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Huang Xiaolong had read through more than a dozen cultivation technique and battle art manuals when the restriction array of his mansion quivered briefly.

Baffled, Huang Xiaolong went out to check and saw Grand Elder Lin Shen, Elder Huang Xiaoming, Jiang Yan, and a few others standing outside.

Seeing it was Grand Elder Lin Shens group who came to visit him baffled Huang Xiaolong even more.

However, when these people stated the purpose of their visit, he was slightly surprised.

He didnt expect these people to have come to apologize for the matter with the disciple recruitment assessment as well as the room arrangement.

Lin Shen smiled brightly as he said to Huang Xiaolong, “Originally, we planned to come right after the Submerging Dragon Ranking ended, but you entered seclusion immediately after.

We happened to hear that youve exited and even went to get assessed for the inner disciple promotion, so we quickly came here.”

Huang Xiaoming and the others nodded and smiled, indicating that everything was just as Lin Shen said. 

Subsequently, Lin Shen and the rest each passed a spatial ring to Huang Xiaolong, claiming it was the compensation for previous errs.

Huang Xiaolong opened the spatial rings restriction and did not refuse with false modesty seeing the Heavenly God Pills and shenbi piled high up inside.

These items were free, only a fool would refuse.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong was willing to accept their compensation, all of them secretly breathed in relief.

Grand Elder Lin Shens group stayed for a while longer, but seeing that Huang Xiaolong had no intention of talking to them, they tactfully bade farewell.

After Lin Shens group left, Huang Xiaolong decided to stay and cultivate in the mansion for a few days, refining all the things given by them before heading out to the Barbarian God Sect library.

Sitting cross-legged on the cold jade bed, Huang Xiaolong swallowed one hundred Heavenly God Pills in one go.

Very quickly, his three supreme godheads were devouring their energy at great speed.

The day passed by quickly.

Huang Xiaolong ended his cultivation late morning the next day, then he headed to the study to read the books on the shelf.

Among the books provided in the study, other than low-level battle arts, there were also a few books that touched on the Great Whale Sect, the Elephant Genesis Sect, as well as the Green Cloud Island as a whole.

Huang Xiaolong even found some books related to alchemy, but the hand and pill concocting techniques described inside these books were the most common ones.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong read through each line.

As he went through them, he discovered there was a large difference between the Divine Worlds alchemy refining techniques to the lower realm.

These common hand techniques, if placed in the lower realm, could be considered top grade skills without any exaggeration.

Gradually, six days had passed since Lin Shens group visit.

During the day, Huang Xiaolong would read the books in his study while the nights were spent cultivating in his room.

During these six days, he not only completely refined thecompensation given by Lin Shen and other Elders, he also finished reading the couple hundred books in his study.

He now had a better picture of the power distribution and forces on the Green Cloud Island.

Huang Xiaolong also found out another thing; only a core disciple had the qualification to compete for the position of chief disciple.

He could become the chief disciple as long as he became a core disciple before the next competition and defeated the current chief disciple Chen Hao.

In other words, he needed to defeat Chen Hao!

“Chen Hao.” Huang Xiaolong repeated the name of his target for the coming years.

To Huang Xiaolong, becoming a core disciple wasn\'t hard, the problem was defeating Chen Hao!

In recent days, through some of the inner and outer sect disciples talks, he heard enough to form a rough idea of Chen Haos strength, which was most likely between Eighth to Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm! Moreover, his battle prowess put him almost on equal footing with a Grand Elder.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to defeat Chen Hao and win the chief disciple position, he needed to at least advance his cultivation to Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm before the next chief disciple competition arrived.

The time given to Huang Xiaolong to achieve this was a short twelve years.

Twelve years seemed like a long time, but it was only a blink of an eye for Heavenly God Realm master.

Although he had three supreme godheads, the amount of energy they required was too frightening.

Leaping five orders within the Heavenly God Realm in twelve years was quite a challenge in itself.

After all, Chen Haos cultivation would also increase during this time. 

Thinking about resources led Huang Xiaolongs mind to the Zhenyu Sect treasury.

The Zhenyu Sects close to a hundred thousand years of wealth accumulation should contain quite an impressive sum of divine pellets and medicinal herbs, right

After organizing his thoughts, he decided to make the trip to the Lin Family Fort two months later to take that hidden treasure map, then try searching for the Zhenyu Sects treasury.

Huang Xiaolong practiced several of the Barbarian God Sects low-level battle arts, then exited the study and stepped out of the Sanctity of Order Mansion, heading to the library.

The Barbarian God Sect library was located on the Pacifying North Summit, not far from the Stone Lion Peak where Huang Xiaolongs mansion was.

Three to four hours later, Huang Xiaolong was standing in front of the library doors on the Pacifying North Summit.

Taking almost the entire Pacifying North Summits around a thousand li of land area, it goes without saying that the Barbarian God Sects library was enormous in size, not to mention that the library building itself had ten floors.

Huang Xiaolong stepped inside the building after displaying his inner disciple identity token, climbing up all the way to the third floor.

Any inner disciple of the sect could freely browse the first three floors of the library.

Placed on this third floor were some of the Barbarian God Sects rank four and five cultivation techniques and battle arts, as well as manuals for higher ranked alchemy refining techniques.

Although an inner disciple could freely enter the first three floors of the library, they were required to pay a certain amount of shenbi on the third floor.

Every time an inner disciple went up to the third floor, they were required to pay ten thousand shenbi per day.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head bitterly at this cost.

The one million shenbi he obtained from the Submerging Dragon Ranking were only enough to last him a little over three months on this third floor.

His heart bled as he handed over the ten thousand shenbi.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not expect to run into a familiar face the moment he stepped onto the third floor.

Zhu Wanchen!

Zhu Wanchen was wearing an inner disciple robe.

Clearly, he too had gone through the formalities to become an inner disciple.

Almost at the same time Huang Xiaolong saw Zhu Wanchen, he also spotted Huang Xiaolong.

In the next moment, unspeakable hatred burst out from Zhu Wanchens eyes.

The several disciples with Zhu Wanchen immediately noticed the intense hatred in Zhu Wanchens eyes and couldnt help looking at Huang Xiaolong.

“Zhu Wanchen, did that punk provoke you Do you want us to help you teach that little punk a lesson” One of them, a pinched-face young man laughed as he asked.

Looks like these group did not recognize Huang Xiaolong.

Although he suddenly shot to fame after the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle, talked about by many Barbarian God Sect disciples, there were only a handful of inner disciples present on that day who saw Huang Xiaolongs face.

Hence, even though many inner disciples knew of him, they didn\'t know what he looked like.

Zhu Wanchens face twitched for a second.

He hesitated before saying, “Senior Brother Chen Xiong, forget it, this person is quite strong.”

The pinched-face young man burst into laughter at Zhu Wanchens words.

“Since youre a member of our Sky Dragon League, were brothers now.

Moreover, you think I cant deal with this punk” The pinched-face young man laughed casually, after all, he was a Third Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

In the entire Barbarian God Sect, he could recognize the faces of those stronger than him, so he didn\'t put Huang Xiaolong in his eyes.

Zhu Wanchens mouth opened and closed.

He had thought of telling these people who Huang Xiaolong was, but his selfishness stopped the words from coming out.

The pinched-face young man walked toward Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, do you know who I am Im called Chen Xiong, Chen Hao is my big brother.

If you know whats good for you, obediently come outside.

I hate waiting for people the most, I hope you dont make me wait too long.” Though Chen Xiong was proud of his identity as Chen Haos brother, the library wasn\'t a place to fight, which was why he called Huang Xiaolong outside.

He would have no scruples dealing with this punk outside.


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