but feel a little excited when he saw the combat strength analysis from the insight skill.

After all, who wouldnt want to be stronger

[Ding! Survivors, please note that night is about to fall. At nightfall, the temperature will continue to drop. Please be careful to keep warm.]

“So fast.” Just as Su Yu was about to continue fishing, he suddenly heard a mechanical sound beside his ear. When he reacted, Su Yu quickly glanced at the sky. Then, Su Yu realized that the sky was actually darkening at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“F*ck, I used so much time taking six bottles of potions” Su Yu pointed his middle finger at the sky and immediately rushed into the wooden house, putting on his special cold-resistant suit.

After Su Yu walked out of the wooden house, he immediately set up the solar lamp. Thats right, Su Yu was preparing to fish at night. At this moment, his basic spirit stats had reached more than four points. Su Yu was very energetic and did not feel sleepy at all.

Coupled with the great increase in his strength and physique, Su Yu did not feel too tired from fishing today. Therefore, Su Yu planned to fish at night tonight.

However, before the night fishing, Su Yu clicked into the communication channel as usual to see if there was any new information.

“Its cold. The f*cking temperature is starting to drop again.”

“Fishing people, fishing souls, and fishing are all superior. Everyone, take out your fishing spirit to fish for treasure chests. Lets fish at night.”

“Fish your head. I dont even have any baits left, how do I fish If I hadnt picked up some resources from the heavy rain today, I would have starved to death.”

“Lets not bring that up anymore. My underwear is still wet.”

“To be honest, after the rain, the probability of fishing for better treasure chests has increased a little. I used the remaining two sets of bait in my hand and actually caught a wooden treasure chest.”

“F*ck, I almost got dragged down by the treasure chest today. If I didnt let go quickly, I would have died.”

“ You let go What about your fishing rod!”

“F*ck, brother, youre awesome. You dont even want the fishing rod anymore.”


After scanning through the information in the communication channel, Su Yu realized that most people were still in a relatively energetic state.

This situation was normal. After all, everyones island was only so big. It was not an uninhabited deserted island filled with dense forest. There was no need to worry about snakes, insects, rats, and ants.

Basically, in the first few days, as long as one was not too stupid, they could usually pass through the seven-day newcomers protection period. As for what would happen after seven days, it was unknown.

Why did so many people communicate with each other every day It was more of a spiritual sustenance. It made them feel like they were not alone.

At the same time, most of the survivors were still complaining about the speed at which Su Yus islands Prosperity Points increased.

“F*ck, what kind of god is this big shot who ranked first on the Prosperity Points Rankings The Prosperity Points of his island are rising like a rocket!”

“It wasnt easy for me to build a straw hut, but I only earned 1 Prosperity Point. Im about to cry.”

“According to my deduction, the big shot is definitely cheating.”

“Tsk, you must have read too many novels. Is there a lack of people sucking up to the number one big shot Its cute and sweet.”

“I really want to know what kind of life the big shot is living now.”

“Ah, its so lively. Hiss, this peach is so cold.”

“F*ck off, damn you.”


“Tsk tsk, these guys sure have an amazing imagination!” Su Yu couldnt help but rub his chin as he thought to himself.

Of course, Su Yu had no intention of explaining himself to these people. Anyway, as long as Su Yu himself did not say anything, no one would know of his skill!

“I, a reincarnated person, need a hundred sets of ordinary bait as a starting resource to open the treasures I know. Everyone can raise funds for me. After I obtain the treasures, Ill return them to everyone a hundredfold.”

Just as Su Yu was pondering, there was actually someone who started to use the guise of a reincarnated person to deceive people in the communication channel.

“Im Qin Shi Huang1. Actually, Im not dead. Ive always been in the emperors tomb and lived until this transmigration. Everyone, you can give me the bait. Ill definitely ensure that you survive the calamity.

“Im Nüwa1. Im starving. If anyone brings me food, Ill make you a girlfriend.”


Good lord, the first person to take the lead of scamming in the communication channel was immediately replied with a long string of messages.

“F*ck, is this a scammer company that has collectively crossed into this region Now, because theres no bait, theyre starting to do their old job again.” Looking at the constantly refreshing news, Su Yu could not help but feel a headache coming on.

As for now, the guy who took the lead in posting the scam message was a little annoyed.

“F*ck, did these people download the anti-deception app before they transmigrated They didnt fall for it!” To be honest, this person felt that ten messages a day restricted him. Otherwise, he felt that with his glib tongue, he could definitely deceive some people.

Just like before he transmigrated, he lied to those who believed that tens of thousands would return 10.4 million yuan. Good lord, it turned out that it was a leader of a pyramid-scheme organization.

“Guys, dont be fooled. The people who sent these messages are all trying to cheat you of the remaining bait in your hands. Just ignore them.” At this moment, there were still people who couldnt stand it and spoke directly in the communication channel.

At this moment, Su Yu had already casually made some food. After finishing it quickly, he walked quickly to the shoreline.

At this moment, the solar lamp that Su Yu had set up and the lights of the two Toyota sedans lit up the entire island. However, compared to the visibility during the day, it was definitely much worse.

At this moment, Su Yu could only use the light to scan the sea surface that was very close to the island. If he went any further, his insight skill would not give him any feedback.

[Theres a small monster in this part of the sea. Please pay attention to your safety.]

“Hmm.” Upon seeing this notification, Su Yus brows furrowed fiercely. There was actually a monster under the sea.

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To be honest, Su Yu had fished for two days in the vicinity of his island, but he did not find any living creatures in the water, except for the goblins that were inside the treasure chest.

But now, Su Yu had discovered that there were living creatures under the water. How could Su Yu not be concerned

Suddenly, the sound of water splashing attracted Su Yus attention. With the help of the light, Su Yu caught a glimpse of the figure of the creature that came out of the water.




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