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The young servant almost shouted, drawing Lu Zhuo and Gu Lings attention back to the present.

However, their hearts still quivered from the disbelief brought by the news that Huang Xiaolong could injure the early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm Cao Feng!

“Ancestor, Huang Xiaolongs godhead… perhaps, its…” Gu Ling sucked in a breath of cold air and blurted out.

Back when Huang Xiaolong defeated Wang Dafeng and showed his strength, Gu Ling had already begun to suspect that Huang Xiaolongs godhead was higher than a low grade king rank, but the Ancestor refuted the possibility, saying it was more likely that Huang Xiaolong had eaten large number of chaos spiritual herbs.

Although he had accepted that reasoning at that time, what about now

Huang Xiaolong actually defeated the early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm Cao Feng! That was an early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm ah! No matter how many chaos spiritual herbs Huang Xiaolong could have eaten, his cultivation speed still wouldn\'t reach such a terrifying degree, right!

Right now, even Lu Zhuo wondered if there was a mistake when he examined Huang Xiaolongs godhead. 

“Go, pass down my order, have Huang Xiaolong and Chen Hao come to my place.” Lu Zhuo ordered the young servant.

“Yes, Ancestor.” The young servant complied, turned around and hurried out.

At this time, the news of Huang Xiaolong slapping Cao Feng had spread like a wildfire throughout the Barbarian God Sect.

“Have you heard Huang Xiaolong won first place in the three sects joint training! He has just returned to the sect yet he already beat that wench Cao Feng into a pighead! I even heard that her face bones shattered and her mouth and nose lopsided, becoming uglier than you can imagine.

Anyone seeing her face now would vomit their stomach clean!”

“That Cao Feng has always relied on Chen Haos favor and her identity as the Cao Familys Miss to bully other female disciples like us.

Now, this is karma, let her taste her own medicine!”

“Still, Cao Feng is an early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm.

What is Huang Xiaolongs strength that he could turn her into a pighead with a couple of slaps Thats too frightening! I think Huang Xiaolongs talent is much more than just low grade king rank!”

This topic was discussed fervently everywhere in the Barbarian God Sect.

New rumors started to spread, claiming that Huang Xiaolong had a top grade king rank godhead while others claimed he had a low grade emperor rank godhead! One of the exaggerated rumor claimed that Huang Xiaolong possessed the number one unique physique, Heaven Dao Vassal.

Of course, there were also people who thought that Huang Xiaolong had consumed countless chaos spiritual herbs.

Black Steel Cliffs Nine Heavens Palace.

Chen Hao looked sullenly at the woman lying in front of him, his woman!

Cao Yang was already surging with killing intent.

He was a Barbarian God Sect Grand Elder, yet his granddaughter Cao Feng was actually injured to this extent by a measly inner sect disciple!

Even though Cao Feng had been looked over, her face was still black and blue, there were also the two fallen front teeth that couldnt be regrown.

Not to mention that Huang Xiaolongs supreme godforce had broken her entire bodys meridians.

In order to heal Cao Fengs broken meridians, they would need the legendary Meridian Replenishing Fruit, but it hardly appeared once in several hundred millennia, the chances of obtaining one were extremely slim.

“Chen Hao, Grandfather, I want to kill that damn thing myself!” Cao Feng screamed from the bed, her delicate face distorted with fury, “I want him chopped into a million pieces!”

Chen Hao remained quiet while Cao Yang comforted her in a hurry, coaxing softly, “Dont you worry, Grandfather will definitely kill that Huang Xiaolong to vent your hate!”

Chen Hao turned around and walked outside, his fists clenched so hard that his knuckles became white.

A dangerous glint flashed in his eyes.

“What do you plan to do” Cao Yang chased behind him, asking.

Chen Haos eyes continued to glimmer, “Weve still underestimated that punk.

Looks like I really shouldnt have accepted his challenge for the chief disciple competition.” A cold sneer raised the corner of his lips, “But it isn\'t too late now!”

Cao Yangs gaze was dark and frosty, “That punks godhead is definitely higher than low grade king rank.

It\'s only been three years, yet he can already defeat Cao Feng.

If we give him another nine years, considering his horrifying growth rate, hes sure to defeat you as well.

No wonder he had the guts to challenge you at that time! The problem is, if he remains inside the Barbarian God Sect in the next nine years, we have no chance to make a move!”

Chen Hao sneered, “We dont need to do anything ourselves.

Didnt Fan Yuan and Wang Dafeng die in his hands inside the Ice Hail Ruins Now that Huang Xiaolong has exposed such strength and growth speed, it can be determined that the killer is him.

We only need to leak the news and the Elephant Genesis Sect and Great Whale Sect will not spare him.”

Chen Hao added ruefully, “In the past, Zhao Chenyuan had once sent his disciple Chen Wenyuan to kill Huang Xiaolong.

I had thought Chen Wenyuans death was related to the master protecting him, but now it seems it was Huang Xiaolong himself who killed Chen Wenyuan!”

Right at this point, Chen Hao and Cao Yang saw the young servant sent over by Ancestor Lu Zhuo.

The young servant quickly recited Lu Zhuos order, inviting Chen Hao to follow him to the Ancestors cultivation dwelling.

Chen Hao dared not violate the Ancestors order, thus he could only follow the young servant.

However, after arriving at Lu Zhuos place, Chen Hao didn\'t only see Sect Chief Gu Ling, but also Huang Xiaolong!

Huang Xiaolong!

The instant his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, almost uncontrollable killing intent filled Chen Haos heart for a split second, then disappeared just as quickly.

“Ancestor, Sect Chief.” Chen Hao stepped forward and greeted calmly.

Lu Zhuo nodded.

“Chen Hao, you probably already guessed the reason I asked you to come here today.” Lu Zhuo spoke in a solemn tone.

Chen Haos brows immediately creased into furrows, but he took a deep breath, nodding, “I ask Ancestor to rest assured, Chen Hao will definitely put the Barbarian God Sects benefits as priority, I will not disappoint Ancestor and Sect Chief.”

Lu Zhuo nodded, “Huang Xiaolong and you are the greatest talents of our Barbarian God Sect in the last hundred thousand years.

I hope you two can shake hands and make peace, let go of all the grudges between you and start over with a clean slate.”

Chen Hao lowered his head in compliance, “Yes, Ancestor.”

Huang Xiaolong gave an affirmative reply as well.

A while later, Lu Zhuo dismissed Chen Hao, but had Huang Xiaolong remain.

Watching Chen Haos leaving figure, Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling exchanged a glance, inwardly sighing.

Both of them could see that, although Chen Hao agreed to their request on the surface, he didn\'t plan to give up his hatred.

After Chen Hao was out of sight, Lu Zhuo finally turned toward Huang Xiaolong, his usual stern expression blooming into a friendly smile.

Even his gaze softened as he said, “Huang Xiaolong, come over here.”

Huang Xiaolong took a large step forward, standing in front of him, knowing that Lu Zhuo probably wanted to reexamine his godhead again.

As expected, Lu Zhuos palm reached out, holding Huang Xiaolongs arm.

A gentle strand of godforce entered his body and consciousness.

“This, this is…!” Lu Zhuo blurted out in astonishment.

Stirred by the excited Ancestor, Gu Ling was affected as well.

Could it be that Huang Xiaolongs godhead was above low grade king rank

“King, top, top grade king rank godhead!” Lu Zhuo stammered.

Top grade king rank godhead!

These words sounded like a thunderclap in Gu Lings ears, causing his body to tremble with amazement, shock, and mad excitement.

Huang Xiaolongs godhead was actually a top grade king rank ah! A disciple with a top grade king rank godhead had never appeared on their Green Cloud Island for countless millennia.

Huang Xiaolongs expression seemed less than lukewarm compared to the other two peoples.

The godhead he was using now once belonged to the Ghost Refining Sects Infernal Ghost Messenger, called Blue Shadow Godhead.

This Blue Shadow Godhead was ranked at one thousand and nine among the many kinds of godheads, and many times higher ranked than Huang Xiaolongs previous Three Furnace Godheads or Chen Haos Golden Ice Godhead.

It was infinitely close to a low grade emperor rank godhead.

Lu Zhuo couldn\'t be blamed for his loss of composure.


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