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All the World Destruction Cavalrymen were the subordinates of the God of Creation.

Some of them might have some sort of connection with the God of Creation.

If that were the case, he would have to think twice about what he wanted to do to them.

Would there be any accidents when he killed one or several of them

For example… If the God of Creation discovered his actions.

If that were the case, she would not let him off so easily, right At that time, she would most likely come directly to attack him.

One or two might not be enough, but if there were more, no one could be sure that the God of Creation would not find out about that.

The stronger ones cultivation base was, the stronger ones control over those matters would be.

As for the God of Creations cultivation base, there was no need to say much about it.

It would definitely be ridiculously strong, and her senses would definitely be very strong.

‘How about I use the method I used previously to mark these fellows first and then kill them all in one go in the shortest amount of time possible

‘That way, Ill be able to obtain sufficient power in the shortest amount of time possible.

‘Although Im not sure if the energy I obtained in the end will be enough to support me against the God of Creation, its always good to have more strength.

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao took a deep breath, then quickly left to carry out a new mission.

In the following period of time, Ye Xiao relied on his own strength to gradually subdue the 12 late-stage Supreme Sovereigns.

Since he had his own Golden Book divine soul to back him up, he did not need to be afraid of being discovered by others.

In addition, he could obtain some heaven-defying laws from Zhang Shen that could be used to treat his injuries.

Hence, his strength did not decrease.

Just like that, after a period of time, Ye Xiao finally began to carry out his plan.

However, when he carried out his plan for the first time, he did not personally go on stage.

Instead, he chose to accept a mission to create an alibi for himself.

As it was impossible for Ye Xiao to eliminate all of those World Destruction Cavalrymen in one go, he needed to conduct a test first.

On one hand, it was to test the cultivation of those people.

On the other hand, it was also to test the reactions of the others.

On that day, after receiving the mission, Ye Xiao brought everyone to one of the universes barriers in the void.

Although the World Destruction Cavalries were very powerful, they had also cultivated little by little from the beginning until then.

They were also existences that belonged to a certain universe in the beginning.

Although they could say that after advancing to the Supreme Sovereign realm and could already freely enter the void as they wished, there was nothing good in the void either.

Many times, some of them would choose to return to their own universe.

Perhaps that would give them a feeling of returning to their own universe.

“Ive hidden you all for quite some time now.

This period of time should be the most difficult time in your lives, right However, from today onwards, everything will change.

“If all of you can successfully hunt down that World Destruction Cavalries in this universe today, then we can really be considered to have a chance of defeating the entire Divine Hall and the God of Creation.”

Jing Hong and the others clenched their fists.

“Dont worry, Lord Ye.

This is an opportunity that we obtained with great difficulty.

We will definitely not let you down.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Based on the other partys strength and the fact that the Divine Hall might have a problem in providing support, I have set a time limit for all of you, which is one minute!

“This means that once the two of you start fighting, you must completely end the battle within one minute and bring the other partys corpse to me.

“I will help you to shield your breath.

“Otherwise, if there is even the slightest mistake, the other supreme beings in the temple might be the first to arrive.

“When that time comes, we will be in big trouble.

“Now is not the time for us to be exposed.

The number of World Destruction Cavalries is not just one or two.

We have to destroy a large portion of them in one go before we can be exposed.”

“Dont worry, Lord Ye.

We understand.”

“Its good that you understand.


Remember to set up the array in advance to prevent that fellow from discovering the heretics or leak your aura out and let others discover it.”


After everyone responded, they directly entered the universe.

They followed the plan that Ye Xiao had mentioned and built an array first, shielding the entire universe to prevent their aura from leaking out.

Ye Xiao left that place at the same time to carry out his mission.

That way, he could create his own alibi to prevent others from suspecting him.

It was simply perfect!

After he left, in that universe, the World Destruction Cavalrymen who were concentrating on their cultivation suddenly opened their eyes.

Two electric arcs burst out from his eyes like sharp swords, cutting so much that the space laws in front of him could not help but tremble.


Why do I feel that something is not quite right in this universe”

His strength was already very strong to begin with.

Moreover, that universe was the universe where he was born.

He did not know how long he had stayed in that universe.

Therefore, if someone was doing something small in the universe, he could very easily sense it.

However, he was ultimately a step too late.

Rather, it was because he was not prepared in the beginning, which resulted in the current situation.

In truth, it could not be blamed on him.

If it was not for Ye Xiao, that variable, there would not have been any situation where he was ambushed or attacked.

Thinking about it carefully, in the universe, the most powerful existence was the World Destruction Cavalry.

While those who had just cultivated to the late stage of the Supreme Sovereign realm would basically be killed by them.

Without the existence of late-stage Supreme Sovereigns, the others were ultimately just small pieces of trash that were not worth mentioning at all.

That was why he did not have any defenses in his heart!

The spatial barrier shattered, and graceful and the other supreme figures slowly walked out.

The World Destruction Cavalry could not help but be slightly shocked.

That was because he did not expect 12 late-stage Supreme Sovereigns to appear all at once.

One had to know that they were not 12 pieces of trash or even 12 early-stage Supreme Sovereigns, but 12 late-stage Supreme Sovereigns.

Those guys were already very lucky to be able to find one, let alone gather 12 of them at once.

It could be said that when 12 late-stage Supreme Sovereigns gathered together, it was already very unusual.

In addition, those guys were especially coming for him.

He could understand that someone wanted to kill the World Destruction Cavalry.

After all, in the course of past missions, there would also be some high-level cultivators who escaped their attacks and were still floating in the universe, ready to take revenge at any time.

However, what he could not understand was why those 12 late-stage Supreme Sovereigns would find him so accurately.

It did not seem like revenge at all, but more like a premeditated hunt!

The other party must have targeted him a long time ago, which was why the incident happened.

Moreover, the other party knew his movements like the back of his hand.

There were not many people who could easily find his position.

After all, as the World Destruction Cavalry, if they did not have any small means to hide, then there was no way they could survive.

However, the other party still easily found him!

There were spies in the Divine Hall

“Could it be… Him”

He could not help but frown slightly.

He seemed to have already calculated something in his heart and thought of Ye Xiao.

After all, Ye Xiao was the last to join them.

Moreover, after joining them, he had been causing trouble and made many big mistakes.

It made them so angry that they wished they could throw him into the interdimensional rift.

However, time was tight at the moment.

There was no more time for him to think about those problems.

That was because Jing Hong and the rest had already begun to launch their attacks.

Their goal was very clear.

Just like what Ye Xiao had said, they would end the battle in the shortest amount of time.

They would definitely not give the other party a chance to live.

The World Destruction Cavalrys expression was ashen to the extreme.

He did not dare to be careless and immediately used all of his strength to go against the 12 Supreme Sovereigns.

His strength was clearly a level higher than the others.

Facing the attacks of the 12 Supreme Sovereigns, he could still counterattack with ease.

He was indeed extraordinary.

That also made the 12 late-stage Supreme Sovereigns feel a wave of excitement and shock in their hearts.

Was that the Supreme Sovereign that Ye Xiao spoke of

Although their strength was not as powerful as his, they were still extremely powerful when compared to his own people.

Moreover, there was also the most important point that there was actually more than one cultivator of that level.

How terrifying was that

They had to kill them, kill them all.

Only by overthrowing the God of Creation could they, under Ye Xiaos leadership, have the possibility of reaching that level.

Multicolored rays of light began to flicker in the sky.

Powerful attack rays collided with each other, creating explosive sounds that could not be heard.

What was even more terrifying was that all life in the entire universe had been wiped out.

Not even a single celestial body remained.

Only apex predators like them remained.

If not for the fact that they had already set up an array beforehand, that universe might have already collapsed.

If that were the case, they might also be discovered by the other World Destruction Cavalries.

That would be the end of them.

“Kill him! Dont let him go.

Bring out all your trump cards and techniques.

Let him kill him before he calls for help.”

With a stern shout, all the Supreme Sovereigns in the area immediately adjusted their strength to the highest level.

They did not hold back at all.

A total of 12 Supreme Sovereigns, with the power of laws they had comprehended, bombarded the World Destruction Cavalry.

They beat him until he had no way to fight back.

The attacks made him furious, but he had no way at all.

He could only passively take them.

“Ahhhhh… I must kill you all.

I must kill you all.”

He roared furiously, but it was completely useless.

He was indeed a little stronger than his opponent, but there were simply too many of them.

The suppression in numbers had completely made up for the difference in strength.

Not only that, because his opponent had taken the initiative to attack, he could only passively defend.

He could not even make a move to resist.

That way, after several dozen seconds, he had already endured countless attacks.

The protective barrier formed by the power of laws was shattered.

The attacks were like a violent storm as they ruthlessly smashed onto his body, causing him to choke on his breath.

His body also quickly suffered serious injuries and was incomplete.

When the last few seconds had passed, the opponent finally stopped bombing.

He looked at everyone and gritted his teeth.

Although he was furious, he knew that he could not escape that day.

Death was inevitable!

He took a deep breath and said coldly,

“Can I know who you are Why did you come to deal with me”

He was setting a trap.

He might die, but as long as those people told him their identities and origins, he would use the last of his heaven-defying laws to spread the news.

In that case, the other World Destruction Cavalries would be able to discover that matter and chase after the other party.

Even if he died, there would at least be someone to take revenge for him.

They would not let him die in vain.

However, he had clearly underestimated the other party.

In fact, when Ye Xiao had sent them over, he had already told them in advance not to reveal their personal information.

Otherwise, it was very likely that they would be marked by the cavalry.

If that was the case, their entire plan would be completely exposed.

At that time, they would be in big trouble.

“You can continue on your journey in peace.

These things are not things that you should know.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jing Hong and the others unleashed their strongest powers and completely buried him.

After doing all of that, they did not dare to stay any longer.

They directly brought the other partys corpse and instantly disappeared on the spot.

When they reappeared, they had already arrived at Ye Xiaos side.

Ye Xiao directly put them into the Golden Book divine soul.

Then, he continued to fight with the supreme being in front of him.

“What was that just now”

The Supreme Sovereign who was fighting with him was almost dumbfounded.

He had a feeling of disbelief.

However, that was indeed the case.

He knew that there were 12 Supreme Sovereigns earlier!

Moreover, all of them were late-stage Supreme Sovereigns!

From the battle earlier, he had a feeling of disbelief.

That was because Ye Xiaos strength was really much stronger than his.

Originally, when ones cultivation reached the limit of the late-stage Supreme Sovereign, there was already no way to continue raising ones cultivation.

That seemed to be a law that belonged to the entire world.

However, Ye Xiaos strength was stronger than his, suppressing him for a long time until he could not raise his head.

At that point, by his side, another 12 Supreme Sovereigns had suddenly appeared!

That simply caused his mind to be in a mess.

Taking advantage of the moment when he was in a mess, Ye Xiao directly used the World Destruction law to seal him up, conveniently keeping it in his Golden Book divine soul.

Meanwhile, in the Divine Hall, Zhang Shen suddenly opened his eyes.


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