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Chapter 1019: Haven’t Eaten Beef In A Long Time

Leaving the hidden valley, Huang Xiaolong continued onward, riding on the golden horned little cow.

Half a month later, the two of them finally left the Blood Phoenix Forest.

After coming out from the forest, Huang Xiaolong determined the direction and pointed toward the right way to the little cow, who started moving toward the Lin Family Fort.

Ten days later, they arrived at the Green Sun City.

This city was located not far from the Lin Family Fort, and Huang Xiaolong entered after paying one shenbi.

Even though this Green Sun City wasn't as bustling compared to Pingyi City, it was still prosperous, with big shops lining the streets as well as busy pedestrians moving along.

However, numerous odd glances were directed at Huang Xiaolong by the passersby, both commoners and cultivators alike, as they watched him enter the city riding on a cow.

It reached a point where Huang Xiaolong grew embarrassed by these odd glances.

He had to admit, an adult riding on a cow was an odd sight.

Fortunately, the golden horned little cow was quite beautiful with its pair of golden horns and a jadeite green body, especially its eyes, bright and spirited, extremely lovely.

This was also the reason why no one laughed or ridiculed him even after sending odd glances in Huang Xiaolong’s direction.

Then again, there were always exceptions.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong entered the city, a group of youths dressed in brocade robes, all riding on Rhinohorse mounts of the same color, moved toward Huang Xiaolong.

The Rhinohorse was a variation breed of the rhinoceros demonic beast, known for its speed and mid-power attacks which made them one of the more popular mounts on the Green Cloud Island.

Of course, these Rhinohorses were sold at a high price, hence only those core disciples of the bigger families could afford them.

This group of disciples was speeding down the street and was stunned when they spotted Huang Xiaolong who was riding on a cow.

One of the youths in front of the group burst out laughing and clutching his stomach while pointing at Huang Xiaolong and the little cow with his other hand, “Do you guys see that There’s a fool riding on a cow in our Green Sun City, acting all dandy!”

The rest of the group also erupted into laughter.

“Let’s go tease this fool!”

“I haven't eaten beef for a long time, we can slaughter the cow and have some wine with it later!”


This group of disciples nudged the Rhinohorses they were riding, stopping right in front of Huang Xiaolong in an uppity manner.

Although the little cow had grown taller in recent days, it was still a little short compared to the other side’s Rhinohorses, far smaller in size as well.

The same person at the front pointed at the little cow, smirking at Huang Xiaolong, “Kid, you must have heard what we said earlier, right We’d like to buy the cow you’re riding.

How much Name your price.”

“What’s there to negotiate with a fool, just throw him one shenbi, it should be enough.

One shenbi can buy a lot of cows.” Another disciple interjected, already taking out one shenbi and flicking it onto the ground in front of Huang Xiaolong, “Kid, you can go after picking up that shenbi.”

Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze swept over the several core disciples’ face saying, “F*ck off or I’ll break your dog legs before making you scram.”

The group of disciples stopped laughing, but in the next second, their laughter rang even louder.

The disciple at the front was literally swaying on his Rhinohorse.

“This kid just said he wants to break our dog legs” The same youth at the front laughed, then said to the rest, “Which of you volunteers to go and break this kid’s legs After we slaughter the cow, all of its legs will go to him.”

“Let me!” Instantly, a few core disciples cried out, volunteering themselves.

However, right at this time, the little cow who had been quiet the whole time snorted out a puff of air through its nose.

The Rhinohorses under these core disciples were frightened all of a sudden and their legs buckled.

Being caught off guard, the group of core disciples fell off from their mounts.

Although falling off their mounts did not hurt them, their faces and bodies were gray with dust, looking miserable.

“Chop this kid into pieces!” The core disciple at the front roared after getting back on his feet.

The several disciples behind him unsheathed their swords, aiming at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even move, merely letting out a cold harrumph.

It was as if these core disciples were struck by a sledgehammer.

More than half of them were thrown into the air, plummeting on the stone pavement.

These disciples were only Highgod Realm cultivators.

The strongest of the group was only a Seventh Order Highgod Realm, while the rest were between Fifth Order and Sixth Order, how could these people withstand a soul force attack from Huang Xiaolong

After crashing on the stone pavement, the several disciples were foaming at the mouth, twitching and jerking as if they were suffering from an epilepsy episode.

Watching this, the remaining half of the group was dumbstruck on the spot.

The disciple at the front of the pack was the first to regain his sense, pointing angrily at Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, you’re seeking death, truly seeking death! Do you know who we are We’re core disciples of the Green Sun City’s four main families, yet you dared to attack us.

You’re dead meat!”

“Core disciples of this Green Sun City’s four main families” Huang Xiaolong peered at him with disdain.

He couldn’t be bothered to waste time on these scum, releasing more than a dozen soul force swords.

In an instant, the remaining core disciples were screaming their hearts out as their legs’ meridians and veins were severed.

Huang Xiaolong gave the little cow a nudge, and both left the scene.

Roughly an hour later, the two of then left the Green Sun City.

Not long after he left, inside the He Family’s great hall in Green Sun City, Patriarch He Hanyu was grimly looking at He Cheng, who was now lying in front of him after his meridians and veins had been severed.

He Cheng was a good talent of their He Family, possessing a mid rank seven godhead.

He had a very high chance of entering the Barbarian God Sect, the Elephant Genesis Sect, or the Great Whale Sect in the future, definitely one of the disciples their He Family was cultivating with full effort.

Yet his legs’ meridians and veins had actually been severed! Without those legendary medicinal herbs to heal him, He Cheng would truly be crippled for life!

“Who!” He Hanyu that had been keeping silent the whole time suddenly roared, shaking the whole great hall.

The present He Family Elders nearly jumped out of their skin.

“According to the report from the people below, it was a black-haired young man riding on a small cow.” One of the family Elder cautiously answered, adding, “This black-haired young man is most likely not a disciple from our Green Sun City.” Then the Elder reported in detail what he knew to He Hanyu.

When He Hanyu heard that the young man had left the Green Sun City in the direction of the Lin Family Fort, he frowned, “The Lin Family Fort Could that punk have come from the Lin Family Fort”

“I don’t think so.” The same Elder replied.

He Hanyu sneered, “Whether that's true or not, this punk must die! The Lin Family Fort’s Lin Chaoqun has been missing for some time, and us four families had been thinking of taking over it anyway.

Send someone to the Su Family and the others, tell them we’re attacking the Lin Family Fort ahead of schedule.

Also, send someone to watch that punk, we cannot let him escape!”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

While He Hanyu contacted the other three main families of Green Sun City, Huang Xiaolong had arrived at the Lin Family Fort.

Looking at the tightly closed steel gates, Huang Xiaolong directly swung a punch, breaking them off their hinges, thumping loudly as they crashed to the ground.

No one knew Huang Xiaolong’s purpose in coming here, hence, he did not bother hiding his movements by sneaking in.

His plan was simple—control the Lin Family Fort.


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